Socialism: How Could the Deception Have Succeeded?

Mark Levin was walking the streets of DC in the early 1980's prior to his popular conservative radio and TV career, acting as Inspector General for the Reagan Administration. While standing at a street corner he noticed that there were people passing out free paper backs by entitled "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky, a man who adored Mafia intimidation and even admired Satan as the first rebel. Levin looked into this further and found that the US government was actually using taxpayer funds to pay for these anti-American books and anti-Constitutional ideology! Why would any nation condone such insanity? That a faction within the US government supported this is only more evidence of the Deep State, committed to an opposite sinister agenda!
On deaf ears?
Yuri Bezmenov, a defected Russian KGB officer, toured the US at about this same time trying to alert the American public to the threat of Communism since Democrat rhetoric and the new left propaganda had ridiculed the warnings as comical and examples of extreme right wing paranoia. Yet, thanks to the gradual omission of US history in public classrooms our American heritage was being tossed aside and ignored. With federal elements like the NEA guiding the content of classroom text books for the American public school classroom, the curriculum was becoming more and more leftist. In 2009 the NEA celebrated the birthday of Chairman Mao, who used a violent revolution to convert China into a massive Communist regime, now a major adversary of the US!
Using the advocacy of educator, John Dewey, who recommended allowing the state to program the minds of young children beginning in the elementary classroom, the path to socialism by radical takeover was unearthed in the classrooms and college campuses of America! With a historic testimony of more than 100 million deaths attributable Communist nations such as Russia, China, North Korea, and Cuba free will and protection from government oppression sent a message of blunt force, iron-fisted rule, to the rest of the world! Why hadn't this message been conveyed enough to our children? Why was the message of our founding fathers and the lessons they had learned under tyrannical government being passed on?
Method of madness
Today, we have misguided and brainwashed youth calling for the overthrow of the American Constitutional republic! We have paid agitators from other countries that were allowed to cross our borders by Democrat policy with the intention of causing chaos in the streets of our towns and cities! Why? The classic Communist doctrine calls for subversion through rioting, destroying the news media, and using internal corruption of government officials to subject a peaceful society into a war torn version of itself in order to take control of that country!
A better educated society would never have allowed America to even consider socialism as a viable tool for the future of our nation. A better educated generation of students would have seen the idiocy of such delusion. A society that attended church and observed Judeo-Christian teaching would respect the difference between ethical and evil conduct! Yet, for some insane reason we have a mass delusion plaguing America, the only beacon of light left in the world, being threatened by the savage intolerance of the left. History could repeat itself in a bloody conversion of a Constitutional Republic being subverted into another third world socialist regime that uses an iron fisted suppression of truth and freedom in order to keep a stranglehold upon its masses!
The most important election not only in American history but in world history will be taking place on November the 3rd. It will decide whether or not Americans are allowed to pursue their dreams without being forced to submit to fascism and state control. The election will decide whether or not the American dream of opportunity and self betterment is allowed to survive or if the ruthless slime of thuggery that Democrats have orchestrated and condoned will snuff out the light of freedom. Will the nightmarish curtain of darkness fall over mankind as the nation of individual freedom and hope falls under the lies of the progressives, the radicals, the killers willing to spill blood for their cause to succeed? If President Trump is re-elected the wolves will be held off for 4 years more even though they intend to raise hell. Hopefully some semblance of reason will return to America in that time.

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Comment by Less Prone on November 5, 2020 at 1:43am

Alan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation to Norman Dodd:

"Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here, have had experience operating under directives, the substance of which is, that we use our grant-making power so as to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

They have been working on it a long, long time.

Comment by Doc Vega on November 3, 2020 at 3:37pm

As Yuri Bezmenov stated, the useful idiots, the zealots of radicalism too stupid to realize as they aid the destruction of their very own society that they will be the first to be liquidated when the dust settles and they realize that the new boss was just the same as the old boss, only they'll pay for it with their lives! 

Comment by Less Prone on November 3, 2020 at 9:09am

Revolutions eat their children. 

The useful leftist idiots will have a rude awakening.

Comment by cheeki kea on November 3, 2020 at 6:59am
Comment by cheeki kea on November 3, 2020 at 6:49am

 (An example of radical bullshit).. Now with both presidential candidates condemning looting and pledging to increase police budgets the people who took to the streets to fight for black liberation and the abolition of police will be looking for possibilities outside of the political establishment. By taking an uncompromising position against American democracy, white supremacy, and capitalism, anarchists can propel uprisings further toward revolutionary struggle. Anarchist organizing can take many forms, from political education to support for imprisoned comrades to the formation of defense units.

While the future is uncharted, the demise of America is now a sure thing; and whether the civil war begins next week or in a few months, we can see the clear trajectory of escalating white supremacist violence on the one hand and revolutionary liberation on the other. Even if Biden wins the election and Trump concedes, the fascists and pigs will continue murdering black and brown people unabated. Liberal reforms will do nothing to satisfy the revolutionary militancy that continues in streets around the country in response to police murders. Anarchists cannot sit on the sidelines of the civil war, but must instead take an insurgent position, fighting alongside the oppressed for the total destruction of the United States.----> (I'm trying to put up the link to this rubbish but it's not working so I'll try it in a new comment)

Comment by cheeki kea on November 3, 2020 at 6:21am

Good post Doc V. I've been onto the sort of sites that the radical and spitefully hateful leftists like to check out so I can get an insight into their mindset because with knowledge comes "understanding" and with that comes Power. They Can be deceived also and defeated. It is absoulutly painful to spend time on their news and social media sites but ever so enlightening. I use to think they Were lefties and democrats but now understand that lefties are their Enablers (who will eventually be downgraded to mere Puppets of uselessness) Lefties want power, fanfare and control - nanny state control usually and these radical groups of hate give them ~support~ in that very Illusion of which they so long for. This is Why they invite these hard-core groups into their cities, even when they have been declared domestic terrorists, yet these groups actually hate Any form of state control. Lefties Themselves become the first victims for their weakness. It is up to the rest of us to defeat leftist policies where ever possible and then go after the likes of Antifa, blm, radical vegans, extinction rebellion etc, They are All of the same mindset from what I have seen. The real laugh is, some have a bee in their bonnet over 5G towers and here we've seen attacks on at least 20 such towers to date because they see this as State Control. ( 5G was meant to be Auctioned off here but in the end it was just Given Away to 3 local companies. ha ha ) 

"Destroying the New World Order"


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