We Were Told it was a Weather Balloon!

A balloon spotted visually because it did not show up on radar over the continental United States has been allowed to travel over 4,000 miles without being shot down or intercepted. At first the Biden White House didn’t even bother to inform the public. Their next step was to say that the Chinese had launched a weather balloon, and that it was of no concern. Guess what kids, now they’ve admitted that it was an aerial spying device and some analysts have gone as far to consider it to be the vanguard of an EMP attack! Our air defenses were completely caught off guard. While America’s armed forces have been plagued by vaccination mandates, forced retirements, and the laughably tragic celebration of soldiers of the same sex being able to marry, the Chinese are finding ways of genetically improving their soldiers! Funny looking back, in 1947 we were told that a crashed disk was nothing more than a weather balloon! 

The shadow of things to come

It was said a long time ago by our Founding Fathers as well as Abraham Lincoln that America could never be overcome by a foreign army, but it would likely happen from within. That is happening now! What was the admission by the Biden State Department over the hesitancy to shoot down the Chinese balloon? The Biden Administration is afraid of a Chinese response? Are you kidding me? Remember the Biden family does millions of dollars in business with the Communist Chinese. Is that a conflict of interest? Is Joe Biden a foreign agent? How about this? With the admission that the current Biden White House is afraid of the Chinese where does that now leave Taiwan in the event of a Communist Chinese invasion? If an invasion of the island of Formosa all of our allies will likely capitulate too as they have been threatened by China and unfortunately that threat will not be abated by simply walking out on Taiwan, the entire region will be under threat!

Incompetence or enemy influence from within

Since President Biden was installed, not elected, we have seen one blunder after another. They allowed 13 US service men and women to be killed in Afghanistan, hundreds of Americas left behind enemy lines, 50 billion in US arsenal equipment left to the enemy, and all Afghans who were aiding and working for the US who were not only left behind but will likely be executed by the Taliban. And, let us not forget that while we were evacuating from the poorly chosen International Airport in Kabul where it would have been a turkey shoot if terrorist forces had tried to attack. So, what did the ingenious planners of the Biden clown act do? The US government paid the Taliban millions of dollars not to attack during the humiliating withdrawal.

Admission of ineptitude

What happens next? The Chinese government surveillance balloon, now admittedly revealed was finally brought down in the water and now we will know more about their technology? Why don’t we already know more about their technology? That’s the job of our intelligence sources, but what are the FBI and CIA doing? Well, the FBI is busy harassing parents who get angry at school board meetings and trying to find out who participated in the January 6th alleged insurrection where FBI personnel were embedded imploring the crowd to attack the Capitol Building! What’s the CIA doing? Covering the ass of the White House for developing bio weapons labs in the Ukraine?

A bad omen

US foreign policy has become a joke but worse it has become an admission to our enemies that the US is no longer strong, self-assured, or a reliable ally to our friends in the world! It wasn’t a few months ago that the US Navy finally patrolled the waters of the Taiwan Strait due to the sabre rattling of the Communist Chinese over Taiwan! President Biden has done nothing but negotiate out of weakness, conduct military operations fearfully, and has capitulated at every turn. If you want to see what happens in the vacuum left by American withdrawals throughout the world, we’re about ready to see it as new sanctuaries for terrorist planning against America will be taking place. The US federal government has not only done a great job of undermining our nation, but it has endangered its own citizens! The Chinese balloon incident was no more than a prelude to a much more serious confrontation. The road to war is being paved due to the inherent weaknesses displayed by the Biden Administration!

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