Please forgive My long stay away. I have been so busy. I made this very "political" video - less than 8 minutes. I hope You watch, ponder, and share:

Love always.

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Well, cheeki, I contend that We are All the Human race, beset by psychopaths who engineer "racism." 

Who invented the light bulb, the internal combustion engine, plastics, the radio, the telephone, ground glass lenses for vision correction, the microscope, the telescope, the television, the computer, the airplane, the automobile, AC and DC generators and  motors, the transistor, the vacuum tube, film and video cameras, the clock, the telegraph, the train, rockets to outer space, the electron microscope, the integrated circuit, the engine lathe and milling machine, semi-automatic firearms, antibiotics, the LED, the laser, the electric battery, the fluorescent light, the jet engine, crop rotation, the flush toilet, the cotton gin, the Bessemer steel process and wrote the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights and invented the code of chivalry, and discovered the structure of DNA, and discovered all the chemical elements? Etc etc etc. And who didn't? "All men are created equal", what a bunch of nonsense. If it weren't for Whites, we'd still be back in the early Iron Age. I myself have several inventions under my belt that are very useful, and these include machines and drugs and protocols that heal. I'm not arguing for the genocide of all non-Whites or Jews, but the present situation has went on too long, by half. I'm not going to argue this further because #1 - You're not a bad person. And #2 - It's pointless. Have the last word if you wish. I am sorry for diverting your thread to this topic.

And You don't think this "racial" (We're All the Human race) was engineered by the Ones who brought Us 9/11, Sandy Hook, and COVID?  That Their "education" was not directed as much as the "education" elsewhere?  That ideas and "ideals" were not implanted?

Seriously, You are reacting exactly like what They want Us to react like.  Divide and (keep) conquer(ed).

And what would happen if there was no money to "educate" Humanity into divided factions?  Where Ethical is held as it should be?

Do You think this perception of "non-Whites attacking Whites" has not been fomented to create a divide in Humanity?  We hear on the "news" that things are happening...but all the "news" corporations are listed as "entertainment" (removing their obligation to tell any truth at all), so unless I see it Myself, I give what comes from any media "source" low probability of having much truth.  Unless it explains what I see - Humans of one shade out hacking Humans of another, which is not what I am witnessing - I will give high probability of being manipulative "entertainment."

I have seen many sides of life, and I can tell You, most of the People I have dealt with have dealt with Me Ethically, and Most quite pleasantly.  And the unpleasant Ones were Ones I didn't have to spend time with much at all.  People of heart come in all shades.  By Their behavior shall We judge.

And do keep in mind, They (the psychopaths in control) run education most everywhere on Our planet.

Legal is of legislation, Lawful is of law. What's legal is not necessarily lawful, and quite often isn't.

Very true!  The three Principles (Laws) of Ethics are at the foundation of both natural law and common law.  "Legal" is a veneer plastered onto the true Laws to make "ok" unEthical behaviors.

I do not consent to anything legal.  I consent to the three Principles of Ethics only.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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