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Hay Maria! Yep I was right my friends name was Eagle Bill,I found a signed copy of a small book he put out  some time ago.I got mine from him in Amsterdam in 1998.It's been used for quite awhile. It's the best way to go.It really gives you the true flavour of the weed,and it's cool too,it's invisible!  Cooldose!

never tried it and I have been smoking for almost 30 years...I am intrigued and would probably try it given the opportunity.

I nave a good friend of mine that said he really enjoyed his. i found it to be not as appealing as the butter you can make and spread on toast. But then again i like mine el natural.

I like grounding the seeds and mixing them with chia seeds and sprinkling it on salads, over omelets, in my  infamous cucumber salad, and several other dishes that I love to prepare and consume.

On a side note...does anyone know the effects of smoking chia seeds? I curious but not THAT curious...

I DRINK Chia seeds... well mixed with or sprinkled over juice DAILY but never thought of smoking them. As for Cannabis seeds they are great grounded and sprinkled on salads, love the nutty flavor

try the mix I mentioned...the flavor combo is quite tasty..

I did and tastes great over spinach (raw), pear and bacon bits

Try the Vapor Genie first or something similar, its cheaper and portable.

Not quite the same thing but works

There are other models that resemble metal one hitters but have the ceramic piece to vape, avoid glass ones, they are are a drag.

The high seems to hit slower and slightly different but that just makes one feel how much one is getting from smoke rather than resin

yes I do!!!!!.....the only way when @ home ;)




 It's funny you should asked,a good friend(age),just the other day said that he's getting one and asked me if I know about them.The french english thing is funny here,sometimes you think your from a different planet,most people that I know are from mars.  I had a friend named something Eagle,Oh heck, I can't remember right now,right before I started to write this I took a good hit. Anyway YEP and have for twenty five years or so.It's a healthy way of smoking.I wish I had one right now.What I do is,roll a joint,take a few hits,while it still has that great taste,then when that wains I stick it into my bong.Yes I'll admit it, I smoke a joint through a bong.  Maybe his name was Eagle Bill,I've known a lot of Eagles, so I not sure which one right now. Yep! I wish I had one now!



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