The Dangers of Black Water and Private Contracted PERSONAL Government compaines. INTEL



Craft Industries, and BlackWater (XE). Black Water works with FEMA-DHS) The same group that Chris Kyle belonged too who was killed...Are contracted companies who hire people to dress as police officers and military..... The cops laid off in New Jersey were oath keepers. The replacements are NOT REAL Cops only CONTRACT people. Again they are it for the money and are NOT oath keepers.. Most cops out on the streets doing this shit are NOT REAL COPS "especially major cities."


The ones who participate in Hurricane Katrina and Boston massacre were ALL CONTRACT. Well, Craft industries was hired for security at the marathon in Boston and look what happened! Most were either ex military or civilians. THIS IS CONFIRMED BY A FRIEND WHO DID IT ONCE in the hurricane Karena. Says they pay these guys 10k-20k a month. This will make it easier for you patriots to shoot these bastards in the next FALSE FLAG SCENARIO....


My friend seen the video of the Boston massacre before the explosion and they had someone dressed in National Guard. He knew who it was right away when he seen the patch and face..It was one of the contractors he worked with in hurricane Katrina. He said they don't even have a National Guard.


Craft Industries was at Boston bombing and days later.

That Texas fertilizer explosion with that company that had a lawsuit against Monsanto, which has hire BlackWater to infiltrate activist groups and kill them.



BlackWater has gone threw several name changes, to help hide themselves from public scrutiny. I think they are called Academi, now. They have some very powerful and sophisticated satellite dishes on their property. So recon would have to be radio silent for those of you who want to pay these bastards a visit.


The MILITARY would NEVER DISARM AMERICANS. I had plenty of military friends whom are in said this to me. They are on our side. They will NOT be the ones to patrol the streets in disaster scenarios (like what happened in Boston). National Guard I'm not to sure about, but most states like Washington DC don't have national guard. WHICH MEANS including COPS THOSE WHO PATROL THE STREETS ARE CONTRACTED. AND MOST CAN BE JUST CIVILIANS OR FOREIGN TROOPS DRESS AS COPS, DHS OR MILITARY. THESE ARE THE UN SOLDIERS (United Nations Foreign contractors).You will never see a BLUE HELMET they are not going to make it that obvious.The companies I mention below  are ALL contract companies whom are British government. DynoCorp is one of the worst who been caught doing child ring kidnapping for sex slavery.They are in bed with the UN.


They are nothing more then costumes with fake names, ranks, ecu. Whom are UN-American or British FOREIGN SOLDIERS. Either-way they deserve to die no different then a foreign soldier walking on US soil. Its part of the New World Order. One world military. They are destroying and downsizing out Military to use contractors instead from other nations. And to use it for other excuses later. So if you see anyone dress as national guard, military, police, DHS, and FBI. (Like in Boston) Chances are they are foreign contractors with fake ranks, names and so forth.  All this is CONFIRMED by inside sources.


InfraGard is like black water.

Snitches that are also painted targets on their back for us. These people are against us all. They are in every state. Infra is dangerous to all PATRIOTS and GUN OWNERS and their in every state they were given permission to the contractors to shoot Americans even in or NOT in martial law. They will work with contractors hand in hand. InfraGard only collect data on patriots and hand over the information to black water and their contractors. For later pick up or extermination.


To explain it from another perspective,


Blackwater and control risk group work together, when martial law is declared (or before hand meaning no martial law) infragard (data collecting services on all gun owners) will give all personal information about the high risk militias and patriots - groups. Black water will then have the British contractors (Control risk group) send 30 men teams to these houses for pick up and create a surround perimeter around the county. (This is when they put the blackhood over the patriots head.) Infragard has HQ in each state collecting all data on Militias and patriot groups.


They will start in a small town as a perimeter before going to major cities. They will take the big dogs out one at a time. Or the largest patriot groups. SO it leaves the smaller ones left to scatter. This is going to happen within the next 2 years or year. They will do it one state at a time. Starting with NY and tri-state area. The biggest threats collecting from Infragard will be given the to mercenaries to detain those patriots and militias groups.



