Cannibalism, lynch-mobs, ostracized.  (prison)                    sub-title : Cannibalism causes collapses.  

Cultural jurisprudence is a weird thing... The 'fad, fashion, habit, tradition' method of making law. Mob rule, basically.

Common law, in england. As compared to civil codes and derivatives, like a bill of rights.

Some African cultures use town-meeting mobs to select victims... For whatever reason. (Witchcraft is common.) Then they strip the selected of their property.

(Like city-hall expropriating property to sell to developers, one of the more interesting things happening stateside these days.
Has city-hall taken an interest in how you're doing, with an eye to messing around yet? Look for a vulture-culture buyer in the background. Taxi-licenses are VERY commonly used like this.)

Not many cultures actually survive this kind of self-abuse, do they? Or develop very well. You eat the rich first.

Interesting place to live if any half-dozen members of the community can select people to destroy and sic the local psychotics (gangs) on them.
Even more interesting if 'macho' (which means vengeance) is a value there.

Flakes, floaters and the vacuous, looking for something to destroy. (For the greater good. Theirs.)

Cannibalism hereabouts (canada) is getting to be an admin function. There is the 'Recovering proceeds from Crime bill, which strips illegal income from criminals. That's criminal law.

There is also the food bills, which make it illegal to harvest and bottle dandelions. (With a label on the bottle, which makes you a drug-trafficker here.)

Your home can be seized, there's no due process, they can CHARGE you for keeping the evidence and the (secret) tribunals decision is final, no appeal.
Everything is seized, sold to cover costs and you're left with nothing.

Like having something grabbed at a border, or carrying cash thru an airport, or parking tickets. The assumption is you're guilty; and after taking everything, they leave. (Well, sometimes you're imprisoned too.)

Asian cultures have a lynch-mob tradition. You get surrounded and dissed, sometimes to death if whatever you got caught doing is heinous enough. Flash-mobs on the internet are the new version of that.

System, organization and reflex. What's your culture forbid? (Remember that morality is the current game-laws, please. What makes a society function here is revolting there, and vise versa.)

Steal from them, kill habitual trouble-makers, or the western version, lock 'em up for a few years. Till they smarten up, eh? Or learn a legal trade.

Without making them do something weird like pass the blue-book calculus before they can get out, to drive the learning habit in.
Carpentry gets a point, maybe. So would moving to Australia or joining the army, in the not-so-distant past.

(Hey, come to think of it, they don't teach self-defense in schools yet, just running and jumping. I think I'm pushing the outer limits of intellectual culture here.)

Like socialist systems, cannibalism is a last gasp, I think. Preemptive arrests, monetizing rights (legal aid, etc.), other forms of legalized cannibalization...

(Eco jurisprudence make the cost of the crime/punishment a economic function, Lose a license for a year = 5000 dollars, the average cost of a car for a year.
A rich man's world again, eh? Just try paying for a lawyer these days. Even a jurimetrics decision. Computers are 96% accurate these days and NOT used at all.)

Liberty, freedoms, privilege and prerogative. If it doesn't get stolen, you get charged for it.

(For the love of god... At liberty to shop, free to do so when they're open, a money privilege and you can demand satisfaction. Ok? Got the general idea now?)

Putting face-detection tech on plates and people trying to turnstile their way into a gated community or shopping center? Kiss liberty goodbye.


Cannibalism causes collapses. (thesis.)

Lynch-mobs get random. (Get the heretic!)

Prison is used for cannon-fodder.

A passionate, gamer or tech-noid culture. Tribal, feudal and tech society.

So what's your poison today, eh?

A better question is 'what's your reflex?'.


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