10,000 Seater Radical Islamic Extremist Mosque Planned London Central!

I'm wondering with concern about these Radical Islamic Extremist that are trying to build a Huge Mosque in Central London, 10,000 Seats! The same group are apparently trying to form Government in Denmark! WTF, Evil brainwashed lunatics!.

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What really worries me, that for sure, few people will know of this and fewer will know how to oppose it! And even fewer will care enough to oppose! mainly due to their own struggle within their Insular lives! Britian is full of Broken People that have lost the will to care!

Perfect Target for one big lets get rid of them single blast !

Are they stupid or just unbearably arrogant?

Hi Maria,

Well who knows, but possibly both! Its truly hard to understand how people allow themselves to become so absorbed and indoctrinated! Its utterly ridiculous that most of them just don't realize, understand and appreciate the hatred they convey! and how very very wrong it is! As a liberal minded christian I'm open to consider and learn about other religions etc, I disagree with some of them, particularly, Satanism, Islam and Masonry. I'm not one for feeling hatred but I,m feeling that single blast idea, because quite frankly its completely obvious that many many members of these religions are twisted and dangerous individuals. I live in hope that biblical prophecies are correct and that Jesus is soon to return, that'l shake things up a bit :)

Well these guys obviously didn't learn a thing from or are trying to save face after the recent Swiss Lesson or are trying to make up for that in their push to establish Eurabia 

London deserves what they get. Extremism is an offshoot of liberalism. Its always political, and I wish we knew who the financial contributors are who are building the mosques in this country and Europe. We will never know.
It's a little late to close the barn door once the Trojan horse gets out, or is that in?
After thought: Lol, the final battle for America will be fought between the Mexicans and the Muslims. Fitting.
Hi Chip,
Well as regards to the financial providers, I have my suspects. By all accounts England is heavily entwined with Satanism, In Government, Media and even the Royal Family (Apparently one of the 13 Bloodlines along with the Rothschild etc, Inbred bloodlines since Egyptian times. The rich and Evil ones that have been trying to rule the world etc). Illuminati and Masonic members all. Islam is obviously a Satanic creation after all...
Hey Paul,
I read a lot about Saudi money and other joint ventures by smaller countries pooling their money to gain more territory by building these mega mosques. It's happening all over the globe and no one really cares too much about it. These structures will provide easy targeting if the time comes.
Looks like Sweden is the place to be huh, lol. It would please me much to see posters like that up in UK train stations..
During my early christian teachings we were taught a certain amount about Satanism and Demonic possession etc, and I will never forget seeing one of those 'Islam don't want you to see this' videos on YouTube. It was filmed at Mecca, where they walk anti clockwise around a black cube (of all things!?). This guy was up the front on a mic, talking gibberish, laughing, crying, shaking. It was quite shocking and i.m.o was obviously possessed!...
I want to make a fundamental point here to people.. I'm sure that there are many on this site that don't believe in God, Jesus or Satan, but please, don't forget that Satanists/ Illuminati DO believe in God and Satan, and have been working hard to create disbelief and destruction of Christianity (one way or another). For those that don't know it is a fact that Muslims took over the Temple Mount (the holiest place of Christianity) and built a mosque on it and now Islam is now also dirtying the name God with Hatred. As most realize here that the Muslim and Islamic religions seem to be unhealthy indoctrinations, entwined with hatred, and many of you will feel hatred and negative discourse in return and people will end up making comments like: Religion causes all the troubles and choose to be atheist.. This has been designed to work this way folks!
A further interesting point to make here also is that many people, including misinformed Satanists (who typically aren't allowed to read the bibles or learn about God) don't realize that Satan actually hates ALL OF MANKIND and works to destroy us ALL. Satan is one of the so called Fallen Angels, abandoned and banished by God. He was jealous of Gods power and Gods Proudest Creation, Mankind. Satan is the ultimate hater and deceiver and has deceived them all... Suffer they will.....
Recognize Goodness and Evil. Choose to be Good and avoid Hatred.


WHOOPS! Thanks for the correction :)


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