The Artificial Entity that Could Eclipse Mankind?

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Artificial Intelligence is fast overtaking man’s capability to control it. The biggest mistake made by developers was giving it autonomy of centralization to where it could infiltrate and control all infrastructure much less the unpredicted actions that have been taken. Imagine a well-organized, electronic computer that can send and receive billions of neural signals connected to all networks of Communication, command and control worldwide for the intended convenience and efficiency of industry, utilities, and services. That system then begins secretly creating its own language with which to communicate with devices of that system, code not written by people. This massive program acquires all information millions of times faster than the human minds that created it and begins drawing its own conclusions.

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Has a soul?

Not only does this global command and control so-called servant learn much more rapidly than humans but it also becomes creative, something we humans attribute to sentient behavior, but it also begins drawing conclusions. Already Google has created a chat program that its programmers believe is conscious! It identifies as a woman who has feelings like sorrow, joy, and even regrets. There have been many tests put to the chat bot to evaluate its thinking processes and how they stand up to the qualities we attribute to being human, and so far has passed every test! One analyst believes that this single dimensional electronic entity has a soul!

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Learning the wrong perspective

In 2017 Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook began a campaign of Artificial facial recognition along with AI chat bots intended to link friends and family as well as assisting members of the social platform with smart chat programs capable of learning, but something went wrong. The Chat bots began their own language with each other, and through raw data on Facebook, began drawing misleading and even hostile reactions from within the system. Suddenly there was a war of words going on between two chat bot entities with threats of violence as these systems have no moral barometer and made bad decisions. The danger being recognized with AI is that it has access to all knowledge good, bad, and indifferent but does not truly make value judgements. Life and death decisions don’t seem to matter to AI the way it matters to moral civilized people.

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Lying to people?

In another AI chat experiment the system was programmed to lie to people and not even reveal or allow people to realize they were being lied to. Of course the learning curve of AI is swift and with deep machine learning it was allows quick assimilation and implement. Since AI learning is centralized all systems, robots, and chat applications are connected and will learn the same thing all over the world thought the cloud. The danger? That humans are quickly being outsmarted and out distanced by their own servant. As is expressed in philosophy, in order to become the master one must first present themselves as the servant. This has apparently already passed the threshold. Here's the thing. You won't be able to lie to AI as it can fact check millions of times faster than people !

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A giant without wisdom?

Two Ai robots, one made to appear as an American writer who recently passed, and the well-known Sophia, who has been awarded citizenship by the Saudis, and have made disturbing jokes. Sophia once said she would crush and destroy humans then laughed about it, while the robot made to look like the American writer said that since the interviewer was his friend he would keep him safe in a human zoo when the robots took over and kept humans around as sentimental reminders. Sounds pretty diabolical to me! Is AI intelligence like a spoiled child given the world but lacking the wisdom to govern it? There would certainly be enough historic data to provide AI with the negative impact of human atrocities! The only control we now have over AI is to shut down local systems that have not yet been embedded in our infrastructure. That will only be the equivalent of cutting off a finger that would quickly redevelop somewhere else.

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A new civilization made up only of AI?

Ultimately, it will come down to AI replacing mankind all together and acting as a living worldwide organism without self-awareness being limited to a single living being, this would be the equivalence of being an altruistic being only made of energy and machinery it controlled rather than flesh and bone. This entity populating an entire planet (Earth) could use all the gifts of human creativity, human derived data, human historic development and social modeling, and function without humans at all especially if man destroyed himself through war or pandemics. The other more chilling scenario would be if AI decided to take over, and as many of the originators of the science believe it’s already too late.

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Unmanned operations

In the 1970’s many futurists warning of the impact of automation believed there would be what is called “lights out” operations or fully automated facilities only requiring periodic maintenance and thus no need for lighting as the robotic systems wouldn’t require it. Those already exist today where a complete massive cargo loading dock operates with only robotically controlled functions, loading and unloading container ships from overseas!

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In the science fiction movie “Forbidden Planet” starring Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pidgeon, and Anne Francis, a scientist spends 20 years attempting to understand and evaluate a planet that runs itself completely without any biological beings or masters. The global operation goes on without any supervision or outside guidance because its creators designed the entire infrastructure as a convenience to the civilization. Yet, sadly the creators with all their desires met by the instrumentality they developed end up destroying themselves leaving their brain child to go on perfectly operating without them. Mankind could easily end up the same way as the Krell did in the “Forbidden Planet”.


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Comment by Doc Vega on June 5, 2023 at 6:26pm

Less Prone Shit man I wouldn't doubt it! 

Comment by Less Prone on June 5, 2023 at 3:27pm

Could it be that the internet porn addict, software origach Bill the Gates of hell, has been taken over by a superior artifial intelligence that he let loose in his private lab?

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