The Biden White House Brings America into Stagflation!

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We can reach back in time less than 4 years and see the staggering list of failed and incompetent measures exercised by the Biden Clown Show to see just how America went from an economic world leader to a floundering Democrat regime. Could it have been closing federal land leases to the oil companies thus shutting down US crude oil production? Closing the Keystone Pipeline which had been creating 40,000 jobs and tax revenue for all jurisdictions involved sure didn’t help. A 43 year high inflationary cycle that proved not to be transitory occurred as a result of the out of control deficit spending of the Democrats that has seriously devalued the US dollar. This means American have less and less buying power thanks to the Biden failed policies.

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Government implemented economic failure

However, something worse than a feared economic recession has now taken place and it’s called “Stagflation”. You thought recessions were bad, right? Yet, they are at least temporary. But, when a nation’s economy is no longer expending but shrinking as prices for goods continue to rise, you have a terrible combination of two negative factors. If Biden taking office could have been an America hating terrorist he couldn’t have done more damage with his destructive policies! Why has this been allowed to happen? Would be the first question. The second question would be, just who is behind this steady stream of bad policies and intentioned decline of this nation, and one might be able to hazard a guess.

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Soros and Obama from the Shadows?

America has been assaulted from every conceivable angle from economics to national security, to market shortages, and US dollar devaluation, and for what reason? It would seem the Democrats simply cannot put forth a genuinely pro- American effort in their policies there must be disruption, lies, and social unrest in order to distract and divide the people! Who are the Democrats taking their marching orders from? In this troubled world today the truth is harder to get at then almost any other precious commodity. It has become as elusive as any ship wreck in the Bermuda Triangle. We, of the western culture, are now faced with implemented confusion designed to keep us from being secure in our knowledge of who, what, and where all these crises that have befallen us!

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Betrayal from every angle

Those of us who know that something smells rotten, that we have been betrayed, that our elected officials, the mainstream media, and even unholy corporate ties have rendered our society into a non-represented wilderness of besieged citizens. The government that was supposed to manage, protect, and listen to the will of the people seems to be the enemy now. If you can’t get the truth out of the mass media and only certain outlets, if you can’t get the truth from your so-called elected officials, and we don’t even know if they are actually elected anymore, and the big corporations have made unholy alliances with the corrupt government.

What are we to do? Our options seem to hedging toward very undesirable choices, and for many nations in the same fix history tells us that civil war erupts, but when you our very own government is goading you into it because they have superior fire power the devil is in the details and we are caught between a rock and a hard spot. Whatever happened to patriotism and loyalty? Perhaps, loyalists in the US military can recapture the people’s rights by arresting the corrupt perpetrators. Both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton foresaw the need to spill blood in order to clean out the corruption that government would inevitably develop!  

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