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A Carbon Cap-N-Trade Alternative?

Lawmakers forge alternative to cap-and-trade proposal

By Les Blumenthal, McClatchy Newspapers Les Blumenthal, Mcclatchy Newspapers – Sun Apr 19, 6:00 am ET

WASHINGTON — A growing number of lawmakers who are deeply involved in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming are beginning to question "cap-and-trade," the current hot-button solution to the problem.

The chair of the… Continue

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Torture Has Lasting Effects, Who Would Have Thought?,0,139316.story

Mental damage from CIA tactics is disputed

Justice memos say no permanent harm was inflicted from interrogation techniques, but some doctors and psychologists disagree.

By Sarah Gantz and Ben Meyerson

April 20, 2009

Reporting from Washington -- The conclusion in recently released Justice Department memos that CIA interrogation techniques would not cause prolonged… Continue

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Who is the Optimum Population Trust?

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Dutch Show Says Bin Laden Had Nothing To Do With 9/11

Dutch TV show exonerates Osama bin Laden

By Scott Roxborough

BERLIN -- A Dutch TV jury has found Osama bin Laden not guilty of the Sept. 11 attacks.

In the conclusion Wednesday night to the show "Devil's Advocate" on Dutch public broadcaster Nederland 2, the jury of two men and three women, along with the studio audience, ruled there was no proof bin Laden was the mastermind behind the attacks on the World Trade Center and the… Continue

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Citizens Forced to be Test Subjects

Public Policy That Makes Test Subjects of Us All


Suppose you wanted to test the effects of halving the amount of salt in people’s diets. If you were an academic researcher, you’d have to persuade your institutional review board that you had considered the risks and obtained informed consent from the participants.

You might, for instance, take note of a recent clinical trial in… Continue

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Police Attack Innocent Protesters In UK

Seen these tactics before.

Why did the police punish bystanders?

Commentary: Tom Whipple

Rob was a predictably tedious anarchist, with tediously predictable views. Standing beneath a hanged effigy of Sir Fred Goodwin, he explained how the police work. “They aren’t here for us, they’re here for the bankers,” he told me. “But mainly, they are here for a… Continue

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Government Has No Clue Where Your Food Comes From

Blame Free trade for this. Local farmer's markets get most of their food locally. Its the huge agricultural companies who have subsidiaries and contracts with numerous other companies that are causing the problems. Many countries are not required to keep records, in order to track the food back to its origin. I'm sure this information will be used to screw over the local farmers, who are not contributing to the problem. Just another demonstration of how our government is subservient to large… Continue

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One More Reason Why We Die When Taking Needed Medication

Its money over safety. Organizations who do this must be heavily punished or put out of business. Corporate executives who condone or know and do nothing need to go to jail. I hate it when executives resign, like that atones for what he/she did. Corporations care not one percent for the lives they ruin, unless they have to pay, then they say they care.

An Overseer of Trials in Medicine Draws… Continue

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Children in Connecticut School Can't Hug, High-Five or Play Tag or Help Each Other Off the Ground

What an over reaction. So I guess the children can't play football, basketball, baseball or any other sport that may expose them to touching others. If this nonsense continues we might as well just sit home and do nothing. The world is to dangerous for us to go outside. We must be protected from ourselves. Children will be afraid to touch each other. Learning what is and is not appropriate is a part of growing up. Now all touching, good and bad are off-limits. This country is creating a society… Continue

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Obama Wants Vets to Pay For War-Related Injuries

What a douche. Our country owes vets a minimum of that much. Bush underfunded the program, but didn't sink as low as have them pay for their war caused disabilities. Remember they would not be in disabled if they had not been sent into war. War=Disabilities. The VA does poorly in many areas already, such as confirming claims of disability and has been sorely underfunded for most of its existence. Stories have come out that the VA has deliberately denied eligible veterans their claims. It is a… Continue

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Many LA Police Investigated for Excessive Force Leading to Death,0,1720065.story

Justice Department investigating Inglewood police shootings

By Ari B. Bloomekatz, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

The Inglewood Police Department announced today that the Department of Justice is investigating the agency in the wake of several officer-involved shootings of unarmed suspects and other incidents.

According to the department's website, the investigation would include… Continue

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Spy Vessel Spying on China Gets Destroyer;_ylt=AiCXb5Smd_YQnEmx5UPFlc0D5gcF

Official: US ship in scrape now has armed escort

By ANNE GEARAN, AP Military Writer Anne Gearan, Ap Military Writer – Thu Mar 12, 11:25 am ET

WASHINGTON – The Navy has assigned a heavily armed destroyer to escort the U.S. surveillance ship that got into a high-seas confrontation with Chinese ships last weekend.

A defense official says the Hawaii-based… Continue

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FBI and the FOIA

This is our government at work. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed cant get a normal trial by the US but they wont release information that involves him unless he wants to sign a waiver for privacy reasons. WTF? Priorities a little off I think.;_ylt=AmKzTn3sR9QVVZ9c0JTQsSsNJ_wE

FBI cited for poor freedom of information work

By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – The FBI tells two out… Continue

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Vaccine Ingredients

A list of what is included in common vaccines. Very interesting and unnerving. Animal cells, mercury, aluminum, MSG, live virus, formaldehyde, GMO plants. Get everyone you know to read and spread the information right now!…


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Another Reason Cancer is Up, Your Doctor

Overexposed: Imaging tests boost U.S. radiation dose

By Julie Steenhuysen

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Americans are exposed to seven times more radiation from diagnostic scans than in 1980, a report found on Tuesday as experts said doctors are overusing the tests for profit and raising health risks for patients.

The findings, issued by National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement, add to… Continue

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1 in 31 Citizens in the Corrections System

That is way to high of a number. We have to many ridiculous laws. States are spending at least 30,000 a year for each prisoner. The number is for adults only, just think if those below 18 were added to the statistics what it would look like. Are we safer in the US because of the high rate of incarceration? Hard core offenders need to stay of course. However, to some in jail, they made a stupid mistake and will likely not be a repeat offender. Others were pushed beyond their limits and acted.… Continue

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Latin American Countries Want Drug Decriminalization

The idea of decriminalizing marijuana is gaining steam.

Latin Americans Decry U.S. Drug War

By John Tierney

A group of Latin American leaders have called on President Obama to rethink America’s campaign against illegal drugs, which they blame for helping to foment crime, corruption and political instability in Latin America while failing to reduce the… Continue

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About Briton and the Super Survalence Socitey

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas warns of surveillance culture

Laws that allow officials to monitor the behaviour of millions of Britons risk “hardwiring surveillance” into the British way of life, the country's privacy watchdog has warned.

Richard Thomas told The Times that “creeping surveillance” in the public and private sectors had gone “too far, too fast” and risked undermining… Continue

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Obama Loves Himself Some Phone Companies

Now that this information is official, the morons who said he did not really mean it when he voted for warrantless wire taping can stop with the hero worship. The reason the government says, "can't tell you State's Secrets" is those who run it have so much outrageous crap going on that if we knew the extent of it we would bring down the government.

Obama Administration Supports Telco Spy Immunity

By… Continue

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Letter of the Law vs Spirit of the Law

It seems that the police are ticketing people for anything and everything. In this article the man was struck by a vehicle and was hurt badly. He broke a small law that many have broken repeatedly, jaywalking. Adding insult to his injuries he was ticketed. I think he learned his lesson without needing the ticket. I wouldn't be surprised if he and the women he was escorting had been doing this for years. The driver of the vehicle was not paying attention to the road, especially at night with a… Continue

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