Todays WTF??? U.S. Will Spend $24.5M to Circumcise Men in Swaziland

( – The United States Agency for International Development is planning to spend $24.5 million to circumcise an estimated 150,000 to 200,000 male infants and males aged 10 to 49 in the kingdom of Swaziland by 2018.

The Kingdom of Swaziland has the highest rates of HIV in the world, accounting for 31 percent HIV prevalence among adults, the grant said.

“While the data suggest that the rate of new infections is stabilizing, HIV and AIDS remain the most important health burden and impediment to socio-economic development for Swaziland,” the grant said. “As a result, there is an urgent need to scale up the HIV prevention response in Swaziland.”

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A haircut, LOL!!!

My question is, how does circumcision have anything to do with preventing HIV/Aids? And what a fooking waste of money once again when we're already bankrupt, people are out of work and hungry.

Circumcision indeed does nothing to prevent AIDS. Though possessing the moral restraint to practice monogamous sex or none at all when most potential partners have HIV sure as hell does. But never mind the moral deficiency among them, blame the natural, healthy state of the penis. While I'm contemplating on the penis and all, I'd like to point out that the act of circumcision is solely a Judaic ritual. The purpose the Jews command all their spiritual slaves in the US to chop off portions of their penis is so that it will not appear different than the penis of the "Jew", which has never been natural, or whole but rather bizarrely missing foreskin at birth. 

And that concludes tonight's show, be sure to tune in tomorrow for "Hiding Your Skinless Jew-Junk"

Not Sucking Baby's Penis After Removing Foreskin Is Heresy, Haredi ...

Rabbi Moshe MeiselmanAccording to Rabbi Moshe Meiselman…whenever Chazal make a statement about realia, and do not indicate that they are speaking tentatively, then they are correct, and to doubt them is heresy. Rabbi Meiselman thus states, with regard to metzitzah [b'peh, the direct mouth-to-penis sucking haredi mohels do after cutting off the baby's foreskin] (pp. 239-40), that "Chazal's assessment overrides that of modern medicine," because "Chazal understood the situation better than the physicians." He stresses that "we rely upon their judgment unswervingly, even if medical opinion says otherwise.…[Therefore,] the mohel must suction the wound in a traditionally prescribed manner [with his mouth]."

Does it not make you sick, when you here 'them' mention; "paying your fair share"?

Yes, it sure does... especially when it has to do with mutilating our fellow human beings. Who ever asked 'We the People' if it was ok to spend our hard earned tax dollars in such a way? TPTB just don't give a fook what they spend our money on. So much makes me sick anymore. It's hard to put a smile on my face most days knowing what I do know now. Especially considering many people walk around completely oblivious of how much we are really getting fooked!!!

The mind staggering so called writers like CNSNews that half a$$ threw this crap together are higher on my list of total douche bags than the body politic. And that's a lot of douche. Yo, Hunter, you failed to even commit to your work enough to pen the LIE that circumcision prevents AIDS. Hope you don't falsely hold the belief that the atrocity you commit against journalism is in any way more ethical than a mere false statement.

“While the data suggest that the rate of new infections is stabilizing, HIV and AIDS remain the most important health burden and impediment to socio-economic development for Swaziland,”

How the hell is AIDS effecting the development of that $hithole? If they haven't yet grasped the idea of morality and order, I'd suspect they lack the ability.  AIDS been retarding their progress for millennia? Doubtful. Perhaps the moral depravity demonstrated by nearly half of the populous having sexually transmitted diseases that kill are more responsible than their slow as hell evolution of collective intelligence.  Just sayin.


Should have said, instead: One man's foreskin is another man's fortune.

Where do all those foreskins go?

Strangely enough, infants’ foreskins are said to be used as cosmetics.
In an article in 2010, Sierra Black writing for Babble touched on the disturbing evidence of the infants’ foreskin usage.

Because of this, they were not tossed out with the rest of the medical waste after a birth. Instead, hospitals sold them to companies and institutions for a wide variety of uses.

Companies would pay thousands of dollars for a single foreskin.
According to the reports, some of the strangest purposes they are put to are:

"Gov. Chris Christie announced plans today, to grab, over two years, $2.43 billion dollars, meant for public workers’ pensions, to balance New Jersey’s state budget" -

Does this mean that many male public workers in NJ, will now be at risk of contracting STDs?

By that decision United States has just degenerated four thousand years to the age when genital mutilation was seen reasonable. Is the USAID run by monkeys or what?

You're probably not too far off the mark Less ;)

Monkeys wouldn't be capable to the devastation and decadence the mankind has degenerated to under the rule of the criminal high cabal, a gang of greedy psychopaths.

Political Ponerology; Andrew Lobaczewski

"I was most impressed with the combination of depth and breadth in this treatment of evil; depth in the search for and elucidation of the sources or origins of different kinds of evil and of the systems that generate and perpetuate evil, and breadth in the rich reach of ideas across many domains of knowledge. Together they combine to make fascinating, essential reading." PHILIP ZIMBARDO, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University,

The proof is in the blood. Rh+ equals Rhesus monkey +.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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