The Deadly Mysteries of the Appalachians

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Recently the report of a family hearing a commotion in their barn where horses were housed and very strange and unusual howling that alerted. Two members rushed out to the stable where they found a prized horse whose throat had been slashed and a very powerful arm had reached into the chest cavity. Upon hearing more of the unearthly noises from some unknown creature, the two ran back into their house. From there, the crashing of trees being knocked down with incredible force could be heard on the property. At one point the evil being stepped onto the porch and tried the doorknob to the front entry! Sheriffs were called out to the scene, but by the time they had gotten there whatever had stalked the family was gone.

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That gut feeling something’s wrong

In another recent incident 2 hunters out for some small game found themselves confronted by the unknown. They both reported that suddenly it seems like all normal noises you’d expect out in the woods were silenced. Then their ears were assaulted by a powerful whooping and growling they were sure could never have been generated by a natural animal. First the world seemed sucked dry of nature’s serenade of birds, insects, and swaying trees to a very sudden and frightening change. Although humans have been literally stripped of the 6th sense we once possessed where our sense were much more developed we still have that gut feeling when something doesn’t feel right or is threatening. The hair stands up on the back of our neck and we are totally alert. These two hunters were faced with that impossible to ignore sensation!

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Something wicked comes

Their hunting dog, normally right on top of any game foul shot down or even to pursue the scent of a cougar instead went running for their jeep in total fear! That was when they quickly decided to depart the area but not until they both saw what they thought was a huge stump suddenly stand up! It wasn’t a tree stump but a huge hairy man-like beast that stood there staring at them. They quickly retreated to the Jeep and got the dog out from underneath it! They drive like maniacs trying to get out of the area! The thought of shooting at the monstrosity didn’t even cross their minds though they could have, but this is characteristically how people react or perhaps are even remotely influenced to react as they raced away!

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Brief history and geography

Appalachia, beginning in the worn down mountain ranges of New York State covers a gradual southwesterly region of dense woods and a low lying mountain range. It did not take long for the 13 Colony hunters and settlers to move into the area and begin to encounter the unknown.  Here stories of huge man-like hairy creatures become all too common. In one instance a man sitting on his horse drawn wagon came upon a Sasquatch creature that walked alongside. When the man asked who the creature was and what were its intentions it answered that it was a fallen angel and that its duty was to torment mankind. The frightened farmer closed his eyes and prayed to Jesus, and when he opened his eyes again it was gone! This has been reported by many people who when very terrified by a monster from the forest, pray to the Lord and find their monstrous entity magically gone.

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In and out of our world

Does this point to all Bigfoot beings simply being demonic? Some seem to disappear or enter our reality through portals. Others seem to have been accompanied in some way by an aerial light or UFO. Many people such as Steve Isdahl of the How to Hunt YouTube channel or David Paulides of the 411 Disappearance series feel that the Sasquatch may very well arrive and leave through portals and when they are caught by surprise by humans, which isn’t quite often, it’s because they have just entered our reality and are not familiar with the territory.  The elusiveness of the man-like creatures is fascinating.

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Prone to the unexplained

As for the region of Appalachia, it is characterized by very secretive people who stick to their own, don’t cooperate well with the authorities and seem to be very independent. They’ve also been known for using stills to manufacture homemade liquor many know as being “Moonshine”. Poverty seems common among them and a hard life is assured, but they remain defiant against outside authority or outside interference. It seems like a very long legacy of supernatural events has stricken the area. One documentary covered the appearance of what some call the “Sheepsquatch” which has made many terrifying appearances throughout the area. Whether we want to accept that there are indeed areas on the face of the planet where the super natural dwells or not, it is difficult to try and delegitimize these reports.

Sheepsquatch - Cryptid Wiki

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