Clinton Meets Secretly With New Zealand PM, Complains About Trump

Former secretary of State and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton met with the leader of New Zealand at an unofficial breakfast Monday, where she complained that she didn’t receive fair treatment in the U.S. election.

“I was surprised at the level of ingrained sexism and misogyny in people’s reactions and the coverage of the campaign,” Clinton told New Zealand news outlet The Stuff. “And the more I thought about it and studied about it, the more I realized was a factor.”

Clinton met with Jacinda Ardern, the leader of New Zealand’s labour party, who was elected prime minister in October, and the two reportedly discussed the difficulties of motherhood on holding office and other issues.

“When she won I was thrilled because, after my election, to see a young woman become prime minister was such a … really a shot of optimism,” Clinton said.

“So when we talked, we talked about everything. We talked about being a mother and combining public official responsibilities with motherhood,” Clinton said.

Since losing the U.S. election to President Donald Trump, Clinton has traveled to many countries around the world and blamed her loss on different factors, but in New Zealand she focused on another aspect of the 2016 cycle. She delivered a speech in Auckland, New Zealand, about her book and about how she sees the future of global politics.

“This is so new,” Clinton said of Trump’s style of campaigning. “Part of our problem was this unprecedented reality TV campaign and him being the first reality TV candidate in our history. The media didn’t know how to cover him. It was like they were watching a car wreck or train wreck all the time they couldn’t take their eyes away, they didn’t know what to make of it.”

Clinton said she would not challenge Trump in 2020, but believes now that the world knows who Trump is, someone could beat him.

“I mean I’m not going to run. But we now know a lot more about the kind of campaign he runs and the kind of candidate he is.”

At a press conference after the breakfast, Ardern said her meeting with Clinton would not affect New Zealand’s relationship with the Trump administration because it was not an official visit. Ardern said they discussed “domestic policy here in New Zealand, the future of work for instance, geopolitical environment, and also being a mum in the political frame.”

“When it comes to the visits of those who are not guests of the government I make sure that they are treated appropriately,” Ardern said. “It wasn’t a formal meeting, there was, therefore, no media,” she said.

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hey hillary,  want to know WHY Jacinda Ardern was elected PM of new zealand?

because she didn't state for the record that the very first thing she would do if elected would be to bomb syria. (plus she looks as if she probably smells very nice).

Check Arden for charities for children, maybe orphanages. Donations to CGI? 

""Check Arden for charities for children, maybe orphanages. Donations to CGI?""

right then. arden claims to be concerned about child poverty. are you (Burbia) almost implying that arden's connection with her new pal hillary paints her (arden) in a suspicious light? if so then maybe just cut to the chase. and "donations to CGI?" if arden has her face CGI'd somewhere that it shouldn't be, then that will no doubt come out in the wash.

my original point was that when hillary told arden that she was unprepared for trump's campaign style, she maybe ought to look at her own words/actions as pertaining to her loss to trump, rather than trump's campaign actions.

Clinton Global Initiative. Not photo shopping.  Have you been following Pizzagate?  Where ever Pant Suit had been going, corruption followed with whom ever she met. CGI has been a pay to play charity organization. Yep.  I'm saying guilt b6 association here.  Be glad if I'm wrong. 

oh i'm sure you are not wrong. pizzagate - i gave up on that when i realized there would be no investigation. CGI - i associate that with computer generated imaging which was used to insert phony images of a plane into WTC explosion footage on CNN, NBC and ABC, all of which are on the list of 9/11 perps.

i just figure that every politico and media is a crook. probably Jacinda Ardern as well.

  • Giving up is called black pilled.  History proves those ruled over sometimes brings street justice.  Which is what the second amendment is really about. 

 well weinstein or whatever his name is - wasn't there an Abedin as well? - has already escaped justice for the pizzagate affair. i wouldn't waste my second amendment rights on any of their punk-ass.

Yep.  Those are small fries.  It's all connected. Rome wasn't built in a day. If you were following,  you'd see the small fries are being removed from the chessboard.  Right now we're armed with information. Which is why the effort is being made to restrict net neutrality.  We will know when to bring it. The leftards are already asking for disarmament. 

"leftards are already asking for disarmament." ya, right now it is leftards, but just wait until some leftard shoots up a bunch of rightards and then it will be both leftards AND rightards calling for disarmament.

blue + red = purple. the crowning color of tardness.

Interesting.  The right will call for gun confiscation because of another shooting? I don't recall that happening when the republicans were shot at during their softball game.  In fact,  gun sales and NRA membership keep going up everytime any shooting happens. The gun confiscation agenda is a globalist goal. I guess there's no refuting you.  Everybody take notice. 

Burbia there is no reply button on your last comment:

"In fact, gun sales and NRA membership keep going up"" - you're right they are, and you just did refute me - how dare you! ha.

well i'll bet that republican politicians might love to take away people's guns as well as democrats, but they know they might lose a lot of their base votes if they try? maybe they are closet gun-grabbers. ok i quit.




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