When is it time to come together, plan, and what will you do if the SHTF?

With so much of the population on medication,flouride,aspartame perservatives etc.it is amazing people can still function. We have become smiling depressives who enjoy their servitude.There is no resistence and protest. It is scary to think Americans have been conquered and subdued without a shot being fired. Weve been systematically numbed of reality and RWP (Real World Problems).

We accept things that we shouldn't, We eat things we know for a fact are bad for us, We have let the Government take control of things that we shouldn't have. What are we going to do??

Sit back and wait? And if so, Then what? 

We need to stand up for what's left of our Constitutional pride, before we no longer have anything to stand for.. Think about our family and friends, our children, are neighbors children. 
It isn't going to much matter if your a prepper or a survivalist etc, if we don't have connections with others that think alike. We need to come together, talk, plan, decide... on what we would or could do if the SHTF.. We need to network. Share our ideas with one another. Even meet with others in our own areas.. It's not going to do much good if we dont. We can band together if it comes to that. Pull resources together, and tallents and skills.

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My suggestion?  SPREAD A SOLUTION to the tipping point!  If it hits the tipping point, We WILL make it so.

Analysis: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/the-end-of-entropy-a-look-at-our-e...

PLAN: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/t-a-p-you-re-it

Governance: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/stigmergic-governance-via-the-web

Our current federal government has been forcing us to accept the unacceptable. TSA groping at airports is a good example. Mock crisis drills, complete with helicopters and firing blanks. Fluorescent light bulbs. Low flow toilets. Teaching our children in school that the Constitution is old and obsolete. Executive orders or regulations when they couldn't get their agenda passed legally.

Now, they're coming after our God-given, natural right to defend ourselves and our families. If your line in the sand has not been crossed yet, please make this it. If we lose our guns, we will lose our country. Our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms "shall not be infringed". Our founders stressed our right to be armed as a defense against tyranny. These brilliant men knew we would probably need our guns for that  reason someday.

There have been three pro 2nd Amendment rallies in Sacramento so far this year. California legislators are furiously trying to out-idiot New York's idiots. It would be fun to watch these dimwits if this wasn't so deadly serious.

Here's a sign from each rally. The rhetoric is ramping up. (Molon Labe is Greek for, "Come and take it".)

January 19, 2013

February 8, 2013

February 23, 2013

I want to join and i will work hard and be available 24 hrs a day. Just tell me where and when? 

I have learned from my Grandmother that even if you have nothing yourself go and collect all that is free and place it in the hands of those who need so desperitely and you shall Have A Cup That Runnith Over. Let's love one another inspite of differences so that we may live to iron out our differences and become the loving brothers and sisters we truly want to be and pray that the Whole World catches on Quickly. God Helps Those That Help A Staving Child. Staving to me is clearly meaning whatever this child needs to feel loved and warm and fed and filled with Laughter and Joy.

I think there are a lot more people preparing for the finale stand for our freedoms than is standing up and saying so.

A truly prepared person does not go around shouting what they have or dont have. It would be like a big sign saying to the ones that are not prepared to come and take what has been stored for hard times or barter goods, and you dont want to waste a bullet on a low life looter. I dont anyway.

Booby traps are a much better way of taking care of those kind of low lifes. One that works very well is a simple one to make, all you need is earth and sticks sharpened to a point. No money needed just a hole and a sharp stick, believe me they wont be pulling their foot out of the hole and if they do they wont be going very far on their foot for very long. If they are not found and medical attention applied they will soon succumb to infection. Now if you want to end it quick a poison can be added to the tip of the stick. 

IMHO, booby traps are too random and also probably illegal. A bullet is much more precise if someone's life is being threatened by a criminal.

Booby traps are illegal and you are too likely to hurt an innocent person.  Take it from me, hurting one innocent person will haunt you the rest of your life, whereas hurting a "guilty party" REALLY BADLY is easy.  Pick a target and focus on that target. The less you worry about your own safety, the better.  I use to play "war games" in the ANG and was always the last casualty in in a simulated war game.  Members of my unit hated me, because they could not go home until all of us were "killed."

Having been a refugee advisor and training specialist in Vietnam for most of the war, I know a lot about booby traps. No, I've never rigged one. But the Vietnamese peasants knew where they were and would escort me about them. It doesn't seem likely that you could get away with that for long. Big Brother is no longer a character in a novel. He's very real. For example some smuck killed three people here in Forestville, California and was trailed from service station to service station all across the states to Mobile. Alabama. His pals were picked up yesterday. The DA are set on giving him the death penalty.

You are exactly right Sheridan, Big Brother is no longer just a figment of peoples imagination, he is real and in our face.

If I may ask since you were in the unfortunate position to be where you were, how did the traps work for the people that set them? Good or not at all? Did they serve there purpose?

If you are lucky enough to have property to begin with then how do you expect to be able to protect it once you have run out of supplies and need to replace them? If you are not lucky enough to have made connections and are alone then you will need to have a means of protecting what is yours while you are out looking for supplies.

If civil war breaks out, then what will be considered legal? I think the things which are considered legal now will not even be a consideration if such comes to fruition.  

I do not intend on this being my only line of defense in order to secure my land for the use and security of my family. They will sever there purpose even if unwanted persons trespass onto private property.

If you know me you will not be trying to come onto my property from the back or the sides, if you are coming from any of the a fore mentioned sides of my families property then you are up to ulterior motives. This gives me the right to protect my family and property from such entry. Would you not do the same?

If you are trying to stay in one place and not bug out then how will the place be protected if you do not know the basic rules of survival? 

Kill or be killed. Trap or be trapped.

This is the basic, survive or die. The choice is for you to make, I have made my choice. You?

Ok I had to stymie my first response. I was under the wrong impression. I thought that this was a discussion about things that may be of use in a survival mode situation. 

My only reason for this post was to give another way of survival and defense when your guns are taken or your bullets run out, and your bullets will run out. Unless you have a way to manufacture them, and you can only do that for as long as you have supplies and time. Manufactured things will stop being made. How will you defend yourself then? 


I'm going to recover more guns & ammo from the lifeless bodies of Traitors to the Constitution that I bag.



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