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Cancer... too many lives lost and/or forever altered by it

One of Joel and I's best buddies and band mates just got a definitive diagnoses of Stage 3-B non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a more progressive type of cancer. He has been going the holistic route the past few months... cannabis oil, raw foods, natural herbs, exercise, etc.

We just saw him at band practice tonight and he has lost 24 pounds and he's not looking very good. He is getting scared now and rightfully so. He is starting to think about chemo therapy.

He just turned 40 years old this month and recently had a baby. My heart is heavy!

There are so many people that I know right now that have cancer, are in remission of cancer or have lost someone due to cancer that my mind is just a spinning to the WHY'S?

When I was a kid, I rarely heard of anyone getting cancer like I do now. It's become of epidemic proportion and everyone must take a step back and really ask that tough question... WHY?

My belief is that it is caused by vaccines, the air we breathe, the food we eat and what we drink. There can be no other explanation for the rampant cases of cancer that are happening all around me everyday. We can't blame it all on genetics. That just doesn't make any sense.

Wake up people. We are being poisoned whether knowingly or unknowingly and the cancer/medical industry isn't into a cure but all about prolonging the disease. It's all about profiting from our sicknesses. And how sick is that notion especially considering there are real alternatives to treating cancer? There are holistic treatments that have actually cured even late staged cancer patients.

Sorry for the rant folks but I'm pissed off that we as a people are being poisoned again and again and again. There have been too many lives lost or forever altered by this BS! It's time to take back control over our own health because it's obvious that the medical establishment doesn't give a F.

Take good care of you and yours... it's all you can do.


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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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