Jewish Author Harry Waton Admitted that Communism is Jewish, Hitler was Right and the Jews Aim to Conquer the World

Harry Waton: Kabbalist, Marxist, Spinozist, Jew.
Harry Waton: Kabbalist, Marxist, Spinozist, Jewish Supremacist.

The following are select passages from the 1939 book “A Program for the Jews and An Answer to all Anti-Semites; A Program...” by the Marxist Jew Harry Waton:

. . . have the fascists consulted the plan of God to find out whether they can destroy the Jews and Judaism? Suppose the fascists consulted this plan of God; suppose they convinced themselves that it is the plan of God that the Jews and Judaism are the means through whom God brings to mankind salvation, light and understanding, will the fascists still want to destroy the Jews and Judaism? Will not the fascists then realize that it is in their interests to make peace with the Jews and Judaism? The fascists over-estimate their power, and they under-estimate the power of the Jews and Judaism. We shall see later that the Jews are far more numerous and infinitely more powerful than the fascists are. Not that the Jews fear the fascists or have reasons to fear them, but the fascists fear the Jews, and have good reason to fear them. pg. 17

All through the past, the anti-Semites perceived intuitively, though vaguely, that the Jews will inherit this earth, and that all other races will either disappear altogether or they will become Jews and they will together with the Jews inherit this earth . . . This was and is the mortal dread of the anti-Semites. In the past, the anti-Semites were only vaguely aware of this, but now the anti-Semites have become fully conscious of this. This definite intuition of the anti-Semites of today found a most definite expression in Hitler’s work: Mein Kampf. pg. 53

Since nazism is determined to destroy Judaism; since, as we shall presently see, Judaism is infinitely superior to nazism, it follows that Judaism will overcome and absorb nazism. Since Judaism roots deep in the blood of the Jews, while nazism roots deep in the blood of the German Aryans, the Jews will overcome and absorb the German Aryans. Judaism has no need to fight against nazism, and the Jews have no need to fight against the nazis, for Judaism is superior to nazism, and the Jews are superior to the nazis. pg. 63

Judaism has already on its side more than half of the human race, and in due time it will have on its side the whole human race. [Waton believed – and rightly so – that anyone who adopted the ideologies of Communism, Marxism, Internationalism and/or Democracy was won over to the Jewish side.] Judaism will win the human race, not by the might of the sword, but by truth and spirit. In declaring war against the Jews, the nazis and the fascists declared war against the human race. pg. 64

“One that does not understand Marx’s works will never understand society. And because of this, may the Aryans all rise in their fury to annihilate Marxism, the Aryans will be destroyed and Marxism will triumph. pg. 98

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Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth . . . The Jews will become the masters over the whole earth and they will subordinate to themselves all nations, not by material power, not by brute force, but by light, knowledge, understanding, humanity, peace, justice and progress. Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race. The races and the nations will cheerfully submit to the spiritual power of Judaism, and all will become Jews [i.e. they will adopt Judaic philosophies]. pg. 99-100

This is the kingdom of the Jews, of all Jews, no matter what be their race, color and blood. Even the nazis will become Jews, and they, too, will rejoice in Jehovah. This is the predetermined destiny of mankind, of all mankind, without exception, and this destiny was predetermined by God. pg. 100

. . . the Jewish soul speaks an eternal language: and we saw, on the other hand, that the soul of the non-Jews speaks a temporary language. pg, 101

For thousands of years the Aryans will work, struggle and achieve; they will clear the swamps, they will bring out a beautiful world and make mankind a free humanity living on a free earth; but then the Aryans will die; they will die as Aryans and will be born again as Jews. Not as Aryans will they enjoy the fruit of their labor, but as Jews. This was already foretold by Noah. The Aryans will enlarge and beautify the earth; but they will settle to enjoy the world which they created only in the tents of the Jews. These tents are communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. pg 102

Only Judaism is a historic and moral religion; all other religions are neither historic nor moral. And the reason is, as stated before, because Judaism is bound up with Jehovah, the God of History. And, because of all this, the Jews are the only people that are consciously historic and moral. And for this reason the Jewish People are eternal. pg. 131

And, while most Jews believe in the general idea of immortality, the Jews that have a deeper understanding of Judaism know that the only immortality there is for the Jew is the immortality in the Jewish people. Each Jew continues to live in the Jewish people, and he will continue to live so long as the Jewish people will live. pg. 133 [If only us Aryans could again adopt this same mindset, we would not be in the predicament we are currently in. This is, of course, why the Jews encourage the exact opposite for Whites: extreme individualism.]

