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One can only recall the recent re-election of embattled governor Newsome in California and ask how it could be possible that a hypocritical and tyrannical leader who has botched just about every issue could have escaped the wrath of those failed by the state government. Of course, mail in balloting, drive through balloting, and refusal to properly validate voting documents had a lot to do with it, but California unlike many states has been under socialist propaganda and influence for a long time. That magic number of indoctrinated voters as opposed to those who can still critically think has become overwhelming.

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Part of the formula

Just as Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB agent, warned Americans after defecting from Russia that many of the signs of successful indoctrination he was seeing in America had been the very successes in the overthrow of governments targeted by the Soviet Union. Once the conditioning through education, unanswered conservative response to the false allegations of the left, and activist judges are firmly implanted within the society it is only a matter of time. Soon the fools will walk with eyes wide shut into the slaughter house without blinking or even asking why. For too long now the pupils of the government funded school districts have been allowed to be brainwashed because of the blind trust of parents who were unaware of the content of the curriculum of their children. By the early 1970’s the Communist influenced classroom indoctrination was well underway.

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Democrat redundancy

One can see how this process has been so effective that in all blue states wide spread violence on the streets, higher taxes, more big government intrusion into one’s personal life have all been tolerated and even wholeheartedly accepted. Hundreds of black on black shooting deaths in Chicago as city official’s call for defunding the police, streets filled with human feces and city parks bristling with used heroin needles by junkies allowed to mainline in public in San Francisco and Los Angeles, epitomize the typical environment of Democrat controlled voting territory. High unemployment with huge welfare state programs mark the failures of blue states and the urban decay that their policies promote. Yet, is there an outcry by informed and concerned citizens?

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Stopping the injustice

Is this ultimately the fate of all of America? Are we destined to be immersed in the myth of ideology that is in opposition to the US Constitution and the pursuit of liberty and individual freedom? If the illegitimate Biden Administration is allowed to continue their destructive policies without being stopped on Capitol Hill or stopped by massive demonstrations by concerned citizens, we may be seeing the final days of the Republic. Apathy and a hesitation to get involved are two of the biggest reasons that a minority of radicals has managed to capture the majority of the US population that do not support such insanity!

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In 2012 there were 30 million Christian Evangelical supporters who could have made the difference in the presidential elections and kept Barack Obama from being re-elected simply because they did not agree with Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion sat out of the voting. The Democrats saw this chink in the armor of a candidate that stood a very good chance of winning and exploited it. Romney may not have been the ideal conservative president but his supply side economics and experience in business would have helped America and not have doomed the US to several consecutive months of big government spending and failing employment numbers that the policies of Barack Obama brought about!

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Today in the mainstream media we hear that President Biden’s polling numbers are in free fall all the way to the ground saying that 54% no longer support Democrat policy. Well, we know that polling is usually designed to influence public opinion rather than sample it, but who in their right minds would be reporting that they support the complete incompetence and failures of the Biden White House unless the polls are lying or that, once again, the indoctrinated masses will support just about anything the government and media tell them? The truth is that Americans who want to retain their country and its originally intended freedoms better get out of their comfort zones and get active in recovering their Republic.

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