NaturalNews) NaturalNews can now confirm that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has, in total violation of the Fourth Amendment, conducted two armed raids on pig farmers in that state, one in Kalkaska County at Fife Lake and another in Cheboygan County. Staging raids involving six vehicles and ten armed men, DNA conducted unconstitutional, illegal and arguably criminal armed raids on these two farms with the intent of shooting all the farmers' pigs under a bizarre new "Invasive Species Order" (ISO) that has suddenly declared traditional livestock to be an invasive species.

See our previous report on this subject at:

And hear my interview with Mark Baker, who runs one of the farms to be targeted by the Michigan government, at:

The ISO also deems farmers who raise these pigs to be felons, and DNR officials were ready to make arrests on the scene and haul away these farmers to be prosecuted as hardened criminals.

Farmer forced to shoot his own baby piglets in cold blood

"I think this is an unconstitutional order, these actions of the DNR are way out of bounds," attorney Joseph O'Leary told NaturalNews in an interview today. He is representing one of the farmers who was targeted in these raids. "To take what was six months ago an entirely legal activity, and suddenly people are felons over it. They're not growing drugs, running guns or killing anybody, they're raising animals pursuant to USDA regulations and state of Michigan regulations. They haven't done anything wrong here, and the DNR is treating them like they are hardened criminals."

In anticipation of the DNR arriving on the scene, one farmer engaged in what can only be described as a heart-wrenching task of shooting his own pigs, one by one, including baby piglets before the DNR arrived. This was to avoid being arrested as a felon. His livelihood is now completely destroyed, as the state of Michigan has put him out of business. Even after this farmer informed the DNR that he had destroyed his entire herd of pigs, the DNR continued to illegally acquire a search warrant by providing false information to a court Judge, then conducting an armed raid on his ranch to verify that the entire herd of pigs had indeed already been shot to death. That this took place satisfied the DNR, which is now showing itself to be engaged in the mob-style destruction of targeted farming businesses through its mass-murder agenda of Michigan's small-scale farm pigs.

"It was very traumatic for him. These guys are farmers, and I know how much he cared for the animals there, and the DNR treats these like they're some kind of a plant that needs to be exterminated rather than animals that people care about," said O'Leary.

Here is what one of the raided farmers had to say about his experience of being forced to destroy his pigs:

"I was served a search warrant yesterday at 7: 45am. I have killed all my hogs. [DNR] gave me papers that say I do not have any hogs on my property. All they saw were dead hogs laying around from my mass slaughtering. It took 12 guys 4 times in there to kill all of them, sows with young, Pregnant sows, dozens of piglets, and old mature boars. It has been a sad few weeks. Does anyone know what it feels like to open fire on 20 baby piglets in one group which weigh between 5 lbs and 15 lbs. They are so adorable and cute. They commented to everyone that they never saw a fence built so tough and no way would a hog get out of this area." (

One of the raids targeted Ron McKendrick of Renegade Ranch in Cheboygan County. His ranch was raided on Saturday morning, and DNR agents reportedly conducted an interrogation of his customers and his 75-year-old senior citizen employee. In order to gain access to his property, DNR bureaucrats acquired a temporary restraining order which was used to bully their way onto the property (a violation of the Fourth Amendment).

Another raid was conducted against the farm of Dave Tuxberry. He's the man who was forced to shoot all his own pigs before DNR agents arrived, in order to avoid being arrested as a felon.

See the recent interview with Mark Baker on the Alex Jones Show

This embedded video gives you additional details relevant to this case:

Call for arrest of Michigan's DNR agents

Based on the actions of the DNR, it is my belief that the DNR is a rogue, criminal gang of government thugs who are murdering livestock, destroying the lives of farmers, violating the constitutional rights of Michigan citizens and engaging in outrageous acts of destruction of private property.

I believe it is the duty of law-abiding Michigan citizens to call for the immediate arrest of DNR officials who must be brought to justice for their crimes against Michigan farmers. Every agent of the DNR that participated in these raids must be brought to justice to answer for their crimes. If the use of force is necessary to make a lawful and legal arrest of these criminal Michigan government agents, then such use of force is fully authorized under the United States Constitution as well as the Constitution of the State of Michigan. It is under these laws, in fact, that police officers are given firearms to use in the protection of the People. In Texas, the state Constitution even says that farmers have the right to use lethal force to prevent someone from committing a felony crime against their property. This includes shooting horse thieves, for example, and being in the right to do so.

