Please forgive My long stay away. I have been so busy. I made this very "political" video - less than 8 minutes. I hope You watch, ponder, and share:

Love always.

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Ethics always trumps legal.  Always.

It's a nice argument. I agree with much of the spirit, but not the letter. Much as I was heartened by Trump's election, although I knew better than to vote for him. One problem, as you noted, is that most people assume what is must be right. And human beings are hard-wired for a hierarchical society, and for hierarchy in most areas of life. For social darwinism, at least to some extent.

"You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."
Morpheus, The Matrix

I've made the argument with libertarians that people aren't out there reading Summa Theologica and Marcus Aurelius, they're watching the Kim Kardashian sex tape instead. You start talking about common law and sovereignty and the Federal Reserve, their eyes glaze over. Yawn, and by the way who the hell are you to threaten to disrupt our good thing? And at this particular point in history, relying on this method would be like putting Stefan Molyneux in charge of the armies defending against the Orcs. I can imagine him running around telling the troops to "use your words", and not to hurt anyone unless you're sure they are a bad person and you're not initiating force.

Your ideas will, however, be of great importance, after people like myself do what has to be done.

I guess My point is that the More who are aware, the easier it will be to bring in a foundation vastly better than what We have now.  The more it is shared, the More will be considering it, the More who will join to help.

Not sure what it is You think "has to be done..."  I hope it's not a witch hunt looking for "perps."  We never see the Ones at the very top - just They psychopathic lackeys.  So going around killing the Ones We see will not remove the top Ones - only putting down the dangerous tool which They use to control Us by, will truly end Their power.  Money in all forms is a very dangerous tool, and now archaic.

Well, all we can do is try, do our best. The Order almost put down Prince Bernhard, a founding member of the Bilderbergs. Interesting you'd call it a witch hunt, actually pretty apt. Of course, I'm not concerned with saving everybody. I do want to ensure the survival of the West, and my genotype. Destroying them seems to be our overlords' #1 goal.

I really wish you were right. I wish the left were correct about certain things. I would see a much rosier future. As it is, we may have to amputate the arms and legs to save the body's life. That would define "success". Then we can get on to polite debate. I've seen people take common law and UCC cases to court and win. One guy who got a land patent, they "found" child porn on his computer. Sometimes they dispense with the niceties altogether. As with my friend, Blane. Cops burst in, guns blazing (he was unarmed). He jumped out a 2nd story window, resulting in a compound fracture of the knee. They then shot him, 23 times. Turned him over, and shot his genitals off. Then they charged him with attempted murder of a police officer. He did 20 years, still alive, though. His real crime was speech. I've been fired upon twice, and beaten in my home and on the street by a gang who disagreed with my political views. They did so without fear of prosecution. That's the world we live in, unfortunately.

Why does genome supersede Consciousness, in Your view?  I am sorry They are choosing to be bullies so often.  I do seek to eliminate "political" completely.  Create a society of sovereigns, if You will, and with Our planet returned to Us.

It is a choice We all may make, and when enough choose wisely, We will free.

Well, it's a matter of non-Whites attacking Whites, violently, everywhere. The West is being overrun, with consequences like Sweden becoming the world's rape capitol, massive grooming gangs that victimize young White girls en masse in England, the non-White crime rates and race-based giveaways of money and jobs in the US, outright genocide of Whites in South Africa, we're becoming disenfranchised everywhere. White kids are being "educated" that they are evil, and responsible for all the world's problems. Non-Whites have plenty of territory, and the White man is definitely not keeping them down. Christianity is under attack everywhere. We're being sacked. I won't have it. They have made it an "us or them" choice.

Like I said, I wish your paradigm was the correct and realistic one.

Greetings Amaterasu and JR, this is an interesting discussion. I agree with JR, for is it not only natural and right to care for our own race and people as priority before all others, I think so. The urge to protect our own first, in body and spirit is born within us, deep in our d.n.a. The dna itself not only does the protein thing but Regulates and Defends the whole vital complex circle - for Survival and Perfection. ( that part use to be called junk dna ) It's in every single cell of us, and we behave like it. If people were cells, they would be white ones from the adaptive section, B memory and T killer cells brought out for serious action where a threat has been identified. So yes I also think genome comes before consciousness. Somewhere in the bible it saids something like... Anyone that doesn't provide for his own people and his household has denied the faith and is worst than an infidel.  

Still, we need people like Amaterasu. T Killer cells can't switch gears and run the body. I'm a monster, I shouldn't be writing rules for how people live after the infection is killed off. I have one purpose in this.

So true JR, Amaterasu if you were a cell I think you would be a barrier type, showing a more rational response. For me I think I'm in the innate section because I like to fire up at lots of things in small ways.  

As far as I can determine, there is no "infection."  That We have been lied to about what "viruses" are. They are exosomes, excreted by Our cells in response to toxins. "Viruses" are identical to exosomes in size, appearance, internal make-up, and functional aspects. They are not "contagious," and do not spread. What happens is that, at certain times of the year, when it is optimal, Our bodies do "housecleaning," and We will display symptoms if a large cleaning is needed. The weak may die of symptoms, but healthy Ones will not. This is the reason They did not release a "bioweapon." They can't. So They released a psychological weapon, playing on the fear of "viruses" They have long created.

This plannedemic has been in the works for a very long time.

Sorry, but no. What I meant by "infection" is a massive influx of low-IQ, violent non-Whites into the West. Orchestrated and facilitated by Jews.

Your message which read, "Sorry, but no. What I meant by "infection" is a massive influx of low-IQ, violent non-Whites into the West. Orchestrated and facilitated by [the psychopaths in control]," but it will not let Me reply.

First, influx where?  Second, who's measuring this "IQ" with what tools?  Third, have You personally witnessed, more than twice, the violence, and over what time frame? 


"Destroying the New World Order"



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