Just a little private talk hear amongst our selves.

Trump never conceded, I believe he signed the Insurrection act and we are under marshal law.

the fence was erected to keep traitors from escaping and too keep the radical communist leftest out, they are going to go bat shit crazy once the figure out whats really going on.

I believe the top brasses letter, was a psyop, Trump officials — Chris Miller says he is leaving the DoD on Wednesday and Trump saying hes leaving Wednesday morning is all part of the psyop and all very well done, everyone amperes to believe Biden will be the next president.

But there seems to be a problem, or an after thought, that many of the troops in the national guard could well be leftest Biden supporters, Best get them out of their, this could turn ugly...So the military is trying to weed them out using other reasons to do this.

I understand the Marines are on the way or have arrived in Washington DC, we will soon see why, possibly to replace the national guard.

It looks like the Military is going to round up every swamp critter in every state at one time, this is a huge operation.

I think Trump will be in some unknown command center watching the show, possibly under ground, encase the shadow government sets off some dirty bombs or nukes in several major city's.

One other problem the CCP has 75000 troops in Canada and another 150,000 in Mexico, Mike Adams said the ones in Canada are on the move, positioned above Michigan, Minnesota and  I believe he said Washington State.

We all know thousands of birth right Chinese are inside our country, probably awaiting orders to strike from the ccp.

also Obama imported hundreds of thousands of Somalis, Africans, Muslims Ext. inside our borders, I don't believe he did this to make America better.

I can go on and on and so can most of you.

What do Y'all think, what can you add.

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you can keep the helmet brother.... I just want the head that was wearing it ;)

Mike Adams came over to my way of thinking...

Although, I believe the military will bus the traitors away to undisclosed FEMA camps, for military tribunals. it would be dumb to keep them in DC.

Read Watch Hear

A hell of a show they are giving us with all the twists, turns and drama. The future of not only America, but the whole world is dangling by a thread. We'll soon be a lot wiser. The tick is clocking.

one day Hollywerd will make movies about this, the whole word will change, no more Rothschild, no more NWO, No more EU, hear in the US No more Democrat Party, no more RINOS No more Federal Reserve, No more British Law!!!

If this goes Kinetic No more CCP Best of all no more Obama!

Sorry.  dreaming.

Exactly 24 hours left as President , I'd say now be a good time for any hidden "Power Play" ya got squirreled away there President Trump

Hey Bro, it looks like they waited for Biden to show up, I wonder if they are going to wait till the last second before pulling the rug out from under them well all cameras are rolling, starting to look like a The Apprentice TV Show, YOUR FIRED!

Not gonna pull any punches here about my feelings about this Reality TV Show Actor....I even voted for this assklown in 2016 (I abstained from the last one)So DJT, now that I see what your spine's actually made of... STFU & GTFO ya spineless chicken shit bastard...ya destroyed us and dont even know it yet...you left us hanging now with a very pissed off group of some seriously evil motherfuckers...and you're gone....tucked away in your cozy little castle ya piece of traitorous shit ....and also a HUGE FUCK YOU for leaving Assange & Snowden hanging ya selfish prick You/We was robbed and ya walked away from the most heinous most felonious crime a political party has ever committed to keep you out & us corralled in .....SO go suk a bagga dix ya piece of shit TRAITOR!!

...an won't be watching your next Reality TV show ya paper-thin asshole


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