Pennsylvania police chief: F*ck all you libtards out there, you take it in the a**

The mayor of Gilberton, Pennsylvania is standing by her city’s police chief despite a series of profanity-laced and threatening videos.

In a video that has received wide attention, police chief Mark Kessler repeatedly tells those upset by his use of profanity to “go f*ck yourself” as he fires various automatic weapons.

Mayor Mary Lou Hannon told The Morning Call that Kessler had the right to express himself. The city would “not take action to quash free speech, whether or not each member of council or any member of council agrees with it.”

Kessler has uploaded several profanity-laced videos to YouTube. In one video, Kessler berates “libtards” and warns of an armed rebellion against the government.

“F*ck all you libtards out there, as a matter of fact, read my shirt,” he says, turning around to show a message on his back which read, “Liberals take it in the a**.”

“You take it in the ass and I don’t give a f*ck what you say so you can all just go f*ck yourselves. Period. I wont be going to D.C. and I don’t give a f*ck. If you f*cking maniacs want to turn this into an armed revolt, knock yourselves out. I’m not about that, so see you on the other side.”

In a video on basic pistol defense, Kessler repeatedly shoots a picture of a scary clown, which he says is Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). He calls Secretary of State John Kerry a “c*cksucker” in another video before firing off an automatic weapon.

Tuesday on his Facebook page, Kessler called for a massive rally to “show these tyrants we will not stand for any more violations on our constitution or our freedoms.”

“I’m calling on all true Americans , all militia members, all true oath keepers to assemble, be ready to march on a tyrannical county government right here in Schuylkill county Pennsylvania, democrats are the true enemy of our country, our freedoms, our constitution, along with liberal news agency’s , liberal news reporters, much like hitlers nazis , time we clean these antiamerican thugs from office,” he wrote.

Kessler is also a freshman member of the North Schuylkill School Board and founder of the Constitution Security Force, which lists the Southern Poverty Law Center as an “anti-American organization.”

Former Scranton Police Chief Dan Duffy said Kessler’s conduct was appalling.

“This is exactly what a law enforcement officer should not be doing out there publicly, especially identifying himself as a law enforcement officer. It`s an embarrassment to us,” said Duffy.

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I like this guy, I like this guy, I like this guy.......He is the solid truth and what a Patriot Policeman should be, a role model even for the rest of these lame coppers, and he's from my Home State....did I mention I like this guy??? :)

Cell 570-205-0585

tell him your behind him 100%

I called him and left a message giving him a bit of history.  I said "if you are for real, then quite trying to facilitate a division between americans so they can take us down.  You know, the people who are foreigners trying to take over American like they did Russia.   If you aid and abet them in this endeavor than you are a traitor, but if you are sincere, then drop all the name calling, and bring all Americans together to fight the international elite/bankers who are the real enemy.   If you want to bomb something, so all the rothschild residences in europe.  That would be a good start, and finish it off with bombing all the Rockefeller residences in America.  That should end this farce. 

The false dichotomy is pushed on us from every angle. I dont know what the sheriffs angle is. Maybe this is his stand against tyranny concerning our freedoms?
Either way prog libtards are trying to regulate away every thing they disagree with.
Ex: If a conservative/libertarian etc doesn't like guns they don't buy one. If a prog libtard doesn't like guns they want guns outlawed.
If a conservative/libertarian is a vegetarian they don't eat meat. If a prog libtard is a vegetarian they want meat banned for all.
That's the mind set of these people. They have done a good job of creating the division with no help from this sheriff.

Ok, so you have your opinion about right and left, thats fine and you would probably be surprised how much I agree with you,   BUT JUST LOOK WHAT WE ARE SPENDING OUR TIME TALKING ABOUT?  THE LIBTARDS, and not the true and foriegn enemy of our country who is using the libtards to bring it down.   This is why Ceasar did the Roman gladiator games to draw focus away from the real problems Rome was having and having the people focus on the unwitting players who are maniplated by the real enemy, the same khazar money changers.   BECAUSE THEY DO THIS ALL THE TIME, THEY ARE GOOD AT IT , AND WE ARE NOT.  SO FOR CENTURIES THEY BRING DOWN NATIONS USING DECEPTION, steal their wealth, enslave their population AND GET AWAY WITH IT.  Wake up, we are running out of time, and we better start making good use of it and stop wasting our time on teenage rantings.  We have serious work to do. 

I hoped we were smarter and this was going to be the last time they would ever do this anywhere in the world..... but all that energy is being spent thrown to the wind and lost, when it could be redirected to the real enemy of this country. 

I wasn't discounting the plague of the banksters. We all know this is the cancer. Unfortunately there is too much sheep mentality and not enough rational thought going around.

Yeah, lots of venting/ranting and less doing.  lol  Right left ranting and less, banker arresting..... lol   are you aware these bankers have committed felony crimes?  seriously and proven too, but the Justice dept is owned by these same bankers so nothing happens to them.  We need to be discussing what we can do to stop them, arrest them or pitch them out of this  country like Iceland did.  How come that little podunck country was able to rid itself of the bankers and we, the most powerful nation on earth, cannot?

Because Iceland people focused obsessively on the "PROBLEM" and never allowed themselves to be distracted by stupid artificial divisions.  Even the left knows there is something wrong and as Americans, they are switching from right left to focusing on the bankers.  That is encouraging.  DO NOT LISTEN TO THE TALKING HEADS OF EITHER PARTY.  They are sold out or they would not  be in the talking head positions they are in.  

Both sides in DC are the same at this point.
Lawyers and banksters are a scourge on this country.
Congressmen are mostly lawyers. The Fed Res banksters would not have the power to print fake money without lawyers' laws to protect their scheme. Lawyers and the banksters are destroying the middle class. Lawyers and banksters are the primary economic rapists of this country. Do you think we will ever see litigation reform? No way.
Will the federal reserve suddenly stop printing fake money and be shut down? No way.
Both parties love the same things in Dc.
Ex:Unmanned drones, drone strikes, kensyian economics, NDAA, extra judicial targeted killings, patriot act, federal reserve, QE, global appropriations, insider trading, fiat money, war with no congressional authority, debt, nafta, amnesty, gun grabbing and of course they are both liars.
This is a short list of things both parties love and why things won't change anytime soon.

Why do gun-nuttery and closet homosexuality seem to go hand in hand? This guy is a perfect example...

A perfect example of a lot of things. But neither of what you described.

one of my many replys over @ this page....gawwww the libtards are out in full force today

I am neither lib nor conserv, I am neither dem nor repub, heres the problem in this Country, politically correct LABELS
FUK LABELS, tell you who i am gash, An American Patriot who serves only the Constitution of these United States, one who stands with American Patriots and wants to restore this Republic back and return it to WE, THE PEOPLE.
You on the other hand want to cram more GMO bite-size death food in your pie-hole and watch Dancing w/ the Stars while you gulp down Aspartame, fluoride, High fructose Corn Syrup and be an ignorant sheep to whats going on around you while you pretend everything is copacetic
Sometimes I wonder why I stand up for you braindead fuks

Exactly. Labels suck. We are people. We may not always agree, but we are all in this together.


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