Carefully Crafting Your Public Image Pt. 2

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In 2008 one Barack Hussein Obama ran for the office of the presidency under the Democrat Party. Previously, he held a Senate Seat for the state of Illinois and was a do nothing politician, who denounced President Bush’s 20, 000 troop plan to stabilize Iraq in the midst of a terrorism crisis after the Democrat majority Congress’s urged speedy withdrawal. Bush’s program worked and among other false claims made by candidate Obama, he seemed like the right antagonist for the job.

Image result for deplorable images of Barack Obama

Fitting label

It wasn’t long before revelations about Obama’s mysterious past and apparent illegal status to run for the office of the president that a new nickname became popular and that was “Barry Soetoro” which was the name of his step father who had enrolled the young Obama in a Muslim school in Indonesia. Yet, as investigations into Obama’s apparent fabricated past via being a Protégé of George Soros, the leftist billionaire who funds all kinds of anti-American front groups, an entire faux family history was created to try and confirm his eligibility.

The PR job

For Obama’s handlers and publicists there was much to cover up so that the image they had sculpted for the general public as a bright and vibrant answer to the cause of racial equality could be firmly implanted in the minds of the voters! As a community organizer or more like agitator, Obama reveled at causing unrest and chaos with his race baiting comments at public speaking engagements and even at the funerals of the five Dallas police officers murdered by an armed black assassin while ironically protecting BLM protestors in the downtown area!

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Along comes a sheriff

It wasn’t long after the Obama Administration’s refusal to uphold border security as the drug cartels poured through Arizona that Obama came under the scope of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a lawman who refused to give convicted criminals porno movies and video games and gave them tents to live in and baloney sandwiches to eat. Arpaio came under Democrat attack and they tried every way possible to try and unseat Sheriff Joe. Soon Arpaio created the Cold Case Posse, a group of crack investigators who worked free of charge to uncover the fraud behind Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama.

The Vigilante | GQ

More lies

From the fake birth certificate generated from a White House computer to the faked photos of a non-existent family and mother. Arpaio’s “Cold case Posse” worked tirelessly to tear down the wall of false history as well as the true character of the Manchurian candidate aka Barack Obama. From the unproven birth record at a hospital that had no witness or official paper work that authenticated a male child born in 1961 in a Honolulu delivery room to so many hidden cracks waiting to open in other lies left on the trail of pursuit, Arpaio’s detectives, without a salary, uncovered the truth.

The hidden character

People who worked with Obama as a community organizer and during his supposed rise to the political realm described him as having ice water in his veins, not caring about anyone but himself. Obama seemed to also possess a bone to pick with the American people, wanting to cut America down to size to allow other nations to rise up while disabling US power abroad. Though there were no witnesses who could be found that remembered Obama at all but one university class where he enraged professors by not showing up for lectures while having a homosexual relationship with a Pakistani student, there was little proof as his records were all locked down.

Building the facade

The DNC and all of its resources had done quite a job leaving bread crumbs for the sold out media and absolutely clueless voters who, knowing nothing about Obama, saw him as some kind of godsend to the American political machinery. I wonder had they known the contempt Obama had for America or that his mentor was William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn who claimed responsibility for 25 bombings that had destroyed state and federal property, killed police, and even wounded a judge’s young son from shrapnel. These people who had contemplated having to liquidate millions of Americans who would never accept Communist rule were Obama’s political guide posts!

You can’t teach stupid

The veil of secrecy around Obama, the lies, the hidden academic records, fiat family history, America hating radicals as his role models who helped his rise to political office, even the intimidation of TV and radio licenses if he did not get superior coverage were all a dismal admission in the corrupt Democrat world of sculpting a cult of personality candidate, the most shocking was the tunnel vision of the public, too blind to evaluate the deadly evidence that would have been enough to assassinate the character of any Republican candidate, yet the “Big Lie” prevailed. Aided and abetted by an American voter as thick as a brick and as intelligent as a bag of hammers who bought the pack of lies laid out for them by the DNC.

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Driven by hatred yet protected

A man that would have legislated deficit spending that would have bankrupted the republic, would have approved carbon credits to further punish a beleaguered public, would have shut down all the coal plants that back the US power grid, would have raised taxes even higher while unleashing a healthcare system replete with death panels while even dictating to communities how to build and develop their neighborhoods so that the affluent could no longer enjoy the added security they had to pay so much for, this assault upon America was unleashed by the man nobody really knew or from where he actually came. The media, the criminal element within the Democrats, George Soros money, and the political clout of the DNC brought a mystery man to power.

Image result for deplorable images of Barack Obama

Hypnotized lobotomized

Even when a pamphlet printed by Chicago Democrats to promote a male political candidate from Kenya was discovered, it fell upon closed minds and deaf ears. When Barack Obama left Chicago to go on a national presidential political tour, five young Gay black men who he knew well, members of the “Down Low” club were all murdered. The mother of one of these men released an interview in a grocery store aisle magazine telling of how her son was murdered because he had known Barack Obama and blamed him for her son’s death. Once again the careful crafting of a politician’s public image transformed a man who hated America and was pampered by radicals who bombed the nation’s offices, was considered to be a nice guy. How infinitely and dangerously the voting by the American public has been.

Barack Obama in College


The last draw as the Democrats labeled those who knew Obama was a fraud as “Birthers” made death threats against Sheriff Joe, and lambasted the commentary on 52 document experts who found obvious problems with Obama’s supposed birth certificate, still a press conference was held by Joe Arpaio and his “Cold Case Posse” that pointed out all the facts that contradicted everything that Democrats claimed as legitimate about Barack Hussein Obama. The press corps did attend asking idiotic questions and sneering at the polished work of Arpaio’s veteran investigators. Once again, a slap in the face was delivered to the American political system and to the foolish voters who allowed the mainstream media to do their thinking for them! Case in point, the careful crafting of public image.

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