My Camera conveniently turned off???...WTF Had a cam pointed right at it too...Tried to melt it w/ a lighter too, WoW

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Just spilled Milk..I ordered something a little bigger, a little better, to go along and enhance my NEW Trump sign Custom print, 21$ /w stake (single side, 24x12), Make any Yard sign you can come up with at

Also going to print one myself that will say "If you can read this Trump Banner, Smile Traitor, your now on 2 camera's" next to it...See who's doin what here ;)

Old Denmark beat me to it...

Update: Found out some more on who did this, other day neighbor comes over to catch one, and said, "Yo what was up w/ all the cops in your yard other day?"  I was astounded..."WHA??? What day was this??"

"Think it was Monday, like 4 cop cars, a big fat black guy holding your Trump sign w/ a crazy look and a black lady with him"  I was blown away by this info.....TELL ME MORE!

Apparently black guy didn't want to go back to work and is a Donald Hater, Neighbor said black chick was trying to smoosh shit over w/ the cops, they were all out there for almost an hour he said. DAMN I always miss the good chit dammit. He said they put him in a car and went towards town. Not sure if he was booked for anything or not.

..and that's all I know at this time, I would think I would have have to be involved somehow if they booked this suspect???....unless they caught him in the act, then i'm not even needed. Just blows my mind I missed all that dang it...w00t

still waitin on the slacker printer...or slacker mail??

But now have another camera up..Hardwired DIRECT..Stationary/ W Night IR

Put up another sign and turn the friggin camera on ya big dope!

You'll see guys with black ski masks trashing it and realize it didn't really matter.(just kidding about "ya big Dope")

Somebody removed my Trump sticker from my rear window at Wallmart. They saved me assault charges by waiting until I was out of view is the way I look at it!

Just be glad they didn't trash your car and move forward.

Round 2, Illuminated (thats a night shot), and now 24/7 surveillance and booby-trapt.  w00t!!



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