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Republican-Party Problems in Restoring the Republic

From the time of starting to write this, on CNN tonight Reince Priebus opposed allowing the Birth-certificate issue being included in this current 2012 campaign. In my opiinion, this is totally wrong.--And I don't care that he is the head-honcho for the Republican Party. If the Republican Government had not CRUSHED any mention of OBOMBA's illegality in the 2008 election, anybody with a BRAIN knows that he never would have been voted in. Voted in or not, he was INSTALLED in the White-House.…


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Rebuilding The Free World

I think Michael Badnarik said 85 million guns were purchased last year, and I'd like the same thing to take place in Canada. Let's hope and pray that God will anoint those guns, and the bullets, and the citizens who own them to maintain them responsibly--not emotionally!

Pressure real-blood Americans to drive out all…


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JFK - The Case for Conspiracy Part 1 (1993)

For whatever reason, Google videos are incapable of being posted on

A few hours ago I posted a video on Restore the Republic, and tried to post it here. I thought it did post, until I read comments later that there was no video.

Since then I've tried several times to repost the url, the code both in My Video section, and even in a blog.--No go!

So, if anyone reads this Wall message, all I…


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Stand With or Disarm Israel?

Before I comment on your post, I need to give a nutshell explanation of my past and current political convictions in regard to the above topic.

I was born and grew up with Arthrogryposis, which you can find in a dictionary (if you wish). When I was twelve years old, an old pentecostal man in my hometown asked my parents if I could come to an evangelist's faith-healer's meeting one night. It was two weeks before JFK's…


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Non-Lethal Weapons and Medical Issues

To me, military weapons which have marketed their way down to police weapons, should be banned. In the story above, there are quite a thread of comments under it.--And it just reinforces the opinion I've had for a few years, after learning of the number of heart-attacks…


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Two-Faced Bitch of Washington

As You can read in this article, Hilary Clinton is off around the world lecturing the world about their human rights abuses, while her Israeli mob-boss from Kenya calls for the assassination of around a dozen American citizens--so far!…


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The Runaway General (RollingStone article)

This is a six-page article, and it covers alot of details. This general McChrystal is the kind of guy Obama needs, a general who isn't too intimidated to thumb his nose at the guy who never really qualified to be the Commander-in-Chief!

He even voted for Obama, but I wonder if he was aware during the election…


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The Biggest Mouths of the Air-waves for 9/11 Truth--Zionist Supporters!

Now I know! After doing another search for Alex Jones, to see if he ever had communication with Alan Sabrosky, I landed on this recent video.

How could a guy with so many years of dedication, deliberately reject the Israeli conncetion to 9/11?…


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Dr. Alan Sabrosky: Israel Says No, The US Agrees: Time For The World To Get Serious

Note: Please contact Alex Jones to give Alan Sabrosky coverage. This is the guy who verified, that 9/11 was carried out by…


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Hutaree militia members arrested in Sunday raid to be charged today

“A member of the controversial Michigan Militia said Sunday that the Hutaree is a nationwide organization with an ardent following in Adrian, 10 miles from the Ohio border just west of Detroit. “Their philosophy and ours differ in many ways, so we don’t do a whole lot with them. They are too extreme or radical for us,” said Jim Gulliksen, coordinator of the Lenaway Volunteer Michigan Militia with membership of about a dozen in the Adrian area. “I just kind of got a bad feeling about the group… Continue

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"Destroying the New World Order"



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