The “No, by God, You Will Not Disarm and Enslave Me” Movement Rises to Power



The “No, by God, You Will Not Disarm and Enslave Me” Movement Rises to Power

by Henry Shivley

The American people have put their foot down and asserted in no uncertain terms that we will not be disarmed by the soviet socialist insurgent occupying forces. The dead headed communists, being dead headed communists, have been listening to their own propaganda for too long and now we are seeing panic.

The fraudulent opinion polls are meant only for the consumption of the goyim. This being said, make no mistake, the elite at the top have their own ears to the streets and they know the temper of the American people and the fact that the propaganda is failing miserably.

Just like with the grass roots Tea Party and Occupy movements, a new power has arisen in this land, more powerful than any other ever seen on this planet. It is the “No, by God, you will not disarm and enslave me” movement. And now, just like with the grassroots Tea Party and Occupy movement, we are seeing a mad scramble to infiltrate, harness, and control this new power.

The NRA was moved into place by the neo-con national socialists back when this new movement started to explode, just in case the propaganda failed to quell the uprising. Wayne LaPierre, with a look of total panic and fear, finally stepped up a week after Sandy Hook and record gun sales and declared that the NRA would not back any attempts at gun confiscations, including universal background checks, which he had previously endorsed.

People, our numbers are unfathomable. We ourselves have yet to realize what a powerful force we have become and this Kraken, which has awoken and been provoked, is right now completely uncontrollable, as it consists of 40 million heavily armed, pissed off Americans who have flushed the fraudulent system and are now thinking for themselves as individuals.

We are now seeing a petty attempt by the neo-cons to infiltrate and create a leadership that can be corrupted, as Rand Paul and Sarah Palin are declaring themselves to be our leaders and are taking up our mantra.

I do expect Alex Jones to start praising and advocating Rand Paul as our new conservative, pro-gun, natural leader. We cannot forget that that dirty little bastard stuck the knife in our back when he denounced his own father and embraced the neo-cons in 2012 or his recent trip to Israel to take a knee and kiss the ring of King Netanyahu.

As for Sarah Palin, just look at the Israeli flag pin she is wearing.

These infiltrators will now start to back everything we back and oppose everything we oppose and then, when we are victorious, they will hail themselves as having led us to victory and then claim a mandate from us, which will be designed to destroy everything we have worked for.

I already know we are smarter than this, but I will remind you where our power comes from and that is the fact that we are individuals, by the millions. The only way we can be pacified is as individuals.

This is an attempted hijacking and must be treated as such. Make no mistake, when it fails, it will be all out war. When these evil parasites fail to control us through duplicity, all they will have left is force. Their application of force will fail as it will be too little, too late. And they know they are too little, otherwise they would not be trying such a radical shift at the very instant they were portraying a united communist front, determined to disarm us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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Ron Paul was absolutely Right Capt. Dave!   I have always admired him for many years and watched his talks with great interest, even though I do not live in America.   He was your greatest hope and he was robbed of Victoria at the Elections because votes were tampered with to ensure that he didn't win!  That was Despicable by the zionist cabal that runs America.  I hope that all Americans will see that the system is too rotten to continue!  No more Governments as they are all corporations own by the Criminal Rothschild Banksters, the Vatican and that rotten Queen of England.


Many Thanks Capt. Dave.

"Release the Krakken!"

great article!!

I wish I had a Krakken available to me right now!  I would send it straight to Obama, He can be its next meal, along with all the zionists in Congress and all of AIPAC! 


Cheers Hollywood!

Exactly right Bettie! 


I will do my best to keep them coming!

Though I do a lot of stuff on Face Book and OV.

Many Thanks!


Find the Guy on face book called 'A Sheep No More'  He is absolutely Brilliant!  He finds Excellent posts and creates some himself.




Who needs Friends like Israel!  The Regime in Israel would shoot every American Being in the back if they ever had the chance, even though your money is stolen from you every single year in the hundreds of Billions to feed the Rothschild Federal Reserve that gives you worthless paper as currency with a debt attached to it!  And the

3 Billion that is stolen from you each year to be given to your true enemy the State of Israel! And that Pinhead illegitimate puppet president Obama is thinking of taking more orders from AIPAC to give Israel even more of your Taxes!  Get Israel out of your politics before they completely destroy you!   I swear, it is like all govenment officials are programmed to betray their country and serve the interests of Israel beyond all else!   Israel is an illegitimate State that was created on the lie of the Holocaust!  Hollywood directors were called in to make the fantasy seem real, with key zionists claiming to be victims of the Holocaust.  It was the real Jews that ended up in the Camps because they opposed zionism.  Ashkenazi Rothschild zionism created the Nazis, that is why you see them in Israel acting identical to the nazis in Germany, that was because most of the Nazis were Ashkenazi zionists pretending to be Germans. 


