Not sure how many of You are familiar with the Secured Party Creditor status, but I thought I would offer a site where You can gain more information.

Basically You move from a debtor position, where You are chattel, into a position where You are a creditor, as a flesh-and-blood Human.  This gives You great power against the order-following bullies, even the power to fine Them huge amounts if They arrest (stop) You on the street and do not do certain things...

For more, contact the People at that site.  They are very helpful! 

Here's some vids to help get a picture of what becoming a SPC (Secured Party Creditor) means, from YT channel:

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That would be unEthical.  Add free energy and the accounting for Our energy added into a system (money) becomes moot.

Yes, it may seem like a lot of money, but I tell You what, in the long run, not ever having to pay taxes to the IRS again, and many other such benefits, it will pay for itself a thousandfold.

With free energy flowing, there will be no value to money.  So You can likely keep tons of it, and freely order Your undergarments (or anything else available) without the need for exchange accounting tokens.

You are confusing "cashless" with moneyless.  Cashless is NOT moneyless.  It just means electronic bits are used to account for Our energy rather than coins and bills.  Yes, it is ghastly, with the Ones who control the bits in control.  Moneyless means no need for money in ANY form.

At present, with robots and AI encroaching, Their solution will be to either kill most of Us or UBI, and here's what I think of UBI (finally found the embed code!!!) (6 and 1/2 minutes):

And lest You think I speak of "communism" or "socialism," I do not.  I speak of abundancism (9 and 1/2 minutes):

Still money.  Still accounting for Human energy.  Still promotes psychopaths to power (They will do literally anything to get and keep the power over Others money provides).

I kinda like the idea of ALL of Us being able to live as richly as We choose doing what We LOVE to do...

Ok, I have no idea how to get videos to pop up here.  I used to know where that damned embed code was.  No clue where it is now.  But I edited this with a few vids on the incredible freedom becoming an SPC offers.  Have to click the links.  Why can't this service get with the times and use the link to display the vids and not that bloody embed code!?!  LOL!

Humble thanks, Raz.  A bit convoluted to just share a vid, but in the future, I will avail Myself of these data.

Very nice, but I've seen Common Law and UCC arguments win in court, and also the judge just disregarded them and slammed the defendant with much trouble. Not everyone can learn enough and use it to make of themselves a good Common Law lawyer.

Tif is right, burn it all to the ground and start over. But guns and IEDs are of limited use, even if one has chem/bio/radio weapons, they will still win. We need wunderweapons, and fortunately, some of the more clever among us are standing on the shoulders of giants. It's about time. Heh.

Yes, the swastika is a very ancient symbol, a good and positive one, but the psychopaths in control have sullied it - as They have all other good and positive things.  They make "good" the ghastly things.


Seeing as how the Nazis did NOT genocide the Joos (though now we know for sure we'll either have to, or continue to march into the killing chute), and sought to smash Communism,  and DID end the Fed in Germany, and stopped animal experimentation, and meant to close all slaughterhouses in Europe, and almost every German citizen loved their ruler Hitler (because he saved them from starving and being out of work), I'm fine with the modern Swastika.

(and some still think Hitler was a Rothschild agent, BWAHAHAHA!!!)

James Roberts, why do We need to lower Ourselves to killing Others?  Prove We are the beasts the psychopaths at the top say We are?  Why take Their bait in yelling "it's the jews!!!?"  There are many "jews" who are not part of the problem, and that cry was promoted by Them to divide Us further, and give Them a "victim" card.  That card works because the psychopaths at the top are "jewish."  But it is not because They are "jewish" but because They are psychopaths that They are on top.

And the reason "jewish" psychopaths are on top is because the "jewish" psychopaths were at the right place at the right time in history to seize monetary control, inbreeding to retain the psychopathic gene, and passing the wealth/power down to psychopathic heirs.

Had the eskimo psychopaths been in the right place at the right time, the cry of "it's the eskimos!" would be heard.

Hitler was an actor, part of the play, where They convince Us to be the animals They say We are, killing One anOther.  They think that if They can pay Others to do the killing, it is not Them who are the animals...

I would rather get free energy out.  That way We do not have to stoop to Their low and unEthical point to get what We want.  "They" - the One in control - are really very few.  Once money (in ALL forms) is removed, They will have nothing to pay Their armies and strong arms with - the Few who actually remain loyal (psychopaths rarely remain loyal unless They are paid in some way They can't get otherwise for Their "loyalty") will be vary few, too.

We need free energy FAR more than weapons.  As long as there is money (making the bulk of Us slaves), psychopaths WILL be promoted to the top of society, and WILL buy strong arms and armies.

AS - Read up on the Pictet Experiment. It's most definitely a path to free energy. As is Nikolai Kozyrev's work (using the energy called "time").


"Destroying the New World Order"


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