The communists are against religion, and they seek to destroy religion; yet, when we look deeper into the nature of communism, we see that it is essentially nothing else than a religion. That the communists seek to destroy all existing religions is not remarkable; all new religions had first to destroy the existing religions . . . when we disregard the scientific cloak of Marxism, we see that in essence it is nothing else than religion. pg 138

. . . communism and fascism are religious ideas, because they concern themselves about the future of mankind . . . the struggle between these ideas will be the bloodiest struggle known to history. A bloody world struggle between communism and fascism is inevitable. [eerily prophetic…] This is the world situation that faces mankind. pg. 139

Since the communists and the fascists already perceived the inevitability of a new social order, in the impending world struggles, the struggle will be between the communists and the fascists. Since, however, we saw that the struggles are not between men, but between ideas, it follows that the struggles will be between communism and fascism. The outcome of this struggle will determine the next social order [the real purpose of WWII]. Who will be victorious, the communists or the fascists? pg. 140

. . . the communist soul is the soul of Judaism . . . in the Russian revolution the triumph of communism was the triumph of Judaism . . . pg. 143

It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews. pg. 148

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It is the historic function of Judaism and the Jews to raise all races and classes to the same level. The supremacy of race, nation or class must be and will be abolished. This is the destiny of mankind, and against this destiny the nazis, the fascists and all reactionaries will struggle [yes, we will] in vain [we shall see]. Any one who accepts the Jewish world philosophy [Communism, Marxism, Internationalism and/or Democracy], in the whole or in the part, becomes a Jew to all intents and purposes. pg. 159

The proletariat is the lowest and most backward class in society. It is therefore the supreme duty of the Jews to identify themselves with the proletariat. All other classes will disappear, but the working class will endure forever, for all of mankind will become workers. For identifying themselves with the working class the Jews will incur the displeasure and hatred of the ruling classes, but the Jews must not fear the ruling classes: their rule will be only for a while. [This is communism in a nutshell; the Jews using the bottom rungs of society to overthrow the natural leadership.] pg. 163

. . . the leader of the German people has no doubt in his mind that the Jewish problem is the center of all problems, not merely in Germany, but in the world. It is useless to dismiss this as an illusion, because if it is, it demands explanation. But it is no illusion. It is the truth. Hitler’s declaration that the Jewish consciousness is poison to the Aryan races is the deepest insight that the Western world has yet achieved in its own nature; and his capacity to realize this is the proof of his genius as well as the secret of his power and of the curious fascination which his personality exerts. One has only to attend to the form of the statement to see that it is not the practical power or wealth of the Jews that he fears, but the character of the Jewish mind. It is the Jewish consciousness which is the enemy, not an organized Jewish army, not even an insurrection of the Jews in Germany. It is the hidden penetration of the Jewish spirit into the Gentile mind that is the danger; and it is a danger because the “Aryan” mind cannot resist it, but must succumb. The task is to extirpate the influence of the Jewish consciousness upon the world. At all costs the leaven must be got out of the lump, or very soon the whole will be leavened, and the result will be the final end of the “Aryan” pagan tradition. Europe will be false to itself that it will create a universal communism, which will destroy blood and race as the basis of civilization, destroy the beauties and the heroisms of the struggle for power, deny the natural superiority of the white race, and of Germany in particular, and produce universal equality and brotherhood. The Jewish spirit is not merely under the illusion of these ideas; it is the force, in the world, which creates them in idea and compels the rest of humanity to achieve them in practice. I need ask for no greater testimony to the truth of the whole thesis of this book than Hitler’s. His inspiration corroborates my own pedestrian reflection. The only difference between us is that his will and mind respond to the truth in different ways. The thought of the triumph of the Jewish consciousness fills me with joyous exhilaration, while it casts Hitler into the depths of despair. pg. 199-200

. . . the aim of Judaism is to realize the destiny of mankind. This aim cannot and will not be changed, for the destiny of mankind was predetermined by God from eternity unto eternity. And no matter what may come to pass, races, nations, states and empires may come and go, the predetermined destiny of mankind will inevitably be realized. What is the predetermined destiny of mankind? This is the kingdom of God on earth. What is this kingdom of God on earth ? It is a human society resting on universal communism. pg. 206

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I don't know where I saw it, but it stated why the Torah opens with 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth', is that all of earth is dominion of the 'chosen ones'. We also see that it isn't the bloodline itself that is a problem, but the ideology infects minds as the Khazars having no bloodline connection to Judea, are utilizing the 'chosen ones' status to achieve their goals of the 'Greater Israel' plan. Which is total control over the planet. William Guy Carr and his book Satan- Prince of This World is a good read.

Yes, they were chosen : by the Lucifer.

Its like posted now, but do not hate all for what few are doing, I will share more blogs later.

The Truth....

 This is all very interesting, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, there is one problem, A Jewish Rabbi, and some people from Israel exposed the NGO's of Israel, I will share this info wars soon, but I am not Jewish, at all, but I do not hate Jews for what few are trying to do.

 One big problem, is Our God Is A Christian God, and boy oh boy did some Jewish people go clean off over that statement.

 Then.... GOY TV News came out, this was like Da!!!!!, I love a media twist.

LOL Tif.


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