It annoys the hell out of me that these Fake Jews, (Khazarian/Ashkenazis) have cheated, murdered and stole from the Gentiles of the world.  Enough is enough!!  Even This OPPT is yet another part of their Enslavement system!  I almost fell for it!!!  They knew that they would have to destroy the old system that they had and were hoping to replace it with the OPPT UCC Filings to eventually create a new Global Federation to replace to old system that the people were beginning to see through!


Many thanks oldranger_68

Anyone who thinks Sarah Palin should still be allowed in politics are immediately eligible for deletion.  As for Rand Paul, well he's still green and those filthy bastards put stars in his eyes and I think he is trying to find his way back through the sea of shit out there in DC.   I'll give him one more attempt at being a decent rep.   

  I think our line in the sand has been drawn and the illegitimate government currently in place knows it and is getting ready to make it's final, blood washed stand.  It's going to be an ugly event any way one looks at it.

Thank you Mike!   Humanity Must prevail over this Insidious Cabal that has Usurped the World!  The zionist blueprint was  there for everyone to see!  Called the Portocols of the Learned Elders of zion!   It is horrific reading, how they planned to dominate, subjugate and murder millions of Gentiles.  Their plans to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, Governments, Monetary system, Media and much much more! They have succeeded to a point where they have almost everything in place.  But they Failed to get the guns off you.  If you had surrendered your guns, You would not be here to read this email and I wouldn 't be hear writing it, even though I live in Eire!  The whole world would have fallen had you given up your guns!  THANK GOD YOU ALL HAD THE SENSE TO HOLD ON TO THEM!!


Now all you have to do is stand your ground, be as peaceful as humanly possible and try to get the US Military on your side!  It is true that Many of the Generals Serve the zionist Cabal and will defend it against the people of America. But they will not be able to get all of the troops to betray their own Brothers and Sisters.   If you get a handful to join you, you may find that other soldiers will follow and stop listening to their Generals! 

You can kill this zionist system by stop feeding it!  It relies on the American people supporting it to survive!  When Civil Disobedience is wide spread and the Revenue is no longer there to feed it. it will wither and eventually die.  Americans must form great communities where all wealth and resources are shared.     You will needto Barter skills and time with each other.  Self Suffiency is key to starving the system.  Use Aquaponics Systems to help you.  Grow in Strength and numbers, have no leaders but share the work and responsibilities  equally.  You are Free and Sovereign Human Beings and have a God-Given right to live free!  There will be No Need to pay anymore Taxes to feed a corrupt and rotten system!

Take back your country, your rights and your freedoms!  The world is Watching!







My job takes me all over America.  Everywhere I go people are aware of the worthless propaganda, even police and government employees are aware.  The paper assets the elite use to control us is beginning to become worthless.  Watch the elite eat themselves.  A war of the rich.  This time, We the People will be entertained by the hugely sinful  ultra rich cry uncle.  There is nothing left to gain from the average person in any sphere, the West , East, Africa, etc.  The average person is likely to invent their own entertainment because few people can enjoy the luxury of leisure time.  So why buy anything other than food, play your own guitar and unplug from the consumer crap that has enslaved us.  It will happen, we have no choice until we rid ourselves of the parasitic elite life will continue to degrade.

Have a Back up Currency if it is really needed!  Create your own Sovereign and Legal Tender that is without Debt or Interest attached to it!  Each County can Create its own Currency that is not issued by any Central bank!!!  Those who Govern themselves have the right and Duty to create their own currency free from Usury!!!!  This will be glorious to have a currency that serves the people and NOT imprison them with Debt. 


Cheers Ken!


Keep in mind that the same arms industry that provides weapons to citizens also provides armaments to the police and military, which the government uses through drones, armored vehicles, prison infrastructure, and surveillance systems to control the populace.

That is most likely ralfy, as they are all corporation after all.  They are only interested in Selling arms, plan and simple!

Wouldn't it be better that all Armies across the planet are banned, leaving only people with guns to protect their own nations.  And it would be forbidden to fight on Foreign Soil, meaning that our Governments could never ask us to invade another nation again.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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