The Leftist Backlash Against the Trump White House

The Unreal Level of Misinformation in America

You can hear it on the fake news from TV each night. You can read it on the Internet from websites that allege to be news sites. The false righteous indignation, the typical liberal talking points, the last gasps of an exposed paradigm destined to be allocated to the funeral pyres of history. We are talking about the news media and Democrat fueled anti-Trump presidency wave of hysteria that has wafted over those who cannot accept the demise of career politician, Hillary Clinton, and her lobotomized followers.

Creating the lie

How does the detainment of 190 people in airports across the nation while 325 thousand travel unimpeded through our country equate into some unfair religious persecution? Answer. Once again, the well funded and organized media hype to punish the Trump administration for protecting the American people from the terrorists embedded within unvetted swarms of refugees that will cost taxpayers billions in an already debt ridden deficit that could cause a US monetary collapse. It is this kind of illogical, politically correct, false narrative smoke screen that has led the low information voter down a twisted path of lies.

Truth form the past

From 1924 to 1965 there was a government sanctioned ban on refugees. It was legal, it was effective, and it was justifiable. At that time, the call for refugees to fuel a voter base biased against conservatism and the US Constitution had not yet reared it's ugly head. Then came the turbulent 1960's where civil rights, the Vietnam War, and massive drug experimentation hit America like an iceberg against the hull of the Titanic, and the nation changed forever. Not all of it was good. Not all of it was healthy. America still teeters from the ravages of drug addiction, untreated war veterans, and a renewed racial division thanks to the Obama White House. The issue of border security, protection of our citizens, and the threat of radical Islam was overshadowed by the disingenuous ambiguity of political correctness unleashed upon our nation by President Obama and his Chicago cronies.


Now President Trump with lightning speed is dismantling the Obama legacy with surgical skill and the power of his will. Behind him are true patriots and success stories in business who know how to run an operation with fiscal accountability minus the masquerade of Capitol Hill political pandering. It is the politician who made made international trade deals, who allowed foreign enemies to gain the upper hand, who allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to influence US anti-terrorist policy while appointing unqualified political hacks like Valerie Jarret to dictate to the Department of Justice in matters of refusing to prosecute voting fraud.


We can safely predict that the left will rattle their swords, make death threats against those who support conservatism, that they will protest and destroy police cars, all the while using false allegations to support their perverse agenda. America, their nation, their home, treated worse than by our own enemies. This is the true agenda of the left and of Democratic Party rule. Truth means nothing to them and all who do operate from a patriotic calling and value their nation are the enemy, not the Islamic terrorists, not the drug cartel who supplies them their heroin, and certainly not those who would burn down Christian churches to achieve a false flag effect in the media. They are the true enemy and this is why they oppose President Trump so vehemently!

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