Flashback 2013: Thousands of “Martial Law Now In Effect” signs spotted by the truck load in Illinois

Flashback 2013: Thousands of “Martial Law Now In Effect” signs spotted by the truck load in Illinois

A friend who is a truck unloader saw three diesel trucks completely packed with these signs. Listen to the full interview

Here was the message I got on Facebook late last night:

My friend was unloading trucks at work

 and there were 3 diesel trailers full of real nice expensive signs stacked front to back side to side top to bottom with signs going to 3 local bases in a caravan that look like a trespassing sign saying martial law is in effect. The guy wouldn’t let him take pics. I just wanted to let you know. My buddy called me right away. Id have to say no one would order that many without knowing something.

I then asked if he could give me more details on this so we did this phone

My personal take: I’ve been seeing this for years but hearing what he had to say hits close to home. I am in no way prepared at this moment in time for such an event

, as most people are likely unprepared. I believe the caller believes what he is saying but there is always a chance his friend could be having a good time with him. Regardless it is always better to be safe than sorry and there is nothing wrong with contemplating worst-case-scenarios. It would have been awesome if he had provided a photo, but he did not, but for a person to say, “photo or it didn’t happen” is just ridiculous… No one can say for certain if it did or did not happen, other than the witness. People should decide for themselves what to believe. I at the very least believe this story to be worthy of getting out there.

sources: http://majormindjob.com/breaking-news-thousands-of-martial-law-now-...

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why is your article dated todays date and the videos are from 2013?

please explain this as it makes you look like you are trying to

push lies on the people?


Hi there, I do have a question for you. These videos were posted on youtube with a 2013 date? So, is this really breaking news or something old? Thank you.

I know NOTHING!!!, I see NOTHING...ya think these are mine???...negative

just the messenger..hands up, don't shoot ;)

thankyou. this will be my first post.      pictures of someones post............breaking news..........

go home to before its news.   or abts

Never mind, I see that Laura has already beaten me to it. 

Hi Larry, I emailed the source article and asked them the same question,

I am very curious also, if this article is fear propaganda, it must be exposed as such.

here is the source link and email if you want to question them too:



seems these evil sumbitchs been planning this for almost 2 years, and video is only a year old. Using Illinois for storage...all i could get from the guy

The, "evil sumbitchs been planning this", for 4000 years! This shit ain't new,... its the goal - complete total control of the world and the people on it. Fear not. Do something proactive and positive, and in love.

Yes it is ALL PLANNED.

Speculation seems to me to be the 'tool' most commonly used to create fear. I don't know if this information is true or not, however, it does cause fear and that seems to be the 'tool' the PTB use most effectively, and really enjoy seeing us use it on each other. None of this shit matters if we would build our own communities, trust each other and mostly STOP relying on, looking to, or believing in a known corrupt, perverted government system designed to make us pay for and build our own prisons. If your not 'prepared' to take care of your self... get prepared! Live like great great grandma and papa ( or for the younger people, great great great).

I got a sign for ya: Its the sign plastered on our foreheads or hanging around our necks that reads - WILLING SLAVE

Good point.

However we must never become complacent as plausible deniability will be our undoing.

Just consider all those things that have gone unseen.

Most definitely get prepared.


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