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World Exclusive - We Were Right! Rescued Factory Girl a HOAX!!!

We first wrote about this on the 26th May 2013 - in an article titled; Woolwich-London Killing - Compelling Evidence - False Flag?

In the orignal article we were highlighting the problem with the lack of blood on the two alleged…


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The World Says Yes To Snowden, No To Obama

No one likes a bully and no one likes a liar. The United States government is surely both because other nations have no problem openly treating it with the disdain it deserves. The saga of Edward Snowden provides the latest proof of the disrespect that America has brought upon itself. Its tantrums and rants mean little to anyone outside of the USA bubble.

Snowden is the NSA whistle blower who presented proof to the world that the United States is a lawless nation which treats its own… Continue

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Key US-EU trade pact under threat after more NSA spying allegations

Reports in Der Spiegel that US agencies bugged European council building 'reminiscent of cold war', says German minister

The prospects for a new trade pact between the US and the European Union worth hundreds of billions have suffered a severe setback following allegations that Washington bugged key EU offices and intercepted phonecalls and emails from top officials.

The latest reports of NSA snooping on Europe – and on Germany in particular – went well beyond previous… Continue

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Edged tools for survival

Every survival situation will require tools, the oldest and most versatile of tools is the edged weapon or blade. What type of blade/s to have are often a matter of great debate. So here's my thought on the matter.

You should maintain three cutting blades as a minimum, the first being a locking foldable knife which can be operated with a single hand. When closed it should fit mostly inside the closed hand. This blade will serve many purposes, closed it provides a weight and solid…


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U.S. student loan rates set to double july 1st

The interest rate on new Stafford loans is going to jump from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent Monday.

- Student Loan Rates Set To Double On July 1 (NPR, June 28, 2013):

The interest rate on government-backed student loans is going to jump from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent Monday.

Republicans, Democrats and the Obama administration could not agree on a plan to keep it from happening. Lawmakers say a deal is still possible after the July 4 recess. But if they don’t… Continue

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U.S. Student Killed in Egypt Protest Was Drawn to a Region in Upheaval

U.S. Student Killed in Egypt Protest Was Drawn to a Region in Upheaval


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Revolution of the Mind! Turks respond to government crackdown on protests by silently reading in Taksim Square



George Henton - Al Jazeera

Mon, 24 Jun 2013 05:24 CDT

http://www.sott.net/image/image/s7/143717/full/201362415403912423_8.jpg -George Orwell's

dystopic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four centralises…


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The Anti-Empire Report - Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, William Blum the list goes on

By William Blum - "My conscience had found its cause, and nothing that I could have been asked in a pre-employment interview would have alerted my interrogators of the possible danger I posed because I didn’t know of the danger myself."

Edward Snowden

In the course of his professional life in the world of national security Edward Snowden must have gone through numerous probing interviews, lie detector examinations, and exceedingly detailed background checks, as well as… Continue

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Flag Waving, Troop Supporting, Guilt-Tripping Zombies

Lisa Guliani - Sott.net

(supporting the troops' is supporting your own destruction)

Sat, 29 Jun 2013

Boy did my last article ever bring the fundie flag-waving authoritarian followers out of the wood work. I've been swamped with efforts aimed at trying to guilt trip me into supporting U.S. troops.

Let me make myself perfectly clear:

This guilt trip-circle-the-wagon-bullshit does not work on me. Save it for your fellow authoritarian followers in… Continue

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SUPER TRUMP SONG! [Not a joke]

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