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Dave Mustaine speaking to fans at Singapore concert about Obama False Flag Ops

Audio of Mustaine talking about Obama during the Singapore concert:


"Back in my country, my president is trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders,” says Mustaine in a video flagged by heavy metal news site Wednesday.

“Like the 'Fast And Furious' thing down at the border and Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple."

On a recently-surfaced video clip taken by a fan, the crowd can be heard going quiet as Mustaine continued his diatribe.

"I don't know where I'm gonna live if America keeps going the way it's going because it looks like it's turning into Nazi America," said Mustaine.

The heavy metal singer-guitarist, who once wrote the lyrics to the anti-George H.W. Bush administration song "Foreclosure of a Dream," has shown over the course of this year that he has an ax to grind with the Democratic President.

He outed himself as a birther in March when he told a Canadian talk show that he believes Obama was not really born in the United States.

"[I have] a lot of questions about him, but certainly not where he was born," Mustaine said on “The Hour.” "I know he was born somewhere else than America.”

This from a man man who reported from the Democratic National Convention for MTV News at Madison Square Garden during the 1992 election.

Mustaine, though, has admitted in interviews over recent years that he has changed many of his opinions since he ditched drugs and alcohol and became a born-again Christian.

Earlier this month, Mustaine regurgitated his birther views in an interview with conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones.

"Why hasn't somebody moved to impeach this man?" Mustaine said on Jones’ Infowars show. "With all of the proof about his birth certificate being fake. And you see the signs in Kenya that say 'the birthplace of Barack Obama.' Hello?! C'mon, guys. How stupid are we right now?”
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Good for him, he had to get some of his liberal brain dead fans hear at home thinking for once...Love it

Way to go Dave! You did the best thing by being kicked out of Metallica, or you may still be as brain dead as they are! Megadeth broke new ground, and happy to see that he is as well. His interview on AUDIENCE was very enlightening, and he conveys the changes that age, and wisdom finally have wrought in the former bad boy Rocker.

Not many are as politically active in the music industry as Mustaine, and I for one applaud him for it. At least he is not like the movie stars who if they utter a slight even of Obama, begin to start, "Sweating Bullets"

Not a heavy metal fan so naturally I've never heard of this guy..... But I Suddenly have an enormous amount of respect and admiration for him... WTG

Ska+ reggae music.  My alternate taste strays into Hawkwind, Early Floyd, Beatles, Zappa and thats about as "heavy " as it gets.. Death metal groups have proven themselves "a darker influence" on listeners minds and thus I have avoided all bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Korn etc.. like the plague.  Such music influences the mind and body at atomic level. Such as Japanese professors experiments with water droplet into crystal ice has confirmed.

Such music makes natural growth distorted and deformed. ie:  Not a happy medium for life.


not sure what you are talking about

I did mention somewhere he is no billy corgan, meaning, his ability to make points in an intellectually stimulating fashion. Basically, Dave did bore me on aj show, yet, this story seemed worthy of a post.

Barack Obama is president of the United States to show us clearly that our ways are wrong.  They are all ignoring God's warnings against debt, interest, insurance, seeking riches and honors and covetousness ETC.

IF things were going well we would be  content living in glorified slavery all our life and paying insurances like Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Care insurance instead of God's wisdom of returning to the land, creating a garden paradise lifestyle with good health with families together.  We have no future in our future if we continue; only extinction is sure in our future.

IF we want God's wisdom to rule as written in the whole Bible, we must decide NOW. God can give us a new candidate; all things are prepared.  He is waiting for us.  All the warning and traps are in the employment lifestyle.  God can secure our money and property, and make us all equal IF we are willing to turn to Him.  He recently said, He will guide us.


Longtime old-school metalhead here and longtime Megadeth/Mustaine music fan. Right on to Dave. Some of the braindead, brainwashed sheeple on blabbermouth (the so called 'cnn' of metal-news) are making a stink about Dave saying such a thing (saying they're going to burn his records, etc) but that's part of weeding out the weak. Those sheeple can go support some other music artist if they have a problem with the truth. I'm certain Dave won't mind & surely took that into account with a grin. He's probably gained just as many if not more ears. This type of talk isn't really all that new for Dave, any longtime fan of his music would surely know he's long been of that nature lyrically and otherwise.

Dave is the man.
A cockroach in the concrete, courthouse tan and beady eyes
A slouch with fallen arches, purging truths into great lies
A little man with a big eraser, changing history
Procedures that he's programmed to, all he hears and sees
Altering the facts and figures, events and every issue
Make a person disappear, and no one will ever miss you

Rewrites every story, every poem that ever was
Eliminates incompetence, and those who break the laws
Follow the instructions of the New Way's Evil Book of Rules
Replacing rights with wrongs, the files and records in the schools

You said you've got the answers, well who asked you anyway ?
Ever think may be it was meant to be this way ?
Don't try to fool us, we know the worst is yet to come
I believe my kingdom will come
F, is for fighting, R is for red
Ancestors' blood in battles they've shed
E, we elect them, E, we eject them
In the land of the free and the home of the brave
D, for your dying, O, your overture
M, will cover your grave with manure
This spells out FREEDOM, it means nothing to me
As long as there's P.M.R.C

F, is for fighting, R is for red
Ancestors' blood in battles they've shed
E, we elect them, E, we eject them
In the land of the free and the home of the brave
D, for your dying, O, your overture
M, is for money, you know what that cures
This spells out FREEDOM, it means nothing to me
As long as there's P.M.R.C
Put your hand right up my shirt
Pull the strings that make me work
Jaws will part, words fall out
Like a fish with hook in mouth

Rewrites every story, every poem that ever was
Eliminates incompetence, and those who break the laws
Follow the instructions of the New Way's Evil Book of Rules

Too bad it was Dime Bag and not this moron.

Wouldn't wish that on anyone. Darrel was a great player and I miss his playing.




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