Quite the Opposite - A Short Story for Change

PRE-NOTE to My dear reader: The reason I capitalize Human pronouns is that I respect every Human, every sentient, sapient Being, as a co-creator here. I give honor to Us all in this way. You will likely get used to My way of doing things, knowing at the start why I do it that way.

Quite the Opposite
by Amaterasu Solar

I thought it was going to be just an ordinary Tuesday... I walked out of My door and, after turning to lock up, I turned back to see a large spaceship, a typical flying saucer arrangement, covering the full front yard and hovering about ten feet off the ground. Though I wasn’t sure, I got the impression there was a hum just below the range of hearing coming from this ship – I felt it, more than heard it. Before I could utter a sound of amazement, a ramp lowered from the middle of the craft. And down the ramp descended a Humanoid, six feet tallish, thin and with light blue skin, wearing a robe and headpiece of purple, gold, and teal. Though I had no clue whether this Being was male or female, or whether that mattered in the first place, I placed a female persona on Her. She reached the bottom of the ramp and came forward to about five feet in front of Me.

In My head She spoke. “Dear One, there is important information We need to give You.” There was a brief moment, as I was forming “Okay…” in My mind, that I knew She could see the thought forming, could see Me knowing She could see. A flash and then gone. Again in My mind She spoke: “Dear One, will You come with Me on board?”

I expected My response of, “…Okay,” to be met with the same knowing We had just shared, but instead, there was the silence of an expectant moment. I thought clearly, Yeah. Sure! But still She stood with expectation and We seemed to have no telepathy at all. I shifted My weight to the other side and with a slight tinge of frustration in My voice, said out loud, “Um, yeah. Sure.”

The flow of telepathy sense returned and I felt Her pleasure as She turned and stepped beside Me, reaching Her arm behind Me to gently guide Me up the ramp. As We came to the top of the ramp, I could see a circular room from which portals both open and closed broke the surface of the wall. The Being moved towards one open portal, still guiding Me at My side.

We entered a pie piece-shaped room with a screen, which seemed to be off, on the far wide wall. There were a couple of comfy-looking sofas, where One could sit or recline, making a wide “V” facing the screen. I heard/felt the intent that I should sit down on the right one, which I did, as the Being left My side and posed primly on the one to the left.

“Dear One,” the Being thought/said, “Your planet is being run by psychopaths and Humanity needs someOne to bring Them a solution.”

I cringed slightly at a hint of feeling that She might mean Me but that was whisked away with the screen bursting to life and a 3D representation of the planet popping out.

“Around the globe, through the tool of accounting for the energy You add, making Your very survival contingent on the tokens You get for adding Your energy, the psychopaths, to whom all the wealth on Your planet flows, control Humanity. They are putting on plays that interplay on the face of the planet that is, quite literally, a stage to Them. They trash it and blame “Human nature.” They are psychopaths, not representing the nature of Humans as a whole at all – between primary (genetic) psychopaths and secondary (mind controlled, abused), there are less than ten percent of You that consistently choose psychopathic behavior.

“They think nothing of the pain and suffering They create, Some of Them believing They are worshiping a god that condones Their heinous, unEthical behavior; Others more cynical, gloating in the power They personally possess.

“Psychopaths have many of You convinced that Humanity is bad because They do things like releasing GMO into the environment, fracking – which poisons the water supply and destabilizes the earth, experimenting on Humans without Their consent including through what They call “geoengineering” (as if the planet needs to be “engineered”), mandating that poisons be injected into children – and You know They control the vaccine production, the political process, the media, and…the RFID chip, which They want every Human to have so as to better control. They build nuclear plants on fault lines, have Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, and so many other psychopathic things.

“Through Their media They promote the idea that “Humanity” is destroying the planet. Through Their media They put on plays to sway perception to Their goals. Surely You can’t believe these manufactured “shootings,” with gun control messages from Their corporate-controlled “governments,” are natural, organic events.”

I had had suspicions… Too much made no sense. But yes, it would make perfect sense if it was all a play, all made up and staged…

“Dear One, that is exactly what the psychopaths are doing. What do They have that enables Them to do all this?

“The only tool They have is money, is the accounting for Human energy. In fact… That is the chain of Human slavery, the need to plug Your energy in to “deserve” to live on this planet. The thing is, this planet belongs to All emerging upon/within its soils. The psychopaths have stolen it from You through “trusts” and deceit. And the life-and-death need to account for Human energy was and is the tool They use. They don’t have to do things personally unless They want to. They can pay bullies – strong-arms and armies – to do Their bidding.

“They own the media, pumping out psyop play after psyop play. They own the schools, teaching bad history and bad science, indoctrinating far more than educating. They own the controlminds….”

