There are many positions to take in Our outlook on politics, economics, law, and the functioning of Human society. In this video, I take a look at the one I favor: Ethical anarcho-abundancism. Few have heard of this position, and fewer still have a grasp of what it suggests. I aim to educate All who have an interest in considering other viewpoints.


YouTube, Amaterasu Solar:

YouTube, Amaterasu Solar Again:

BitChute, Amaterasu Solar – List 1:

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Not sure what the preferred foundation for Human society is amongst "red necks..."

LOL!  Y'all come back now, Y'hear?  Not sure that clarifies what the preferred foundation for Human society is...

Unlikely...  Haha!  But My dad was from Missouri.  And taught Me how to make a gee-haw whimmy diddle.  (I have made several in My life.)

For some reason Your last comment has no option to reply.  Heh.  Anyway, search gee haw whimmy diddle.  It's out of the Appalachians.  I have had My share of chicken and dumplings - despite being born and raised in San Diego.

The subject of withdrawing consent is crucial to afford changes. Requires courage and determination. I have a polo shirt which bears a quote : " I do not consent "
Nicely done Amaterasu!

Yes, but only because They had the money to do so...  And this is not about countries.  This is about Individuals.  When enough of Us withdraw Our consent...and consent to better...and build it...They will have no power.

We may indeed have to defend Ourselves from bullying.  But it is in the INITIATION of violence where We become the animals They think We are.  Self-defense is Ethical.  Initiation of violence is not.

Indeed, They need Our consent, manufacturing "implied consent" through devious and unEthical means.  I'd love a shirt that says that!  Haha!

That's good Amaterasu, I'll like to think I could meet most of those requirements but the technology to save on energy output has not been forthcoming yet. In Isolated areas it's possible to live ok with far less money exchange and have a degree of good will favour from others as I found, but it's done by a type of 'trade' or exchange. Being a outsider from the city is a disadvantage because of a perceived reputation, which is true in many cases so there's an inherent distain to overcome also. But it's -Slowly- possible to move out and away from the system part-time at least. 

They have had free energy for many decades, but They hide and suppress it.  If anyOne comes across a free energy method, They tend to try and patent it, alerting the psychopaths in control to make a move.  If They shared successes freely, the free energy would come out, the money pointless, and We would have Our freedom on Our planet.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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