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Just Another Rainy Day


What’s the reason for this life?

I’ve heard so many times on the edge of a knife

Some can never even keep a housewife

And would that even end their strife?

 Image result for sad rainy day

What can I say? Just another rainy day

Headed down this lonely highway

Trying to hide my dismay

Couldn’t get her to stay anyway,

 Image result for lost plateau

Treasure on a lost plateau

As desolate as foothills in the snow

Too cold for anything to grow

Too afraid to let my emotions show,

Image result for sad rainy day 

What can I say? Just another rainy day

Got my old photos hidden away

Sometimes I can’t even pray

The forgotten bed where we used to lay,

 Image result for abandoned bed where lovers once lay

I hear the sound of hope fading away

Yet, here is that abandoned palace where I stay

Wondering where the persecuted will decay

Memories of a misty May,

 Image result for threatening shadows

You know the time of year isn’t right

Something in the air like fright

The generation of the wicked night

Has become everyone’s plight,

 Image result for angry Asian girl

What can I say? Just another rainy day

A little Asian girl named Mei

Another one always seems to go astray

Just another balmy day across the bay,

 Image result for message in a bottle

Few self-deluded fools never see

Through the enigma that keeps us from being free

There’s another cork in a bottle floating past me

Useless, like trying to get two enemies to agree,

Image result for sad rainy day 

If I could untangle this confusing day

And not give a damn about what they say

If only the imminent destruction, we could delay

What can I say? Just another rainy day.

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on July 20, 2021 at 1:58pm about falling off the axles....what was this post about again??? LMFAO ;)

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on July 20, 2021 at 1:53pm

....and June's feeling a bit guilty about the whole thing too, she feels she was a little too hard on the Beaver last night herself.... <;0

"Take's a lickin' and keeps on knitting!!

...knit one, pearl necklace two...


Comment by Doc Vega on July 20, 2021 at 12:59pm

Central Scrutinizer Couldn't have said it better myself!

"Gosh Wally, what are you doin that for?"

"Becuz it feels good Beave! Now beat it!"

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on July 20, 2021 at 12:02pm

"Not now Wally, I'm sailin' over here, got the new hard rock-n-roll record from that swingin' hip-cat himself, Pat Boone, sure sounds Boss....but golly gee, is it really Wally? it all as cool as the other side of "My Pillow® like Eddie Haskoll says it is?"

"Ahhh cut it out Beave, that only happens when Mary Ellen Rogers sits on it, .. and holy face-hanky's, here she cums now...get lost & scram ya little squirt b4 I sock ya real good like"

Blow's me mind people used to talk like that way the long-ago awesome, experimental TV daze...before word's like "Idiot-Box" & "BoobTube" were coined best to describe their "Programming"...AND THOSE TERMS ARE STILL USED TODAY IN 2021! 

TV during the pre-zio-j00 jacked, was a blast and awesome becuase it WAS ALL BRAND NEW, ON-THE-FLY tested stuff ...then fed-jacked TV/Movie/Music/Nuze Entertainment Industry by Mockingbird's, then re-hi-jacked by the nu-N-mproofed, kinder, gentiler, j00 who's represented now by these mentally-hedfuct, deviant sexual pedo-perverts who embrace/own/participate & profit from an actual, factual, proven REAL, Global Pandemic of Epic Proportions!!.... the world's child-sex-slave buy,sell-N-trade,abuse,use-N-bury 'em deep when ya done

Not so hidden secret INDUSTRY, or better known in the Trades as, WORLD CORPORATE SEXUAL PREDATORS INC running full speed ahead, no limitations, worry's, Taxes, or silly useless-eaters laws to stop their bottom line from dropping.....

So how are ya @ writing small novello's??.... brief tales of Doc's Internal ID

(not pronounced "eye-dee"..but ID as in, "Wizard of..." )

Write a "short story"...I dare ya's ;)

~PeasOut Brother...

Comment by Doc Vega on July 20, 2021 at 11:00am

Central Scrutinizer, we all know you're full of it! Just a born comedian. You don't offend me. I think cheeki was being a bit defensive. Everything is cool man! It's cool man!

