Nashville, Tennessee and Another One Bites the Dust!


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Everyone is afraid to say it even conservative talk show hosts. Each and every day we witness more of it. The senseless crazy talk, the out of control dysphoria, men attempting to be something they’re not. Women who are trying to be something they’re not. The Tranny world of self-imposed insanity has impacted our society in ways we couldn’t have imagined! The shooting in a Nashville, Tennessee clearly demonstrates that Transsexuals are not emotionally or psychologically normal! Not only are they undergoing powerful hormone transforming drugs or maturity blockers for the child who thinks he or her need to switch clothing and sexual roles, but for the adult Trannies who get in hissy fits with their warped lover and then go off the rails.

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The unspoken cause

There is a history of this kind of irrational and dangerous behavior! In 2008 a train driver by the name of Sanchez was busy texting when his train load of cars crashed! According to the NTSB it was the worst train wreck in 15 years. Several texts had been received and sent at the moment of the crash! The news failed to include one particular fact left out of the equation of causes. Mr. Sanchez was a gender bender. Under the emotional stress caused by the hormone drugs that these Trannies are treated with, they become emotionally affected and in cases of great responsibility and dire consequences-untrustworthy!

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Murder in the friendly skies

One might recall an even more horrific consequence of a transgender person causing a great loss of life due to his momentary insanity over a lovers quarrel! One Andreas Lubitz, a co-pilot of an Airbus 320 for Germanwings Aviation intentionally crashes Flight 9525 into the French Alps killing all members aboard (150 crew and passengers). Although he had been diagnosed as suicidal by his doctor he had kept this information from his employer, but that’s not all. As usual we can expect the media to hide whatever they feel is their social responsibility to omit from the content of an event. Lubitz was undergoing gender reassignment treatment and had just gone through a quarrel with is lover. As a result, he decided to wait for the captain to use the restroom, then locked himself into the pilot’s compartment, and as the captain realizing what he was doing banged at the door, flew the massive passenger jet into a mountain slope killing all who were looking forward to their flight from Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany!

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Act like it doesn’t exist!

Emotional instability due to gender reassignment therapy, the new source of psychological problems in our society? Oh yeah, but you see it’s politically incorrect to call such absurdity into question but we have such a loud, savage, and ruthless minority of Gays and Transsexuals willing to harass , slander, and even make death threats that we’re just not allowed to speak out! So, once again society is silenced from reason by a relative few, afraid to spell out reality and fact for fear of getting attacked! The same way the Nazis operated in pre-World War II. The same way the Stalinist Russian Communists silenced or outright murdered their opponents!

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Making the innocent even more vulnerable

So, who was this piece of trash woman attempting to make herself into a man? So far we know that once again she was undergoing psychiatric treatment, but apparently held much anger and hatred from within when she came back to this school she had attended years before, shot out the glass door entering into the classroom, and killed three children and 3 adult teachers before being swiftly dispatched by the gunfire of local police who, unlike those in Uvalde, Texas, quickly burst into the classroom and shot down the warped Transsexual hateful murderer before she could kill any more of the kids there! Oh, but it was all the fault of the guns not the murderer! What do you think this wicked person would have done had she not had a gun? Perhaps used a Molotov cocktail, a bomb, a knife, maybe even her car? Left up to politicians and the media we will get nothing but advocacy for disarming the innocent while violent criminals, ANTIFA , BLM, and others attack and destroy public property as police departments are defunded and ordered to stand down! What choices do we have anymore?

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We were warned

Will we even hear of a practical solution like hardening the security and making schools more difficult to get into? Will we ever hear about having adequately armed security in order to interdict these horrific incidents? Remember in his book, “Behold a Pale Horse,” William Cooper, a conservative veteran of Naval intelligence and USAF officer duty, predicted this unthinkable insanity at a time when people wouldn’t have believed it, but here it is today!

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