Why Your Income Tax is the biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated Part III


Over recent years at least two previous IRS tax commissioners have admitted that should US taxpayers fail to make voluntary payments or in an organized protest make a massive effort at refusal to pay their alleged tax liabilities the system would collapse. The IRS always maintains their narrative “Voluntary compliance”. When confronted by Aaron Russo on this claim, former IRS Commissioner, Shelton Cohen, to comment on that remark. In 26 CFR Chan. 1 (4-1-03) Edition clearly it is stated (Voluntary Compliance) yet, the former commissioner became agitated upon being grilled on this terminology by Russo. Claiming that the phrase implied voluntary assessment of one’s own personal tax liability, not the literal interpretation of an individual having the latitude to either file a tax return and pay the alleged tax debt or legally refuse.

Double talk

However, if one does a little investigation they will find that the IRS will file a tax return in the absence of one non-filer’s return despite not having any accurate knowledge of an individual’s records when a notice of deficiency has been sent to the citizen. In this typical evidence of government double speak we find that voluntary compliance is whisked out the door when the IRS begins filing for a taxpayer or non-filer without their knowledge or permission with the same being true for filing liens.

False pretense

Such is the game of a complex, long winded tax code full of misleading jargon that is festering with non-enforceable statutes, codes, and regulations IRS agents running around with credentials that clearly say they have no jurisdiction to uphold the alleged tax debt they threaten people with. Banks and lending institutions often simply violate customers right to privacy while employees simply open records without bothering to even check the ID or the Pocket Commission of the IRS agent who will never have an actual legal authorization to enforce IRS statutes, he merely bullies banks and others into exposing personal files that should never be surrendered without court orders! Known as acting in the color of law is more like guilty conduct of impersonating an officer of the law!

A matter of ethics

In 1953 one IRS Commissioner, T. Coleman Andrews, appointed by President Eisenhower, was known to be a tenacious enforcer though privately he abhorred progressive income tax and predicted that it could end a free society and transform it into a socialist state. While wrestling with his conscience he finally stepped down in 1956 and made public his denouncement of personal income tax! Why? Because this man, who possessed more integrity than many of his predecessors realized that the heavy burden of income tax upon the public would lead to social unrest and control of the masses by the government once citizens had lost faith in their lawmakers and the reasons behind enforcement of the tax law. Economically Coleman realized that income taxes could cause an undue strain on ability of the public to sustain growth and jobs.

The faulty reasoning behind taxation

The unapportioned taxation of an individual’s wages, labor, or services is a complete contradiction to the Founding Fathers definition of taxable property. In other words whether one is taxed 50% for their overtime on hourly wage scale, on salary, or private proprietorship services provided refusing to acknowledge the labor of the individual as not only an expense but that their career, their expertise, their personal effort, their own property, which belongs to that person, this is institutionalized blasphemy. So taxing that person based on gross receipts without allowing the deduction of the value of that person’s input or labor is not only non-represented taxation but refusal of the government to realize that market value of the individuals skills should be allowed as a legal expense to reduce tax liability on the individual. But to tax him or her who are providing their own time, skills, and contribution to the work place for a marketable service without being allowed to use their own time and effort as an expense to offset tax is an example of tyrannical implementation! Even a Supreme Court Justice proclaimed that it behooves a citizen to reduce his tax liability by any possible means!

From the mouth oi the beast

Ask yourself why three exceptional IRS revenue agents went over the wall and admitted that there was no legal verbiage in their code books that authorized the agency to collect taxes while threatening citizens with prosecutorial action! Joe Bannister, John Turner, and Sherry Jackson all took on the courageous responsibility of informing the American public and exposing the lies of the IRS! There is already an unofficial tax revolt going on now as we speak, but neither the government nor the bought, Deep State controlled media will admit it!


Chris Salcedo, a conservative radio show host in Dallas made an excellent point when talking with a caller on his broadcast who said if illegal aliens aren’t paying taxes they should not be allowed any privileges including voting. Salcedo made a good analogy saying that just as in getting the public to buy into the Obamacare debacle Americans had allowed the idea of federal income tax to be administered right under their noses and had failed to oppose it! Chris believes that the income tax can someday be repealed that it is not necessary to fiscally enslave the people just as the power should rest in the hands of the people and not the government! Just as Thomas Jefferson once stated, “When the government fears the people there shall be freedom, but when the people fear their own government there shall be tyranny!”




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Comment by Less Prone on August 20, 2019 at 9:24pm

The Money illusion is in the center of the abuse system. You are right to bring up this issue as it is touching the foundations of evil in our society. Now, let's turn our eyes to the central bank of the central banks, the nest of vipers, the BIS.

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How The Globalism Con Game Leads To A ‘New World Order’

Comment by Doc Vega on August 19, 2019 at 6:11am

ron proul burdening Americans with a tax forcibly collected by a foreign entity (Federal Reserve) when Constitutionally only Congress has the authority to print money and create currency is in no way a justifiable reason when people have been sent to prison, committed suicide, or been financially ruined by an illegitimate agency that serves the interests of the cabal of European Central bank owning families and if you believe otherwise you need to do the research! Because none of this madness makes sense!

Comment by ron proul on August 17, 2019 at 1:33pm

It was once explained to me that the purpose of the tax was to control the amount of money in circulation (M1B) thus in theory controlling inflation and preserving the FEDS value of investment. He went on to relate the open check book of congress helped to insure that the inflated bonds would be printed regardless of how much in taxes were collected. Since the government doesn't print their own money makes sense, and Fed makes the money.........

Comment by cheeki kea on August 17, 2019 at 3:15am

Comment by cheeki kea on August 17, 2019 at 3:07am

You're right Doc V. It's a total shocking scam that has no end. Tax departments will Sting you Hard even for one cent which They Know you can never pay, because the 1 cent coin doesn't exist. That's how greedy they are. You can even be detained at the airport and prevented from leaving the country if you are in debt to the tax office. 

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on August 17, 2019 at 2:18am

luvs sum J.B!! Met Mr.Bannister at a Bilderberg conference protest in Chantilly,Va
When a top leading IRS agent, who is no longer an IRS agent, simply because he questioned, researched, and discovered there's no actual "commandment" stating one must pay this centralized private banking system disguised as a Federal entity any goddamn thing or you"ll be fined and/or imprisoned for no less than 6 years under penalty of pretend ghost law.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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