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on July 20, 2021 at 10:52am

PS: ....then carefully look @ that amount of "LIKE's" for this Post
Seem's there's only ONE as of 10:50am Tuesday July 20th
...give 3 guesses who's it is...and 1st 2 don't count... ;)~

"Behave, Be Well, & Be Aware!"

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on July 20, 2021 at 10:45am

"Those Asian Hookers are some bad motha...

...and the colored girls say, "SHUT UR MOUTH"

"But I'm just talking bout Asian HOOKERS!" 

Cheez-N-fuckin crackers folks, IT WAS ONE OF MY MANY MANY TWISTED-MIND JOKES!...Incredibly Unbelievable...just like that big red bouncy rubber ball of cluelessness...went right over most head's

.....AND SHAME SHAME SHAME on all you "1st Thought Racist" members, ...and str8 out of the starting gate here....tisk tisk...


...for cripes sake kids, laughter's allowed here, despite what you've been told or read or heard.

we've been slowly roasted & buttfuct for years, and now w/ a way-too-late semi-mass awakening happening in all the wrong places, so now the boots on heads and dix getting exponentially faster with the Tyranny throttle... we've been lied about, blatantly stolen from, and stripped of about everything else we've deemed "Constitutional", "Personal Freedoms", or Rights to Pursue shit like happiness, prosperity, Pursue night-snipes 4 all i care ;) ... whatever floats your public pool baby ruth, or whatever the hell ya want to pursue.. long as nobody gets hurt, jigged,jabbed-N-stabbed!! ,.... and without fear of reprisal... or matter of Personal Wealth,society ladder status or financial costs.. right??... isn't it SUPPOSED to be like that RIGHT NOW??

and then We, The People's goal is to then take this entire Grand Ol show on the road, making it larger, going ever forth & be a fruitful-Of-the-Looms,(of the White-N-Tite clan) & multiply on this Idealism called ...."America!"  ya soft, over sensitive complaining bitches!!! 

I'm not a bigot, racist, nor a Commie rat bastiche either! just always remember...

I Hate EVERYONE  on Planet with Equal Enthusiasm!!

I'm begging please, Don't ever let these scumbag leeches in human form take your Sense of Humor or your Sense of Worth as well!! They've already scared "Common Sense", "Free, Independant Thinking & Simple Logic off the planet 20+ years agog

 ...and in no fucking way did the aforementioned post reflect anything related to Doc's writing ability's, writing quality, Subject Matter or Composition!!! Been reading all his stuff here longer than a few of ya been members here ..... tell 'em Doc.... If I think it stinks... I'm gonna let ya know str8 up it stinks, no sugar-coated shitballs handed out here

Have A Mediocre Week to all members of this apparently newly created divisive group "1st Thought Racist's He-Man Woman Haters Club"

(U Noh Hu U R ;)

(Pssssssttt... the ENTIRE above was also meant to be used as a tool of levity...AND NOT TO BE TAKEN AS SERIOUS OR OPINION... just in case there are still some who still didn't see that darned red rubber ball fly over head a 2nd time)

Comment by cheeki kea on July 19, 2021 at 5:36pm

oh but you are a great poet Doc V. Talent is not bestowed just on the rich and famous. A gifted writer could be absolutely anyone and even occasionally shock us. ( sometimes the most hated and despicable gifted individual of vile darkness is capable of dredging up beauty from the pits of hell in a last and final dying breath to the point of invoking compassion ) 

Comment by Doc Vega on July 19, 2021 at 3:55pm

cheeki kea sorry fragmented sentence. Some universities when inviting entries that you get paid nothing for will actually even insult you rather than simply judging and letting you know if you won or lost. They do suck.

Comment by Doc Vega on July 19, 2021 at 3:52pm

cheeki kea Thank you so much. Had not read any Gibran in a long time. Robert Burns is a little more my style. I'll never be considered a great poet as I use rhyme to set the rhythm and tone which in itself is very difficult but the snobs of the literary world are self righteous and uncharitable to say the least. Some universities will actually insult you when you have entered their little too pretentious. As we have found out, the intellectual vacuum of the colleges are all about indoctrination and not rocking their boats. Thank you for your reply.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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