Meet the new boss, same as the old boss... Obama's Brennan, the Neo-Con don of the CIA

John ‘Little Cheney’ Brennan, the Neo-Con Don of the CIA – Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Obama Introduces Nominees to Head Dept. Of Defense And CIA
With all the screeching, tearing and gnashing of teeth by GOP mouthpieces from silly little Lindsey Graham to angst driven decrepit old men, like Johnny McCain - trying to recapture his boyish Jet-Jockey sociopathy-concerning nominees for Secretary of State, there is an audible silence on behalf of the professional Congressional loud mouths - Not a word, not a peep, by those very same naysayers, questioning the 2nd nomination announced in President Obama's speech, January 7, John Brennan.
“For the last four years, as my Advisor for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, John developed and has overseen our comprehensive counterterrorism strategy — a collaborative effort across the government, including intelligence and defense and homeland security, and law enforcement agencies,” said Obama. “And so think about the results.  More al Qaeda leaders and commanders have been removed from the battlefield than at any time since 9/11.”
So with Obama's obvious great admiration for this secret agent man, why is Congress so silent?
Maybe it's because John Brennan is the poster boy for the continuation of the war crimes of the Bush Administration and, therefore, the fair haired child of those same neo-cons who put us into the bloody, immoral wars on Iraqi citizens,  on Afghani citizens and the  systematic destruction of human rights and civil rights of peoples all over the planet to include the destruction of the basic human and civil rights of American citizens.
John Brennan seems to be Okey-Dokey with the neo-cons and the neo-conned of Capital Hill and The corporate whoredom that is much of what is called mainstream media.
And what about President Obama?  The guy who made an entire campaign in 2008, about "transparency and accountability"; about the evils of the Bush administration in their use of Black Sites, Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition, torture, abuses of international law and about moving "forward" towards an open, honest policy or truth, justice and respect for all others?
He stands with John Brennan - supports the drone warfare, continues to allow the rendition (more stories on this practice can be found in the NY Times and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism ), supports the "kill list", and the continued abuse of citizens of other countries (from illegal indefinite detention, to the Patriot Act to the NDAA to continuation of Bagram, Guantanamo and other prisons maintained and justified by this administration though lip-service is given at election time about closing).
Side Note Here:
I would be remiss if I did not note that this month we "celebrate" the 11th birthday of Guantanamo (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) as the flagship prison used to hold any male that the US has decided to kidnap.  I note male only because I believe holding women and children there would only increase attention and derision towards this heinous hold-over  hobby of the Bush/Cheney Era.   We do hold women and children hostage as proven by Abu Ghraib, Bagram, though we do imprison them in other places. (see the story of Aafia Siddiqui and her missing children)
There have been a few Op-Eds on Mr. Brennan, hidden in the dark recesses of the Atlantic and the LA Times and some more blatantly out-front as in "The New Yorker"; Even a  few commentaries on the smaller, cable channels like Current and DemocracyNow ....   Rachel Maddow has made mention and FINALLY  this morning (7:00 am, MST, Sunday morning on MSNBC is not a heavily watched slot for most of America), Chris Hayes brought the issue to panel with members of Democracy Now (Amy Goodman), The DailyBeast (Eli Lake), and Chris Anders (ACLU) were on to discuss Brennan and the issues raised during his 2008 consideration for CIA Chief (nothing has changed in 4 years, Prez...In fact, Brennan is worse today than he was 4 years ago) .....but the biggest stories...ABC, NBC, CBS, major papers......Well, there just aren't many - aren't ANY focusing on hard facts.
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I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution

I see it, and now I know why I hate long intro to a song.

"Key" Directors of all agencies need to be under observation of and exsteme microscope, since they "paint" the picture of the USA to the World. This can be done just "like" and automated factory wherein each and all components, people, places and things are "just in time" to complete the product, project, or assignment. These sort of operations have grown exponentially in "machine tool" since the Vietnam War wherein military technology was applied to production. Such approaches can also be applied to "PEOPLE" therefore all would know is the person capable, qualified, or pushing and agenda that totally displaces anything possible for individuals and or entire Nations. In 1997 certain parties in "key" places within the CIA became aware of a plan to address a Government entity that was growing more and more corrupt by the day, therefore they made available certain components that would readily address this subversive behavior. There also appears to be a "link" between this person Brennan and a certain Jailer, removed from Texas, then Utah, then the USA, rumor has it he is back. Meanwhile there are some "other" new high placed position choices that have same and similar track records. IF the combined efforts of many do not address this and quickly all things potentially positive will soon be NULL & VOID. It is kind of like the "PUT STOCKS" purchased the week before 9/11 - 23 in the Pentagon, the Cabinent, and others all named in reports, then the CIA "provisioner" that attempted to warn all in the affected building NOT to SHOW up for WORK that day. It makes one wonder whatever happen to addressing PRIOR KNOWLEDGE to avoid a problem? Just watch the SEC same and similar is full speed ahead.

Shades of "POOF" so will his projections come true, appears right on track - and always with a SONG. Used to be 1,000 Eyes - 1996 there were that many for real. Song rights were a problem, uninvited guests another. But the "Night still has a thousand eyes"!!! James, your right on the money. Interesting that "Annon" jumped in, some of their exploits are very pro, there too is very serious brain power. Two other groups have the right ingredients for serious work, but not quite orgainized for success yet, horsepower and data, but still playing in far "out-field". The Question how to get all on the same page of the action playbook. If "Poof" even close time is of the essence. Meanwhile the "tools" are found even the "funds" appear within reach to insure positives all around.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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