Exclusive: Cops, detectives, FBI agents, U.S. soldiers tell Natural News they will not enforce gun confiscation orders

 In the wake of the recent Sandy Hook shooting, I reached out to my contacts in law enforcement, military and (retired) FBI over the last three days, asking three simple questions:

#1) Do you think Obama will use executive orders to demand nationwide gun confiscation?

#2) If such an order is given, will you or fellow members of your organization enforce it against the citizens? (And if so, how?)

#3) What is the solution to stopping future mass shootings?

I posed these questions to one ex-FBI agent, one retired Sheriff's deputy, two active duty city police detectives, one retired former police captain of a major U.S. city, two U.S. Army veterans and one USMC veteran, discharged several years ago after two tours in Afghanistan during which he sustained a severe personal injury. For obvious reasons, none of them wish to be identified by name, but their answers below speak to their credibility and authenticity.

Here are their answers.

Continue reading at:  http://www.naturalnews.com/038391_gun_confiscation_executive_orders...

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Yes, it was. Research it further. It's also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill and The Militia Act. It (together with the 1908 Amendment) repealed the Militia Act of 1792.

You are exactly right CH. Humanity will never learn.

Countless humans have perished because of wars that were fought for no good purpose.

I for one would not chose between your family or mine, I would offer my life in exchange for them both.

People have been blinded and softened by government handouts and hollow promises. The government has taken a nation of people that survived hand to mouth for generations and turned them into selfish luxury hungry monsters that don't care if it does not directly effect them. 

I don't watch TV anymore, haven't for a long time, I do not go to the posts on war because I can not stand to see the pictures or read one more report of death. It physically hurts my soul, to know we as a human race can not stop killing our future existence. 

I love the land that I live on but I do not support the government that is in control of this country.

I think this post deserves another *bump* to it :) It's a great post and even better comments there after...

No government has a monopoly on violence against it's citizens - most of the terrible US laws are made and (supported) by folks with dual-nationality - this means that (heads they win - & tails you lose) - they have a permanent bail out option - to my simple mind - it is not just the right to bear arms that relevant and important - the most important point is that the (government) - will not provide any guarantees to the citizens that (it) the government will not enslave them, torture them, imprison them with and without trial - but without probable cause - etc. etc. etc. - So in the absence of any guarantee from the aforesaid government - the citizenry has (No Option) - but to assume and prepare for the worse -  If one look back on the history of nefarious actions by the said government over the past decades against the citizenry - it is absolutely right and proper so to do - and that the said constitution be upheld in point and in fact and be fully defended.


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