No government has any right to terrorize its citizens in the way that has been witnessed here with the DNR of Michigan. These people are utterly out of control, waging a private armed war against selective targets, using taxpayer money to destroy the lives of productive Michigan citizens. These DNS agents are dangerous and clearly psychologically imbalanced. They desperately need to be reminded of the tenants of lawful government and the rights of citizens. They need to be immediately arrested and given the privilege of a trial by jury to answer for their crimes against farmers.

While I do not espouse the use of violence to resolve issues with government, when innocent farmers are faced with being raided by criminal gangs of rogue government operatives who are forcing them to destroy their entire livestock herds, there is little choice but to halt the actions of these criminals through lawful arrest and bring them to justice in the court system where they must face charges of conspiracy, destruction of private property, the violation of the civil rights of private citizens, illegal trespassing and much more. This is the whole point of the Second Amendment, by the way: To give the People some balance of power so that they might protect themselves against the overzealous, tyrannical agendas of out-of-control governments which inevitably try to rule over the People as violent dictators.

Take action: Join the hearing this Friday

A court hearing is scheduled this Friday at 9:00 am at the courthouse in Cheboygan County. I have been told that a very important legal strategy to halt this DNR madness will be unveiled in the courtroom that morning. Ron McKendrick, whose ranch was raided by DNR over the weekend, will be appearing in this hearing.

I am calling upon all patriots, farmers and food rights activists in Michigan to be there on Friday morning and join in this show of support for farming freedom and fundamental human rights. Do we not have the right to raise livestock without the state raiding our property and murdering our animals? And why is this not being covered in the national media?

Also: This battle continues to be waged by Mark Baker at who desperately needs additional legal funds to continue his fight against the out-of-control government tyrants in Michigan who are trying to destroy farms. Please check his website for updates and make a small donation (even $5 or $10 helps) using the "Donate" button on his website.

NaturalNews will continue developing this story and we anticipate bringing you more details after the Friday hearing. In the mean time, I will continue to call for the immediate arrest of DNR officials who are now, by any standard, runaway criminal thugs who are operating under the false cover of government. If anyone has a list of the names of these people, please contact NaturalNews with that list so that we can publish them under a "WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE" heading as we continue to call for their arrest.

Watch NaturalNews for more breaking news on this front. In the mean time, as a message to Michigan farmers: Yes, they really ARE coming for you. You need to get together and deputize a 20-man posse to catch these thugs and arrest them at gunpoint, then haul them into the local Sheriff's office to be booked and prosecuted.

Take Action

Learn more:

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This is yet another attack on people trying to raise a heritage breed.  It is not that different from Monsanto's plant wars.  Michigan is also the state where some farmers were forced to RFID chip cattle in 2009 even though the NAIS never passed.  I hope  people do make that phone call today...pretty soon the only food choices we have left are going to come from Agribusinesses.  

The other point I would like to make is that yet again, they are using the theory that they are 'protecting' us..against rampaging 'wild' pigs.  Sometimes it is against the spread of disease..yet it is rarely pointed out that the factory farming and processing contaminates a much larger specimen of the food supply than if one cow from a small farm has an infection.   I could go on and on here..but am going to use my time to make some phone calls later today!  

:( just makes me so sad .. how this can go on in our country a once free and unique place, we look more like communist Russia every day.. 

These are the same people who want and our going to move Plum Island to the middle of Kansas Farmland..So sad,but more reason to fight em til we hit the grave!!!

When will people realize that they MUST use deadly force against ANY armed individuals infringing on their rights?

this truth is becomming more evident with each day in this country...

Check to see if these agencies are private companies (on Dunn and Bradstreet/ start with Manta. The same goes for your city and county and state governments... all private companies...  See the Clearfield Doctrine as well. They do not have territorial jurisdiction except upon land that they own. They also do not have in personam jurisdiction unless you are stupid enough to call yourself a US citizen (means a 14th Amendment citizen who has NO unalienable OR inalienable rights.)The original de jure governments were replaced by these imposters during the second half of the 19th Century. All fraud. A ruse that has been perpetrated by the bankster elites and their own mafia. Further, farmers need to get together in county militias and be ready to confront the gangsters. It is time to stop messing around with the criminals calling themselves (illegitimately) the 'government'. Whether of your local town or even the Federal Corporation.

