Why the Democrats Prefer Defective Candidates

'Phony emoluments clause': Trump belittles Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8 of U.S. Constitution

One might ask, first of all, why Democrats are able to get seemingly unqualified candidates elected. The next question would be just how they prefer to elect seemingly mentally deficient candidates with crazy speeches and personal problems to match. Shouldn’t there be some rules regarding such things as legal citizenship, mental stability, and allegiance to our nation? It would seem to this writer that these requirements are simply not important to the Democrats and flat out rejected by the party of Jim Crow Laws and creation of the KKK. Yet, their criminality seems to have become a symptom of the lawlessness they advocate.

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Defective and easy to control?

Let’s take a look at John Fetterman, recently elected Senator of Minnesota. A man who suffered from such deep depression that he checked himself into a hospital. With a history of voices in his head and strokes, Fetterman is barely able to put a sentence together in public. Why would the Democrats push such an individual into office? Another question would be, how in a campaign running against Doctor Oz , a popular TV celebrity known for helping people with medical conditions, did a guy like Fetterman win? Once again, voter fraud? It would seem likely. So, we ask, why do such candidates as John Fetterman get Democrat support? Could it be because in their mental state they will simply take orders and parrot any narratives dictated to them by the DNC?

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Anti-American and holding office?

Ilhan Omar, a Somalian Jihadist who married her brother in order to qualify for a passport? Allowed to say such idiotic things in public as, “Something happened on 9-11.” Oh really, how do these fools get into the halls of our federal government? Once again, why is it that the Democrats prefer these unpatriotic critics of honorable Americans in Congress? Could it be that the Democrats are under the adopted regime of the Communist doctrine? Why?  In order for these fools to vote lock and step together for the votes they need to pass the destructive legislation they want injected into our system of federal law these are the kinds of mentally deficient personalities that are easily put to good use, the “Useful Idiots” that Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB defector referred to as willing assets for the long term Communist takeover of countries the Soviets had set their sights upon. Now America is well within the crosshairs and under assault from every direction thanks to the Democrats, the US mainstream media, the “Woke” corporations, and leftist donors who plague America.

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A Parrot President?

Among the most infamous of the mentally defective lock in step Democrats, taking orders brainlessly, is no other than Joe Biden, unfortunately our president. When you ask yourself how a career politician of no major accomplishment in 47 years, who couldn’t attract more than a few dozen people at the few rallies he appeared at, even having one scheduled rally cancelled in Phoenix due to low turnout, yet manages to get more votes than President Trump? A GOP candidate who was having huge stadium sized events showing support for his re-election? The preceding summer rioting in numerous US cities that the Democrats refused to denounce as blue towns in blue states were practically burned down by paid agitators. Did no one connect the dots? Did the mainstream media do such a great job of distracting the sheep from recognizing fraud and corruption?

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The incapable ruler

It is clear that Joe Biden is suffering the nearly debilitating effects of dementia and can only be rolled out in front of the American public on his good days when it seems the medications he’s under are working. And, this is the kind of preferred candidate of the Democrats that they are largely made up of. Why? Once again the dedicated mind set of compromised Manchurian candidate who will take orders, submit to whatever unpatriotic act he must undertake, and will faithfully perform for his masters, who, by the way, are not the American people whom he swore to serve and defend the US Constitution for. These power hungry, servants of evil, who have no conscience, will continue to undermine the Constitutional Republic unless voter fraud is exposed and those responsible are prosecuted as the cleanup operation of disrupting the Democrat crime enterprise is pursued!

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One more thought here. If the mentally deficient Democrat candidates are allowed to take office is it not a mentally deficient mass population of indoctrinated voters who allowed this scheme to succeed with their support? In almost every aspect the corrupt shadow of infiltration has penetrated our government with the incompetent and traitorous thieves who disguised as an American political party are allowed to literally get away with murder without conscience or accountability! This is the president day “Age of Disinformation” that now looms upon us!

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