This is how they NWO will kick off.

My fellow patriots playing defense will get you know where They know who you are and they will corner you and take you out one at a time with their mercenary units. This is going to happen before martial law and during it. My source is very solid source I'm good friends with him. And he has inside sources. He has filled me in so much about these agencies and how they operate.


Even though black water is Americans they do hire sub contractors. The Americans are considered "Collaborators." They will come in and do their dirty work with the sub-contractors. Then cannot take the blame for the repercussion. But I do this for the greater good for other militia groups and resistance. May God help us all stop this before its too late.


INFRAGARD- Govt Gives Citizens Permission To Shoot To Kill





UN Piece keepers, theres more.



"Rapid response capabilities in emergencies, world-class post-conflict and transition programs, and sustainable solutions for long-term development, with an emphasis on building local capacity."


UN control contractor, THEY ARE ALREADY HERE! This is all INTEL;

This is all UN, Everything you want to know how they are contracting and replace police forces and US Military is happening now. None of these people have taken OATHS. The Blue Helmets are here!





"Wackenhut provides security personnel for many prisons, nuclear facilities, and military installations within the U.S. They also furnish staff for many U.S. Embassies around the world."


They know the military wont break their oaths. So they hire foreign contractors who don't take oaths. Live rich somewhere hidden why everyone lives like slaves. Obama is replacing the ENTIRE MILITARY with these foreign and American collaborators. They are contractor police officers in Mamai and New Jersey. Why do you think New Jersey oath keepers were laid off? Why do you think cops been doing what they have in certain cities. Has nothing to do with corruption they are being replaced with bilingual foreign troops.


Company who hires FEMA Workers, read the job.


Low level blackwater,these guys will secure FEMA CAMPS.

Modernized UN buses Prison transport for FEMA Camp,


Armor Group is another british agency


these are the British contractors who currently training on U.S. soil for the Tri-State gun confiscation:


These new BlackWater are not like the old ones they sold out to God an the Country there only goal is monetary. They are NOT our Brothers and should be treated the same as the rest of the tyrants.

As we notice in BOSTON and Hurricane Katrina. My acquaintance says he would no longer do it as far as I know. Because he didn't release what he did till after the fact. I also was filled in that Liousana didn't have a MILITIA because if they did they would of done something. Recent intel shows that ever SINCE the disarmament happened in the Hurricane they formed a very HUGE Militia. Side note I stopped talking to him for other reasons. Trust issues, I have big trust issues with people.

these are the British contractors who currently training on U.S. soil for the Tri-State gun confiscation:

also armor group is another british agency

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Thanks for sharing, we don't hear enough about these hired thugs. They operate above the law. In many ways, worse than the CIA, etc...


Thanks to a inside source, I was able to get everything needed. And they are implanting them into police departments. they are not oath keepers. NJ police and LA replace has been replaced. So don't be afraid folks to go open season on the mother f***ers. Red Dawn is here and in modernized form. take it from a constitutional Insurgent, ballistics don't work unless they have the gun and know who did it. Let that be a tip.

What's your take on a non personal gov force like the (now defunct) Executive Outcomes from So Africa? They did a job the UN could not do in Africa. Bill clinton helped shut them down when it was determined they could do the job at a fraction of the cost.

Black water shouldn't exist at all. They are hired mercenaries, and anything they did do was most likely against the people in that country. Since everything they do is against freedom and countries constitutions.

Federal Reserve, NDAA, DHS, TSA & Patriot Act shouldn't exist either, but here we are ;)

And they will be removed and exterminated every one of them. Many of us already have addresses and anyone who walks out of those buildings will be targets to the Resistance. Thats a revolution and has nothing to do with terrorism.

If you have media contacts share this info to media sources but NOT through electronic email.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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