Protect our traditional rights to farm

all the complaining and bitching in the world is pointless, hasn't anybody noticed that IT DOESN'T MATTER TO THESE CRIMINALS!!! Has it stopped ANYTHING?? Nobody can stop this apparently, I mean nobody's getting arrested, nobody's getting indicted, they are fearless because they have 700 mill + rounds of Ammo and the Law is toilet paper to them. Think about it...has anybody seen any of these Criminals on The Hill get into any litigation??? NO...Clinton should have been axed...didn't happen....The Incompetent One should have been axed...he didn't...Cheney & Rummy should be hanged for various criminal activities....they haven't......The current Bastard Usurper should not only be removed, but immediately taken out back and shot for the 100's of crimes this buttmunch has done to us....he won't be touched.

Internet petitions are a joke, writing your state reps is a joke, occupy movements fail, sites like PP just spread fear, bitch about it, and offer no solutions.

My point being is that all this bitching and complaining will get us no where, the evil fuchs are impervious to US law, or they'll just change it so we're the ones guilty. No lawyers wanna touch this mess, Joe Arpaio can't find anyone who is actually honest on The Hill to hand over his evidence that Barry's a fake ass punk.

Futile Folks

Afraid we're going to need a more effective action against the Criminals on The Hill!!!!!

or roll over and take the DHS ass pounding like the subservient slaves they want us to be.

just my .27¢

~Peas Out

Not that I believe it, but here is the DNR reply to this.  You decide....

Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 1:11 PM
Subject: RE: "Feral" pigs

False rumors are circulating about the manner in which the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is enforcing a 2010 Invasive Species Order declaring a certain species of swine prohibited in Michigan.

We’d like to set the record straight.

There have been no raids on properties. Since April 1, when active enforcement of the order began, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has conducted inspections on game ranches and breeding facilities throughout Michigan. These facilities have in the past have been known to possess prohibited swine. The inspections are conducted by trained Wildlife personnel and conservation officers. The vast majority of these inspections have been conducted with the consent of property owners.

The DNR has not violated anyone's constitutional rights.  The DNR has followed the law, the Michigan Constitution and United States Constitution in all its enforcement actions.  Every inspection starts with a request for voluntary access to inspect the facility.  If access is not voluntarily granted, the DNR seeks a court-issued inspection warrant or a court order.  The DNR has been denied access to property on two occasions. In one case, the DNR sought and received an administrative inspection warrant to legally search the Deer Tracks Ranch in Fife Lake, Michigan. No prohibited swine were found at that property. In the other case, the DNR initiated a civil complaint against the Renegade Ranch Hunting Preserve in Cheboygan County, Michigan. DNR obtained a temporary restraining order from the court that provided access to the property to conduct an inspection. That litigation is ongoing.

The DNR has not arrested anybody in enforcing the order. The DNR will continue to work with property owners on a voluntary basis wherever possible.

The DNR has killed no swine in enforcing the order. To date, the DNR has inspected only hunting ranches and breeding facilities that supply swine to hunting ranches.  These animals are typically possessed and raised to be hunted.. Property owners have had 15 months since the Invasive Species Order was first put in place to plan for complying with the order. The DNR sought throughout that period to work with property owners who had prohibited swine, and even found out-of-state buyers for some prohibited swine. Property owners who have killed prohibited swine did so by their own choice and as an alternative to selling their animals prior to the April 1 enforcement deadline.

The Invasive Species Order is not an attack on farms. In fact, the order is intended to protect Michigan farms. The animals at issue are not traditional farm pigs. The Invasive Species Order prohibits a particular species, Sus scrofa Linnaeus, commonly known as Russian boars, Eurasian wild boars, or razorbacks. This species is the terrestrial equivalent of Asian carp. The swine are incredibly destructive omnivores that destroy wildlife habitat and carry diseases that threaten domestic hogs, other livestock, wildlife and people. The owners of heritage pigs are not affected unless they own a Russian boar or Eurasian wild boar or a hybrid of a Russian boar or Eurasian wild boar.

The Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the department’s issuance of the Invasive Species Order one month before enforcement began. Further, the Court of Appeals ruled that the department was required to list this species as a prohibited species, pursuant to its statutory obligations under Part 413 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.

Michigan residents who have questions about whether their swine are prohibited under the Invasive Species Order may contact the department.

For more information about the Invasive Species Order and to learn about the problem of feral swine in Michigan and nationwide, go to

Thank you for taking the time to learn the facts about this action.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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