"Condemnation without  investigation is the height of ignorance." Albert Einstein

Consider me ignorant... 

You will not see many posts from me. I tend to spend my time on here investigating. The problem is I can read something then I lose it. I can remember the jist but not specifics. Sometimes I look at the posts and I have no idea what the subject is, my own ignorance. 

I see people argue, or try to prove each other wrong, when they are talking about the same thing. I think that some of the ignorance is that we need to remember that your right is not my right. We both see the same blue sky but I think it's a different shade. Am I wrong, you might think so but don't put me down.

Consider me a sponge, fill me with knowledge but don't expect me to share your opinions. 

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Right on Ann, well stated.

Thanks Tara :)

My elderly Aunt once told me to always keep an even mind. Easier said than done, but I have put considerable effort into this. It helps to be objective and to do unbiased research.

Glad we share the same view on this :)

Consider me a sponge, fill me with knowledge but don't expect me to share your opinions.

Believe me..I live with her,,she means this. 

I don't thin she was asking anything in particular, more like a statement similar to what we have taught our kids all of their lives concerning public schools...learn all the stuff they have to teach but do not believe any of it until you do your own research from independent source. I know she is frustrated because we are supposed to be fighting for freedom but she see us bickering over semantics rather than going after the roots of tyranny... at least if I know my wife that is what she is saying...lol

Really just more of a statement. It seems that sometimes we forget that we are working toward the same goal. I believe that here it is knowledge.  At the same time there is some bickering going on. Let me just say "They" are winning every time that happens. I think that part of not being ignorant includes remembering who we are talking to when we comment, or responding to if someone makes a negative comment. Our beliefs and opinions are as varied as we are.  

In our personal lives it varies with our actions.

Share the knowledge. But don't be surprised if someone sees the sky in a little different shade.

Actually, that is a pretty astute assessment. Maybe in our fear of being ruled over by the elite, unwittingly project that fear onto things that are new or different. I don't fear, they don't rule me..they think they do but in reality, I choose freedom over tyranny. We all must make that choice for ourselves. Respect others freedoms and voila, chain reaction to a perfect world..We must conquer the fear before any peace can be realized. Fear of the Lord is BEGINNING of Wisdom...I read that somewhere.


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