Wait. Controlminds…governments?

“Yes, dear One. “Controlmind” is more precise in its description, for they all were put in place by the psychopaths in control to create the plays You see to control Your minds – the sandy hooks from 9/11 and before to Sandy Hook and hurricane Sandy hooking inland where They proved, to Those with eyes to see, Their might in controlling the weather... They own the courts. They own the police. They own the military. They own the black projects. They own industry. They own prisons. They own pharmaceuticals. They own medicine. They own research. They own banks. They own food. They own water. They are working on owning air. They are working on dumbing You down, and getting You to consent to whatever They choose to do.

“And They DO need Your consent. When enough of You are consenting to doing things differently, withdrawing consent specifically to sever all ties, but creating no controversy by refusing to participate in any of Their game, You will see the betterment emerge. Assure Them You will be subject IF They can prove You are subject, not consenting to any of it to begin with. Explain that until that proof is forthcoming, You trust You will not be bullied into compliance, for all that does is prove Some can be bullies. Make Your personal stand there. Once You don’t consent, there is no such proof, and You can expect that, lest You break the three Laws of Ethics, You may come and go and do on this, Your planet, as You please.

“Humanity needs to know that free energy – which the psychopaths are hiding and actively suppressing and which belongs to Humanity – will free Humanity from the need to account for Human energy, and return ownership of the planet to ALL of You. You no longer need Human energy to get things done that need doing and no One wants to do. You now can build robots to do the dirty work (LOTS of You love building robots, with the most of You, who would love to, WISHING You could afford to). When the abundance of this planet is flowing to all of You, if You want to build robots, join teams to compete for the best solution to a problem a robot can solve (for fame and glory), or otherwise create within Ethics, it is within Your power to do so.

“Open-source all public works. That it is accepted by so many that there is ANY excuse for proprietary software in “voting” machines makes Us scratch Our heads. Especially since a fifteen-year old Human, who loves to program, could write a program to count votes. Somehow They sold that to You because of money interests.

“Money, the accounting for a Being’s energy input, is the first tower to psychopaths in power, and We have seen it before. Money promotes psychopaths and They put in place the idea that top-down controlmind is necessary, controlling it and thereby Those of You who consent to it. They always start seemingly benevolent; Some will solve problems for Others. But any time You give power beyond the three Laws of Ethics – which We all are both subject to and judge of – to Some, You draw psychopaths. You wind up with the twin towers to psychopaths in power.

“With the web, Humanity can govern by solving problems Ethically as they arise, starting locally. Those who care can step in to offer Ethical solutions. If a problem is big enough and cannot be solved locally, wider and wider ranges of People can be made aware, through both tiered web structure on up to a planetary level as well as through personal activism. Best would be a web of servers, non-centralized (no central “backbone”), that mirror one another, with a forum style site which allows problems to be addressed Ethically.

“If You bring down those two towers, the legal system becomes moot – it is, after all, there to serve commerce, it is the loathsome vine that supports the twin towers – and with all goods and services flowing freely from People who love to provide them and robots if there are not enough People to meet demand, commerce becomes archaic. And so too corporations as they are now, the purpose of which is to make an accounting token profit for investors. Only the three Laws of Ethics need apply, while solving the problems that come up, and not passing “laws” – statutes, acts, bills, codes, regulations, mandates, and all the rest of the legal fiction You operate under because of commerce, policing and breaking Ethics more often than serving them.

“Remove the profit/control motive, and with the web, education becomes pure and freely available to All, as it should be. Those of You who love to teach, having the ability to, say, make videos and garner the words of appreciation for having done so, will teach. Those of You who want to learn can freely learn about all that interests You. Begin with that freedom as a child and see what betterment You can create. Teach the Betterment Ethic and not Their slave’s creed They call the work “ethic,” with betterment coming from making People smile, creating art, music, dance, growing, researching, programming, investigating, testing, reporting, teaching, inventing, building in organic, abundant fashion.

“The psychopaths are working to eradicate the family. When You are no longer slaves on this planet, You can return to the family, spend time with the Ones You love. Learn together, explore together, do things together. Enjoy leisure and industry of interest.

“What You will have left when those towers come down is an Ethical society that supports the principles the controlmind corporations around the globe more or less claim they stand for, but really, it is a sick (psychopathic) joke on All who consent to being ruled by them. The corporations, like THE UNITED STATES, are beholden to Their investors ONLY. Freedom, justice, and the ability to pursue happiness, without having to add energy to survive as richly as One might choose, are not on Their list of priorities. But if You serve those principles, the more One contributes to the betterment, the more One will be remembered.

