Adam Kokesh update: Could be charged with armed sedition says sheriff's deputy, being kept in cold, ant infested solitary confinement with no bedding and lights kept always on says Dad. [includes pics

Will Adam Face Charges of Armed Sedition?

Adam Kokesh Here are some news updates for Adam Kokesh for July 11, 2013. I will keep this post updated with any further news that comes out today.

  • Adam was forcibly arraigned very early this morning. He is being held without bail pending a probable cause hearing. Early this morning, he was dragged barefoot in shorts out of the cage they put him in and carted to the arraignment in a wheelchair. He did not participate in the arraignment because he has been denied access to a lawyer.
  • Adam was able to make a call to his father. His father thinks that Adam may not be allowed to make another call anytime soon.
  • Adam wants a lawyer. He has requested access to a lawyer constantly since being caged. He refuses to go to court without a lawyer. Adam’s manager, Lucas Jewell, is working on getting him trusted counsel ASAP.
  • Adam is being held in solitary confinement in a 6.5′ x 7.5′ cage without bedding. He was kidnapped while wearing shorts and has not been given proper clothing to protect him from the frigid temperatures that have become standard operating procedure in America’s prisons.
  • Adam reports via his father that the cage he has been locked into is infested with ants. Furthermore, the lights are kept on by the guards 24 hours per day without any break for rest.
  • A public defender is expected to be appointed at 3PM Eastern today. 3:20PM EDT Update: I spoke with the public defender’s office and they still have not received the paperwork from the court that is required before appointing a public defender. One will not be appointed today (11 Jul 2013).
  • Adam’s phone call to his father was monitored by a sheriff’s deputy standing right next to him as he spoke with his father.
  • During the attack on his home Tuesday evening, the flashbang (stun grenade) deployed by militarized US Park Police exploded right in front of Adam. He reports that he has yet to receive any medical care inside the prison.
  • During the attack, Adam reports that the Park Police covered his chest with laser-sight red dots even when he had his hands up.
  • A sheriff’s deputy informed Adam that charges of illegal transportation of a firearm, sedition and armed sedition are being considered against him, presumably by federal prosecutors. (Oxford defines sedition as “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.”
  • Eyewitnesses to the attack on Adam and his companions Tuesday night report that US Park Police brought large brown paper evidence bags in with them before their search that appeared to be full. There is a concern that they planted evidence.
  • ABC: Adam Kokesh arraigned on drug charges
  • CBS: Adam Kokesh Handcuffed, Silent In Court; Ordered Held Without Bond
  • WTOP: Veteran, activist Adam Kokesh held without bond
  • Houston Free Thinkers (video): Post-Adam-Kokesh House Raid Interview with Lucas Jewell

Here are copies of the Virginia arrest warrants. Case numbers GC13152459 and GC13152461.

Here is some public information about the charges against Adam.

Here are some photos of the aftermath of the attack at Adam’s home.

I will keep this page updated as new information comes along.

On the action front, I have prepared a press release for national distribution that should go out tomorrow morning.

Adam’s business team is working hard to support Adam in every possible way.

We need YOU to continue calling the decisionmakers in Virginia and to stand by for further information and action requests. This stuff is scary but we must have the courage and find the determination to never lose hope and to continue working towards our shared vision of freedom and justice, a vision that Adam Kokesh works for and adeptly represents.

George Donnelly (215) 360-3513

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Adam is being smart by "asking for a lawyer".  No,not because lawyers are worth a crap (they are "officers of the court"), but because he cannot be questioned once he asks for a lawyer.  The judge acted illegally by declaring Adam's silence as an "affirmation of compliance or guilt". Even our corrupt Supreme Court has ruled than someone's silence cannot be used as an admission of guilt.  Activists in Virginia should IMMEDIATELY call for the judge's impeachment.  Furthermore, all these "brave" organizations, such as the NRA, GOA, Jews for the Responsible Ownership of Firearms, Oathkeepers and the ACLU should ALREADY be planning civil disobedience outside the jail where Adam is being kept, as well as the sheriff's office.  It is time to get tough with the REAL criminals both in the government and in law enforcement.

Said it before, I'll say it again. This all gonna backfire & serve to only wake more people up to the illegitimacy of this rotting corpse known as the federal govt.

Go Adam!!!

