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Remember they Want What we Have

The west has gradually begun the task of self-defeating occupation by uncivilized cultures allowed through the lies of migrant humanitarian relocation. Through wars in Syria and other Middle East regions of war, the UN and other non-governmental agencies, who stand to gain funding from a plethora of donors who for political reasons are happy to allow millions of illegal immigrants to trespass across our borders. From embedded terrorists, drug smugglers, human traffickers, fake family members, and criminals seeking asylum from the law of their lands, America has become a breeding ground for a silent takeover by a foreign occupation.Once again we've been lied to about the demographical make up of the migrants being supposedly women and children. Wrong! they are recruitment aged males! Why would they lie to us?

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It’s already happened in Great Britain

Great Britain has been overwhelmed by Muslim occupation that has now transformed their Judeo Christian values and form of government to an inflated caricature of President Trump in London when our president landed there for a visit. Thanks to the opposition allowed by a Muslim Mayor with terrorist ties. This disrespect only displays the ideological indifference that is taking precedent over the resident population of British citizens. One might recall how recent armies of Muslim migrants crossed the English Channel and almost immediately the British law enforcement was covering up cases of brutal rape and disappearances of young British women!

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No Go Zones

Over the years beginning with the Bush administration at least a hundred thousand Muslim migrants were relocated on the tax payers dole annually to places like Minneapolis where they established “No Go Zones” and established enough voter support to get anti-American Muslim congressional members who formed a committee of five dedicated to voicing their warped politics and attacks against President Trump, even when one Ilhan Omar, a Somalian, illegally married her brother in order to get a Visa. Was the law enforced for Omar falsifying a federal document? No. Why? Because it seems the law does not apply to the Democrats!

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Enemy at the gates

When you have hundreds of thousands of draft aged males from foreign nations with political orientation that is not of an American Constitutional acknowledgement but a dictatorship that allows honor killings in their country, you have put your society at risk!  When an anonymous poll taken by American Muslims sampled indicated 62% of those tested said they wanted America to be forcefully converted to a Muslim form of government and worship, you have brought within our walls the Trojan Horse! However, Democrats would rather burn America down than lose power over the masses.

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Capitulation does not work

People are under a naïve misconception that if we just relax our grip on military support, we just become more welcoming of cultures diametrically opposed to our way of life that if we simply allow whatever policy emboldens our enemies in the world that we will be left alone. Wrong! The world does not work that way! Every time in history that America has shown weakness or indecisiveness we have paid the price in such instances as the Pearl Harbor disaster, but today the stakes are much higher. Today it could mean the end of America and the slaughter of its people by China seeking to occupy American soil as has been exposed as their ultimate goal. Taiwan’s fall would simply be one more important step on that road to conquest!

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Treason from within

However, allow the leftist traitors of America who under the guise of free speech conduct subversive organizations dedicated to the overthrow of a free America to replace it with the brutal soul crushing boot of Communism and dictatorial rule. They’ll use the words of our own leaders from the past saying that a cautionary American foreign policy is merely the influence of the “Military Industrial Complex” and while it’s true that we should never allow defense contractor profiteering to affect foreign policy, there is a definite need to be ready for threats to our nation either by foreign armies, terrorism, or even treason from within. Perhaps the greatest threat to America right now is treason from within and that element is known as the Democrat Party who have adopted all aspects of the Marxist Doctrine. As in history, the softening up phase, a prelude to conquest takes place from within.

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