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TV Show V Review

Well, elements were certainly played out mirroring todays activities in the world.

What were these elements?

Sleeper cells 'tracked' by FBI.

Recruitment of youth for new movement.

Slogans like dawn of a new day.

Pay offs to journalists for propaganda.

'Reptillian' presence in all facets of life.

Universal health care.

One world unification.

Sex selling a too good to be true scenario.

Military just happens to be downtown in large… Continue

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Glen Beck local news article...

Here's a link to a news story about Glen Beck in a local high school where I'm at. Please note that the high school he attended is right next to Western Washington University. The college has been a resource for recruiting for CIA. I love the blip of information stating Glen Beck having his jaw wired shut for medical reasons. During his era at the high school, there was certainly an aire of Meatballs (1979), which ironically was a product of… Continue

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PSY-OP for Cop Ass?

Okay, I remember a guest on Infowars stating we will be seeing more Asian mass murderers since the Virginia Tech shooting. The link to the story even relates the two incidents. But this suicide note from the guy in NY is absurd. It looks as though three people wrote the message, at least two people. Don't tell me this was a writing assignment for his English class. All of a sudden at the end of the note, grammar and spelling gets better. And once again we see the police are the target for what… Continue

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Lakewood Washington Dirty Background Regarding Military And Police Working Together

While going to college in a neighboring city, I lived in the hell hole called Lakewood Washington. I saw the heavy artillery and tanks roll out to be freighted to the middle east for the war after 9-11. The freeway exit I lived in was right between the McChord Airforce Base and the Fort Lewis Army Base. On the other side of the freeway was the Washington State National Guard Base. That stretch of freeway is a high risk accident zone. Semi-trucks and cars frequently wreck. We are talking weekly,… Continue

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Gunman, no word of SSRI's yet...

Alabama gunman rampages, no word yet of selective seratonin reptake inhibitor...


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UK Youtube Pulls Music Videos Over $$$ Dispute...



Denied. No music videos for folks in UK using Youtube. 5.7 billion dollars from last years profit not enough to buy rights of music videos for UK residents. 83 million hits for Leona Lewis' song, "Bleeding Love". That's 23 million more… Continue

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Top 10 Reasons Why 12.160Mhz Rules

Reason Number 10) Paranoia is rampant

Reason Number 9) A place to see trolls in action

Reason Number 8) People here are not short on ego

Reason Number 7) The 'I'm right, you're wrong attitude'

Reason Number 6) To see what people actually think

Reason Number 5) Interacting with ' like-minded' people

Reason Number 4) Verbal abuse is aplenty

Reason Number 3) People wanting information

Reason Number 2) People… Continue

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The End of Black History Month?

So here's a link to a story that is interesting.


Cartoon Judas Goat

So as we arrive here in what is Black History Month with a counterfeit pseudo-black president, this article appears. Several pictures are shown of prominent historical figures alongside of Barry Soetoro's… Continue

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Cheech and Chong Light Up America Tour

Cheech and Chong show last night was fabulous. There was very little reference to the Patriot Act in which Tommy Chong was put into prison and the first person the Patriot Act was used on. The comedy skit about the first Mexican sneaking into outer space was okay. Of course the topic of legalizing pot was covered. Chong was ripping on Bush. Entirely entertaining. Patriot Act fun fact #1 When Tommy Chong was released from prison, the very same day, they brought in Martha Stewart.

Added by Burbia on January 25, 2009 at 7:46pm — 3 Comments

Obama Double Sworn In?

Could it be possible that Obama used his double to be sworn in? The judge swearing him in acted peculiar. Joe Biden looked like he was slipping one past everyone. The Obama persona wasn't as well versed as he is supposed to be. Just a thought. Don't waste too much time on this topic.

Added by Burbia on January 25, 2009 at 7:01pm — 1 Comment

Just got solicited to Work for the United Nations...

Hows this for entertainment? I go this e-mail just now.

Wasn't Alex talking about some crazy stuff like this?



20, Avenue Appia

CH-1211 Geneva 27



The United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS [UNAIDS], in conjunction with UN AFFILIATES, has very limited vacancies and is recruiting Representatives for a two year General Service employment [2 years] with… Continue

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Unintelligible lyrics part two...

stonewall - go to bat

unless you want to live like that

stonewall - can't we see

we're our own worst enemy

a land said to have all, wealth in land, in man

qualities soon to exhaust as man's greed poisons the land

streams, once fresh, were centres of life for so many a creature

beauty without defence, polluted, never to replenish

collage, blue and green, seen as golden industrial sites

smudge as toxic pollutants destroy her remaining… Continue

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Unintelligible Lyrics posted

You watch in terror, in fear of your life

Their execration revealed, only your death will suffice

You cannot conceal, this reality from your mind

As unknown powers, are unleashed upon mankind

Unleashed upon mankind

Running - in search of safety

No escape - from [the] deadly wrath

Screaming - you beg for mercy

Silenced - by the searing blast

You are forced to believe, this is for real

Mind frozen with horror, as your body… Continue

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A Retake of Oath of Office in Private for Obama


Anybody catching this? Obama redoes the oath in private. Another lie to fabricate this web of disaster? Since it is in private, we are to believe a man whom has flip flopped in lie after lie? They are definitely aware some people such as us are going over the event with a fine tooth comb. And rightfully so. Anyone out there a buff that knows about this matter? We are to believe this is so, because they say its so? Gotta quote Scarface.… Continue

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i saw an apartment complex dismantled one by one in seattle.

each family in the apartment complex was evicted.

when i saw the new tenants move in, totally knew it was trouble.

they took up more space than needed for the uhaul.

that was the first of worst to come.

a new complex was going up. the owners paid someone to come in and

have everyone evicted so they can build the new one..

but the nosy busy-body do nothing of real significance just irked me.

this… Continue

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King County Bolsters Up for Martial Law...



the above links are stories which i can only surmise as the readiness for Martial Law in Seattle and its surrounding areas, as well a report of the "Law" will not investigate thefts under $10,000. this topic may have already been covered, but its the new new 12.160 MHZ...

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