DEEP....Tis an insult to "rotting corpses" when saying the FEDS are like them.  the FEDS are MUCH worse!! LOL. Sorry, just had to put in my 2 cents! I hope you are right and that it DOES wake up MORE  sleeple.

love,laughter and LIGHT,to my brother in this infoWAR!We are ALL in this, together.

My take on AK is pretty luke warm.

*EXCEPT* when it comes down the luciferian fascists-in-charge busting his balls.

Whether you like AK or not, his ballsz = *OUR* ballz...


If we had marched with you onto that bridge or helped you load those weapons in the park, you would not be all alone in that Cold Cell with limited food or water.

But of course we preferred to stay in our houses and watch all your antics from afar while you gain Hoped For Internationa attention. Unfortunately, the mainstream media seems to be busy covering other more interesting stories:




Perhaps you will get a fair hearing even thou the judge is Anti-Gun. It wil give you time to reorganise for your next PR Stunt as some of your former close associates claimed.

Try to hold up under the stress Help is on the way according to your Business Team ? ?

We are Legion.. 

An "armed march", led by an unstable individual connected with hallucinogenic drugs, into DC was exactly what the "anti gunners" would have wanted.

After Kokesh  tried to make statements that seemed to affiliate himself with their group, Oathkeepers wrote an open letter explaining why they wanted no part of it and why they thought it was a real bad idea.

Frankly, I don't trust him or his venture capitalist daddy, who has had a $45 million SEC suit against him in the hands of the Obama justice department........for FIVE YEARS the case has been dormant.

I say he's COINTELPRO.

First, Adam was called a "grand stander who engaged innocent law-abiding gun owners into losing their "Second Amendment rights" (which is ridiculous, since the Constitution is based on the premise that rights are natural and government cannot infringe upon them).  Then, when Adam called off the march, he was called an "unstable grand stander who only wants to bring attention to himself".  As far as the "Oath Keepers" is concerned, Adam IS "affiliated with the group," as he is not only a member, he helped organize it.  The Oath Keepers repudiation of Adam and his march just proves the Oath Keepers, as a group, are a bunch of pansies more interested in your money than protecting your rights (Ever visited their web store?  Prices are outrageous).  I really don't give a flip whether you trust Adam or not; he "walks the walk," which is more than anyone else is doing.  So, his daddy is a "venture capitalist".  Mine was an antisemitic, anti-black bigot.  We don't get to pick our parents.

   Yes  ! Thank you for commenting that  ! I agree

My two cents on this... Adam is not a God, nor a prophet or some kind of all-seeing one. I'm sure however doing hallucinogenic's have made him think otherwise ;)

Why don't we forget about following anyone and just make sure that we ourselves are taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. NO ONE is going to lead us into the path of glory but ourselves. "To thine own self be true." We are the makers or destroyers of our own dreams of freedom.

Nice sentiment, but you negated it by questioning Adam's motives and ego.  Gandhi liked little girls and admired Hitler, but that doesn't negate his message or example; and, as far as "following anyone," I will quote Benjamin Franklin.  We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

Hmm??? "Gandhi liked little girls and admired Hitler". WTF is that all about? I have never heard nor read any such thing sir.

But it still doesn't address the issue of being true to ourselves. Wouldn't you rather lead than follow? Even Benjamin Franklin wasn't being led by his nose hairs back in the days. He had opinions, belief's and was apt to speak them whole-heartedly.

My point is that we must all become leaders instead of following. To me, that is why the American Revolution was successful.

Martin Luther King also plagiarized his doctoral thesis, cheated on his wife and collaborated with communists to advance the cause of civil rights.  Again, so what?  BTW, you can google all these things and verify them yourself using authoritative sources.  

I agree with you about "leading instead of following," BUT there will ALWAYS be followers.  Most people also conveniently forget that the signing of the Declaration of Independence was drafted long AFTER the American Revolution had begun.  Washington already had an army of volunteers in the field; but, before that, the "Boston Massacre" the Shays Rebellion and p.o.'d farmers blew the brains out of British redcoats attempting to disarm the populace at Lexington and Concord.  ALL revolution involve some degree of violence and liberty cannot be defended without at least some form of violence, be it only the threat of force.  ALL of the mainstream "defenders of liberty" are charlatans promising liberty without sacrifice.  Is not going to happen, if history is any lesson.

"The world is not entirely governed by logic. Life itself involves some kind of violence and we have to choose the path of least violence."  Mahatma Gandhi


"Destroying the New World Order"


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