“Serve the three Laws of Ethics, only, resolve problems by Ethical consensus, and the principles will be served completely.”

The Being gestured to the globe.

“This planet is a rich one. It has enough easily to provide for a hundred times the number here now; it could easily give You ALL Your fill. The psychopaths in control tell lies about “overpopulation,” but really They think there are too many Humans to control. They want total power over the few They intend to be left. And time is running out.

“They lie about food production, claiming there is a shortage of food, but ignoring the vast amount of waste that is created when food spoils before sale. Distributing Your food by profit creates this waste. In fact, You produce about 125% of the food every One of You could eat, but 30-40% is thrown out. Distributing food by need/desire is what should be, to All of You on Your planet.

“SomeOne needs to bring this information out Now. And get Humanity to reject the ways that things are being done on the planet now, withdrawing consent and consenting to these better ways of doing things.”

Another question finally bubbled to My Consciousness: How could someOne like ME accomplish this? I have nothing, really – old, arthritic, alone, living on food stamps…

“Dear One, You have the interweb. Put forth these ideas. Share them with Many. Those who care and can will do the building. Let Others know that Many need to spread these ideas – and quickly! They plan to start a world war in November of 2016!”

THIS YEAR!?! I have to share this and change People’s paradigm in less than a year!?!

“Calm down, dear One. You persevere.”

Isn’t there anyOne else…

“Dear One, The Counsel has to this point held a strict rule that We cannot intervene. But things are getting critical, and We were granted the ability to make contact with only One. This is that important.”

I knew that it was and that seeing things now from this new perspective, knowing that the fate of Humanity on Our planet was at risk, dangerously near a cliff We are being pushed towards, I had to do all I could to make People aware of this solution. I knew I was going to take the challenge on. The enormity still hadn’t hit. I asked:

But… Why ME!?!

“You, My dear One, agreed to come on board…”

With that, She stood and the screen winked off again. I knew I was being encouraged to stand also. I stood, dazed and astonished. She moved to again escort Me, a hand gently resting on My back, and We walked out of the room, across to the ramp, and down. I was looking at My front door and turned around. Everything looked normal – the grass in the yard grew. The tree over there was undisturbed. A bird called from its branches. A car drove by at a safe clip.


Sitting here now, knowing the task before Me, beginning the process of writing things to post, wondering where to start to post, thinking of how daunting this mission, this geis, is, trying NOT to think of the enormity, thinking only of the tipping point where enough of Us know We CAN do this, I think about what happened. (Gotta look up the three Laws of Ethics – ah. Here they are:

1. Do not without fully informed consent willfully hurt or kill anOther;
2. Do not without fully informed consent willfully take or damage anOther's property; and,
3. Do not willfully defraud anOther (which can only happen without fully informed consent))

An ordinary Tuesday? Quite the opposite! If ever, I think, I am asked to get on board another flying saucer…

Without full negotiation of the terms… Well. I'm never doing that again!


POST-NOTE to the reader: The date of WWIII is based on the useless eliters’ penchant for putting on Their plays for Us based on numerology. For more, I suggest You check out the YouTube channel of matthew nicholson, and this vid specifically:


If all teachers started each lesson with, “From My perspective, these are the facts. Seek Your own grasp if this interests You,” We would see far better education, through Those who teach and Self education, which should be founded in the teachings of Others, and if so, becomes far superior when pursued through interest which is driven by heart.


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Comment by DTOM on March 20, 2016 at 11:25am

Boycott Israeli goods, don't buy stuff you don't need - I agree - however, the truth is that in the long run, it doesn't matter.

Consumerism is simply a way of occupying the time and attention of the sheep, and ensuring they don't have the time and funny-money credits put aside, should they one day wake up, and work towards means of becoming independent - whether that's buying tools, a generator, solar, water purifying systems, a greenhouse, canning equipment, a dehydrator, food stocks, guns, ammo, medical supplies etc

When THEY crash the economy THEY own and control - it won't matter.

The PTB have one intention - to kill the majority of the population and enslave the rest.

We have been watching a slow motion train wreck for years.

The outcome is not going to change.

THEY and their servile minions are coming for YOU - and nothing is going to change that.

Look at who is primarily targeted by the system - those that opt out and seek to be independent and self-sufficent and want no part of the PTB's system.

We don't get to choose the time and place.

