It didn’t Even Take a Military Conquest to Compromise America!

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It all began under the Clinton Administration, this arrogant disregard for the rule of law, and a lap dog media that supported the lawlessness. Under Clinton we saw countries like North Korea obtain nuclear capability, an American president get away with receiving 400 million in Communist Chinese election campaign donations, and the kind of sexual misconduct that should have been prosecuted with impeachment, we saw a private public compound full of people become assaulted by the FBI and ATF based upon rumors, we saw the Oklahoma City bombing go uninvestigated despite expert witness testimony that the official version of the terrorist attack was a cover up. The hand of Democrat corruption devastated the nation. Let’s not forget the first attack on the Twin Towers in New York City under Clinton’s watch and let us be reminded that Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder got the terrorists responsible who were caught red handed, acquitted in court of all charges of destruction of property, conspiracy to commit homicide, and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism all dropped! The Deep State remained intact.

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The gradual compromise begins

President George Bush was a good conservative governor for Texas until he was elected president and almost immediately began to capitulate under pressure from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. One good thing Bush did as more and more reports of southern border illegal immigrants coming across, he did order the US Army to send armed reconnaissance units in armor personnel carriers to the border while patriots from militia groups also served as observers to aid the Border Patrol. Thanks to the failures of all US intelligence services (CIA, FBI, NSA) the 9-11 tragedy forever changed America and completely opening the playing field for a government sanctioned destruction of personal privacy in the US. Yet, the legalistic downfall of the US hadn’t even begun until one Barack Hussein Obama took office and immediately began to redefine the role of the federal government blatantly by suing the southern border states for undertaking defense of their borders because the federal government refused to do its job just as it does now under Biden’s incompetent watch.

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Blood on this president’s hands!

Under President Obama a number of scandals including murder, the misuse of taxpayer funding, knowingly ignoring signs of an impending foreign attack on a US Consulate, and the interjection of language of an American President intended to stoke the flames of social unrest doomed several US towns to incessant rioting and attacks upon police known as the “Ferguson Effect”. Not only was a US president aiding and abetting violent protests, but he was also condoning acts of violence under the aegis of Constitutional freedom for civil disobedience. Together with Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama’s administration used racism as a way of vilifying police and making it a hot topic to incite more social unrest with. Despite the vast majority of minority shootings occurring as a result of resisting arrest and more white suspects than black being shot by the Cops, Obama saw to it that hatred and mistrust of the police would prevail.

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Egotism is not leadership!

With blood on his hands, Barack Obama went about buying hamburgers from street markets to entertain brainlessly worshiping students just to further create his public image, such scandals as “Fast and Furious” a gun walking program that resulted in hundreds of Mexicans dying from those weapons as well as 2 Texas border agents, was never prosecuted. The IRS scandal, with IRS official Lois Lerner carrying out actions to stop conservatives from attaining non-profit status while using Soviet scare tactics to collect names went unpunished, along with the “Solyndra” scandal as US taxpayer’s money to the tune of billions was used to fund failed US companies who were using obsolete technology and were eclipsed by the Communist Chinese resulting in massive bankruptcies of many US tech firms. What happened to the cronies of Obama responsible for these crimes? Nothing! One might recall Obama as guest on a Bear Grylls survival show while the Communist Chinese navy violated Alaskan water. Who the hell was in charge?

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Criminal behavior goes untouched

Under the unexpected election of President Donald J. Trump as if the vampires of the federal bureaucracy were suddenly awakened, every dirty, lying, scheme to attempt to delegitimize or incriminate the president was unleashed. Even before Donald Trump was elected his election campaign staff was being illegally surveillanced with false evidence presented to the FISA courts, a felony charge, all ordered by one Barack Hussein Obama, and a majority Democrat appointed Department of Justice operatives refused to indict a Democrat president just as FBI Director James Comey refused to find criminal intent over the home brew server at the home of Hillary Clinton that had even been hacked by enemies of the US! America under attack from within as the deceived and misinformed public refused to rebel over the criminal corruption of their own government!

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The present shit show

In the wake of the worst administration to ever darken the doors of Washington DC, with failure as a barometer of achievement, Joe Biden continues the Obama 2.0 intentional destruction of America by the dangerous over spending of deficits, abandoning a crucial Middle East Ally (Afghanistan) allowing the silent invasion of US borders while forcing vaccine mandates and masks upon US citizens as illegals were not tested for, using the Biden White House war against fossil fuel production to cause shortages and soaring prices at the pump while food prices rise, and electricity for homes causes delinquent payments in 1 out of every 6 households, we can be assured Obama is back at the helm using Joe Biden as the moving target for public rage.

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Tough questions no answers!

America is currently under the Asymmetric Warfare not conducted by our enemies, but rather by those politicians and bureaucrats on Capitol Hill, who paid off by Communist China or simply already being Communist by ideological preference are blatantly at work doing all possible to bring the nation to its knees and to even provide territory to be eventually invaded by Communist China and all of the illegal infiltration that has been intentionally allowed by the Biden White House Democrats through unguarded borders! Why are the people doing nothing about this? Why are the Republicans sitting back and telling us as soon as they get into office everything will be fine? The scenario described by former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov has come full circle. The Soviet architecture for the decade’s long operation of takeover has been almost virtually successful. The traitors are everywhere in government, in the media, in the healthcare industry, and in corporate America doing the work of the enemy. Question: Where are the gallows for the wicked? Where are the patriots who should be prosecuting the treasonous bastards? And where is justice in our Constitutional Republic guaranteed to us by our Founding Fathers?

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Comment by Burbia on January 16, 2023 at 2:32am
Comment by ralfy on January 13, 2023 at 9:25pm

Probably started when the rich took control of money supply after 1913.

Comment by Parrhesia on December 29, 2022 at 1:39pm

Yes, the NDAA lead to the creation of the CIA and the National Security Council (NSC) which lead to the creation of The Department of Homeland Security.  TSA is a division of The Department of Homeland Security and literally pats citizens down like criminals.  (Meaning a citizen doesn't even have bodily integrity which the government can't infringe.  Leading to mandates for the jab.)  Each year the growth of this monster gave more and more power to these agencies and has chipped away at freedoms.  The point is this infiltration started long before the Clintons and really escalated after WW2.

Comment by Doc Vega on December 29, 2022 at 12:40pm

Parrhesia, you are making reference to the fist NDAA enactments that took place in 1947. Norio Hayakawa and I were once dsicussing what we though could have triggered the emergence of the Security State. Norio felt it was the events at Roswell that acted like a wake up call. 

Comment by Parrhesia on December 28, 2022 at 3:11pm

The Clintons were scum, but the infiltration started long before them.  Yuri Bezmenov describes a long descent and that's what we've have.  Like boiling frogs. 

WW2 brought the US two of the most despicable creations ever - the CIA and Five Eyes.  This gave our supposed "allies" access to US classified material and the CIA the ability to circumvent laws restricting their spying on citizens.  It's not against the law for the UK to spy on US citizens and had that info over to the CIA.  The CIA really started gaining power and expanding under Eisenhower.  Add this to the social manipulation of The Tavistock Institute through MSM, Hollywood, music, etc. and Big Pharma adding who knows what to food, water and whatever they are really putting into "vaccines" and prescription drugs.  The Kennedys were trying to push back and, I believe, were killed because of it.

It is my opinion that the "failures" of our intelligence agencies were not "failures" but planned.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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