Relationships. Pat donovan march 5th 2011

Personal, social, cosmic.
Meds, justice, religion.
Thought, deed, reaction.

Relationships on a personal level are a variant of communication, (quadratic interactive analysis. IN+out flows, you + environment)

Coexistence and interaction. (Aristotle?, I think)

Think of how well self-improvement and development work inna system designed to flunk 9/10 out.

Self-indulgence, politics and whatever bull works seems to the order of the day.

DEEDS: ('Being': Your 'own' priest.)
Society is a hierarchy is a bureaucracy. All politics.

Social relationships is a function of the usual existential law, religion and meds, what is normally expected from society at large.

Unless you want to add full employment to that list. By me, that's Iffy, at best. Like trying to legislate girl-friends, right?

'Public formal competitive' interaction.

Law as a genitive force and the resulting conservation of tradition.

Like pension plan (management) being an evil force to the established ownership elite.

(quilt, shame, pain and dread – Confucius, JC, Buddha and Kurenguard. (In my opinion)) All negative control methods, right?

Right. Fat, out-of-shape drinker. (STD diseased, stressed and polluted now, too)

Cosmic relationships are usual complaints about personal, natural and social justice. (asteroids, wars and

Everything assumes you know the mind and purpose of god.

Immortal, invulnerable, invincible (III)
Omni-present, omni-cognizant, omniscient (OOO)
[out of order, right?]
Multilevel, Multi dimensional, multi-verse. (MMM)

Company SEEMS to be the purpose. The Methodology sucks, (a 13 billion long scream of protest, so far) with every dune-loon on the planet claiming to have a insider-only track.

Bad news, bubba. It's a DIY course. Union cards aren't gonna do much for ya. Evil, evil evolution.

Free will, destiny and evolution, right? Object, relations, meadiation.

The way is open. Low goals, methods and results will probably kill ya. (greed, vanity and power)

(sacrifice, loyalty, skills. Like man is muscle, hustle + brains.)

Wanna take a crack at an electronic environment yet?

Or just sleaze another win (succeed, correct)?

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Comment by pat donovan on March 6, 2011 at 8:21am
naw. More to do with 6 cups of coffee after work.
the ' Society is a hierarchy is a bureaucracy. All politics.' comment i added
is all ya need to know really. My anarchist side comes out strong, if not an accurate view.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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