Watch The Spread of Walmart Across The Country In One Horrifying GIF

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Personal comment;Like a disease spreading over the face of the globe. This is just the USA, think of what the world would look like! 

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It's like a plague.

Like??  It is a Plague!!!

this logistics network needs to be nationalized and put to use helping workers and citizens get the material goods they need...goods made by americans, for americans, from domestic materials sources.  

Remember this goes only to 2006.

N = new

W = wal-mart

O = opens

LOL, sicking, in our face.

Wal-Mart took away small town Amerkia's ability to gather local towns produce, crafts and services and offer them back to the community at reasonable price's with a guarantee which backed up the commodity or service bought by the consumer. 

Our society has become a throw away life style, what happens when something breaks? Usually it is thrown out and replaced with a new less well made product.


Remember WalMart (after the old man died) got corporate welfare yearly. 

They got to rent buildings from themselves and deduct them.  We bought the land they used (most of the time), plus the buildings, AND they got discounted taxes.  THAT is how they closed down the other stores, NOT from better marketing concept but because we - through our representatives - paid their bills, etc for them so that they could undercut others and destroy the job and selection market here for the American people - all planned and implemented.  The less amount of competition the easier it is to control what the people here have access to. Very much like our "two party" - but really one - election system. 

All under Agenda 21 and the NWO.

Our leaders have long ago sold us out to China and Mexico. To blame 'Wal-Mart' is not the answer. At least they employ Americans and offer good prices. Maybe it's me but this deep hatred for Walmart is somewhat of a mystery to me considering all the traitorous screwing that we all have already gotten in preparation to the "Violent Raping" that's next. We will NEVER go back to the way it was and is still supposed to be. We are probably weeks out from a "Major" War (perhaps even the very early beginning of WWIII?) and the Crash of both the Dollar and the Economy. Get out and buy some food and supplies and don't let 'them' distract you with silly concerns at this late date. WTH !

In a technological utopia, the fewer idle hands, the higher the standard of living.  Brave New World, indeed!


"Destroying the New World Order"



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