We only get to choose how we respond.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on March 20, 2016 at 10:18am

Still, the system overall moves the bulk of the wealth to very few, very psychopathic, People.  And sure, We can fight each symptom of the problem by removing financial support, but that only goes so far.  That takes care of individual symptoms, not the root cause.  If the love of money (power) is the root of all evil (and money empowers such evil), clearly the removal of any system that accounts for Human energy will remove evil on any global scale.  No, it won't stop psychopaths individually from any harm of Others, but all Their harm will be to the Ones They interact with, not through paying bullies, and such problems can be solved for by confining Any who are creating such problems, taking Them out of social circulation.

I agree that IF We choose physical revolution, it will be uglier than sin, and that is why I advocate a revolution in ideas.

Comment by Sweettina2 on March 19, 2016 at 10:54pm

I agree. I love the BDS movement against Israels occupation and slaughtering of the Palestinians....it is working!  Hit them in the pocketbook and you strike at the very heart of them. Financial statistics showed that they've taken quite a hit, enough that they've thrown lots of money in different avenues to bring BDS to a halt. Won't work, though, scales have fallen from the eyes of the world. Can't unring that bell.

For many years I've refused to buy from major corporations,  whether it be food, clothes, etc., in favor of supporting small companies. There are so many ways to fight back, on so many levels. Our voices have been heard, I'm convinced of that.

Those that call for blood maybe haven't seen the reality of it. I am an RN, spent years working the ER and saw the devastating reality of people in Dallas shooting, stabbing and beating one another. Not going to be a pretty picture.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on March 19, 2016 at 9:24pm

Ah dear One, I do not write to convince the psychopaths They should change Their way...  The point is to show NON-psychopaths a way out that is a revolution in ideas, not blood.  If 95% of Us withdrew consent and were doing things differently, and in ways that gave the 5% no way to pay bullies, They would have no power.

Sadly, I see so many who think the ONLY solution is to shed blood.  So many who are champing at the bit to get that bloody mess started, even.  Well I am out to allow People another option.  We are fast becoming fed up NOW.

And no...  Humanity is beset by the need to account for Our energy such that We can become desperate and be lured by unEthical things.  Meanwhile the small percentage that are psychopaths have taken over this planet, and with Their money They wield power.  If You read there, You will see NO psychopath-promoting elements.  Dictators will not be.  Yes, the psychopaths are aiming to create a corporatocracy, a fascist communist regime.  But without MONEY corporations have NO raison d'etre, no reason to be.

And so...  I already am "fighting."  I withdrew consent and expect that, unless They can prove I am subject to Their rule (not to Their bullying), I expect to have nothing to do with that system.  If the rest of Us were fighting like THAT, We would have that revolution in ideas, not blood.

Comment by Sweettina2 on March 19, 2016 at 8:14pm

I consider myself to be an honest and reasonable person, albeit a hell-raiser. I like peace, raising hell can sometimes result in the peace I desire. I think most people would say they love peace and liberty, not everyone is prepared to fight for it unless pushed into a corner. I believe that's what drove my family and others to fight during the American Revolution.  They were pushed as far as they could go and saw no other choice,  and facing even more impingement on their liberties.  The framers of the Constitution were insightful of what they should write and warn us of because they experienced it first hand. 

Those people fought for peace, not because they just wanted to bust somebody's chops.

Evil and greed exists, we see it everyday. Not only from criminals, but also from the government, at the behest of greedy, wealthy men and corporations.  They want a slave nation that gives them more wealth. Now, you can try to appeal to their humanity and decency but it's not going to do you a bit of good. They would rather choose to destroy life in this country as we know it than to do what is right.

Humanity has two sides, good and evil...we cannot force anyone to choose which side we'd like them to lean. You cannot make folks collectively do the "right thing". You can only hope to defend yourself and your family from the ones leaning towards evil.

If you were being physically attacked, or your loved ones, would you attempt to reason with the attacker? Most probably do. But what if it did no good?  Would you give in and be destroyed or make no attempt at defending yourself or your loved ones? 

What about the millions of people that suffered and died under communism? Dictators as Mao, Lenin and Stalin slaughtered millions of their own people. Personally I think it is communism that we are facing here and now. Do we just roll over and throw them the keys? Let evil ensue with no hope of our children's future?

I'm not prepared to do that. Nor will many others. We may fight in vain, but fight we will.

We aren't dealing with good people here in Sunday School. These people are evil. They want blood and tyranny.

We all choose which side of the line in the sand we'll stand on. And we may be called upon to defend that stand. I've made my choice. I'm gonna fight like hell to defend my children, and yours.

I wish there was another way. Blowing sunshine up someones ass won't make things right, I can only say it the way I see it. I've spent years, through many different ways, radio, blogs, one-on-one, to educate others on making this country a better place. Ultimately it is up to each of us, individually, on what choice they make.

Peace, my friend. 

"Destroying the New World Order"



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