The Establishment Pushes Back at President Trump

President Trump The Establishment and Immigration

Recently Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Face Book, grandson of the Rothschild’s, and a proponent of open borders slammed President Trump’s initiative to thoroughly vet Muslims from war torn countries who favor Sharia Law. One might also note that Zuckerberg, who owns large plots of land in Hawaii, has recently gotten into a controversy over his building a wall around his estate which has created a conflict with his neighbors who don’t want their exotic view obscured by the construction of a huge structure that will forever ruin the paradise they invested in.

Truly privileged

Of course, for the rich liberal how they affect others is never a consideration just as long as they can impose their agenda on others while they are insulated from the consequences is just fine for them. Zuckerberg calls for the US to maintain open borders while Americans are raped, robbed, and the drug cartel operates with impunity. Of course nothing will happen to the proponents of open borders they are too affluent to worry about being assaulted, shot, and make enough money that the taxes to support the influx of illegal aliens and refugees won’t have much of an affect upon them, but what about the average citizen?


Why would they impose this grief upon the common man in the street that is most likely struggling in today’s Obama economy? These self-styled experts who think that they are above the law, above the consequences of their actions, and free to pontificate to those too ignorant to know better are really pushing one world government under another label. Ultimately, the power brokers of the world don’t have enough for themselves already. They just can’t have enough influence and prestige so they must use their influence to further limit our freedoms while imposing more regulations and taxes. At the same time they will unleash a barrage of propaganda in the form of social unrest such as Black Lives Matter, Occupy, SPLC, Move On, and a plethora of other social engineering fronts well financed and targeting the rights of US citizens. This one of the driving facts addressed by Trump that got him elected!

Willfully ignorant

They will tap on the shoulders of the “Useful Idiots” who will participate in marches on Washington DC telling us abortion is a woman’s right. They will incite riots at Donald Trump rallies. They will insist upon finding dirt on President Trump rather than doing their job as journalists and objectively report the news. They will unite Muslim organizations backed by terror groups such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood with liberal demonstrators like gangsters uniting for a territorial grab before fighting a turf war between themselves later. The united cause of the Establishment is a united front of the “Fake News “media, Democrats, their insurrection allies, and radical Islam, who seek to defeat conservative Constitutional government in America.


They will deny there is voter fraud in America if they are winning. They will deny that Sharia Law poses a threat to American society as long as they get the Muslim vote. They will continue to support the assassination of police officers in our country as long as they can get the black vote. They will rebel against a secure US border so that their left wing corporate CEO’s can profit from cheap labor at the expense of employment among US citizens. Under the aegis of false narratives of humanitarian cause, civil rights, and women’s health, the left fabricates unrest to disrupt society and destabilize the underpinnings of American society for the sake of exerting their power. They have a US media largely ignored now by the masses who disapprove of their disinformation program by 70%. This is the new America in the wake of the Obama legacy. Divided!

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