MRI scans reveal impact of racism and poverty on Black children’s brains

The poor black children grow smaller brains than the white ones because of racism. Believe it, so says the Science, the same that proved that Covid vaccines are safe and effective. Wait a moment...

Link to "Independent" UK... LOL

“We don’t think white people have just categorically different brains than Black people. We really think it’s due to the different experiences these groups have,” the study’s lead researcher said.

Racism, it explains everything.

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How long will we allow this insane catering to these fkn primitive negroes. They are without a doubt the most whiney lazy racist race on the face of the earth. Everything about this primate race screams anti civility,the statistics alone tell the truth then the hateful antiwhite rhetoric just ices the fkn cake. No matter how much wealth and fame a fukin nigger acquires they whine their ol so tiresome weees wuz slaves or the laughable "weeezze wuz kangs and muh dick while dragging our white kids into the cRAP noise and these guilt instilled children of "evil white slave owners"(this fkn lie should be punishable with the fkn DEATH PENALTY).If you can stomach the posted vid you know exactly what I am talking about these fkn nigs have been given every oppurtunity under the sun and still act like they left the fkn jungle last week. Enough is more than distant memory these primates must be caged or seperated from civil society.

I can post these horrific tales of abuse of WHITE folks by turd colored savage niggers condoned by our so called gubberment til the cows come home, what gives these mangy cocksukin public servants the right to order a blind eye to this outrageous violence commited by these fkn invaders.


But don't worry, to compensate for the smaller brain the men grow bigger di.cks and the women bigger butts. So it's all just fine.


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