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AVAAZ, an organization linked to shadow powers aiming to enslave and cull 90% of humanity are organizing for a propaganda effort to push politicians further in the fleecing of the people by global warming pretense.

Here is part of their propaganda circulating in emails;

"Scientists are screaming from the rooftops that climate change isn't just a bit of warming and some more storms. No exaggeration, our actual *survival* is at risk -- this is a fight to save the world.

Our biosphere is in a fragile balance. Warm it a bit, and feedback loops start to kick in. Warming melts the arctic ice that reflects sunlight, which means more sunlight absorbed, which means more warming, which melts more ice etc. etc. These feedback loops have begun, and they're approaching 'tipping points' where they spin out of our control, threatening everything we love.

The UN understands this, and they've called an emergency summit of world leaders in New York to discuss action, even inviting our movement into the meeting! The problem is, our heads of state are politicians, not scientists, and they respond to public pressure. They see the polls, but they ask, "where are the protests?" Sept. 21st is our answer.

With thousands of organisations from unions to faith groups, and hundreds of thousands of people already signed up, we're about to launch the biggest climate change mobilisation in history, with marches from New York to Paris to Rio. On September 21st, we need to shake the world. To get there, we need to mobilise thousands of organisers, saturate subways and airwaves with ads, and mount an effective media operation."


Remember their idol Al Gore who wholeheartedly supports their propaganda efforts saying; "Avaaz is inspiring… it has already made a significant difference." For sure the difference in his bank account.

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I wrote to Avaaz with My ideas.  All it got Me was on Their mailing list.  Heh.

It looks like another Bolshevik type of revolution is being orchestrated and media is all the way in bed with the criminal high cabal, what would you expect? These people are fanatic and seem believe all global warming propaganda lies. They are preparing for the largest climate mind controlled gathering in history, the coming week end September 21 - 22 2014. One objective is to make people forget the 911 terrorist acts, New York High Rise Safety Initiative and AE911Truth's exposure on Times Square. With media's help, of course. However, this may have just the opposite effect making the 911 truth message spread like a wild fire among the demonstrators.



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