Spring, 2011. Aw, holy sh*t!

At one point, 80% of the copies of windows in use were illegal.

That tells you ALL you need to know about the human race. 4/5 people are not gonna be your speed, buckwheat.

If you're lucky, that is. Maybe 1/5 will be out to destroy you instead. (and usually just for fun. It isn't all that personal, really.)

In the news? Aw, crap. Time for some serious troubles.

'Merry Crisis', people, anna 'Happy New Fear.'.

Yes, I’m really ahead of the game here... and it's on purpose.

Radiation takes about 6 months to start wearing systems down; ya get dosed on the first day of spring, ya get sick on the first day of autumn.

Actually, it's the death rate that starts to up 6 months after a dose of rads. My birthday, Sept 26th, to be more precise.

Thanks just heaps there, fellas. I'm old and cranky enough as it is. Now this!

Between pollution, stress, incidental viruses, STDs, radioactivity,
lousy food, bad water and toxic accumulation, I expect next Christmas (Christmas 2011) to be one hell of a MISERABLE flu season.

A real nasty deadly one for the weaker bodies in the population.

One kelp pill a week for me for the foreseeable future. Hopefully it'll take the radioactives outta my system before the load gets too heavy.

War zones? Damn near the whole world is in flames for one reason or another. Most of the middle east is dumping leaders... (along with Eastern Europe),

a fair number of economies are going down in flames (Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy) for one reason or another,

Pandemics and mass migrations? Maybe later. Radiation in Japan, fer sure.

Way “Too much crazy” from our leaders? (thanks to tom tomorrow. Yes, I BOUGHT the book.)

Rabid insanity from the capital? Yah, here in Canada the list goes... um, c-6, c-32, cf-35, g-20, telecom nastiness and rotten politicos.

The NAU, NWO, oil sands and solar flares are being ignored right now, along with global climate change, (Ferns at the bottom of Greenland? Cataclysmic change, again?) and the almost total disappearance of civil rights.

On the other hand, I have a new dog. And can make 3d movies at home now. Can Plant e-books on google. And I'm STILL only pt at work.

// sarcasm on.

I'm SO happy!

// sarcasm off.

So I plant corn, tomatoes, and mustard to clean the soil, and potatoes to eat. Munch kelp onna regular basis. Stockpile and stay in shape. Learn how to live with 99% of the wealth in about 50 hands here in Canada.

(It's worth a half mil if a son does it, nothing if I start it up. That's the name of the game. Try to marry into the game, there isn't gonna be a better way to get ahead.)

Survival. 1:Personal. 2: Neighborhood gang warfare. 3: The politics of the insane.

Aw, crap! Looks to be a real joy next year, right?

Have a good 2012 everyone. Start prepping for it now.

Oh, I DID warn you March this year would be fun. See the previous blogs.


Pat donovan march 23 2011.
World water day, earth day, spring, St pats.
ONE of these days Alice.....

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