Did The Ron Paul Campaign Betray Liberty Voters In Iowa With a Backroom Deal?


Friday, August 09, 2013 10:33 AM

The Iowa Republican has released a series of emails and secretly recorded phone conversations over the past couple of days. Those emails and conversations were provided to the Iowa Republican by Dennis Fusaro – the former Executive Director of the Iowans for Right to Work Committee. In those emails, an alleged backdoor deal was made between Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson and the Paul campaign. The deal included an agreement in which Sorenson would leave his position as the Iowa Chairman of Michelle Bachmann’s 2012 campaign just before the Iowa caucus to endorse Dr. Paul.

Since last spring, the Bachmann campaign has claimed that Sen. Sorenson defected to the Paul campaign because he was paid to do so. The claims haven’t gone away. The Iowa Supreme Court is looking into evidence that Sorenson committed two ethics violations. As the Iowa Republican points out, this is the first time in 15 years that an ethics complaint has been forwarded to the state’s Supreme Court. Bachmann has her own problems in Iowa with investigations by the Federal Elections Commission on allegations of campaign finance violations.

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Federal Elections Commission is looking at Backhman?  My Lord! Why aren't they checking into Obama's?

because obama is of darker skin color than backhman and the elites little pet.

I know that Ron Paul did betray us, though, just as Pat Buchanan did before.  In his first campaign he collected 32 million dollars from little guys all across the country. What happened to it.  He was surrounded by crooks like those "Ron Paul Limo" dudes festooned with gold chains.  The last campaign was a sick joke all the way around.

911 is the litmus test for who's honest and who ain't honest, and Ron Paul says - at least publicly - that he believes the official party line.  Fail.

"Federal Elections Commission is looking at Backhman?  My Lord! Why aren't they checking into Obama's?"

Because the thing in the white house that currently uses the name "barak hussein obama" is their manchurian candidate, groomed to be president from probably before it was even born.  It's whore mamma was CIA as was its indonesian step daddy, the first one to use the alias "Obama".

PS I don't even know how the this forum works. Where do all the messages go?

I'd just like to tweak your response "if" you don't mind.  His mother wasn't "IN" The CIA....she was an "ASSET".  That isn't the same.  It is like a paid spy....in the beginning on the Yahoo Blog, there was a VERY brilliant person, MathewJ who was the first, that I know of, who gave all of us his complete background...Obama was also a CIA Asset (NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF THE CIA).  It is like a Paid $$ informant; run errands; spy on others, etc.

I didn't say the ho was "in" the CIA. Elaine.  Also I don't know if Barry's step daddy in Indonesia was the first to use the alias "Obama".  Maybe the name has some meaning in Indonesia.  Maybe it was just written into the story line by the same writers who put in Osama because they like variations of the name, much as the guy who wrote Superman comics liked to have his characters with the initials L.

Who is the real daddy of the thing in the White House?  It looks nothing at all like its alleged Luo tribe (!) daddy, but it is the spitting image of Malcolm X - and Malcolm X was in Africa at the same time as the Obamama.

And, oh yes, "Obama's" first job after getting out of the colleges he was allegedly at (except he left no paper trail and nobody remembers him) was also CIA.

As for the setup of the threads on here, I can make neither heads nor tails of it. I started one new thread and it immediately vanished.

Because Obama won.

He didn't "win"....He got in by massive fraud both times.

I have to say that when Paul backed out of the elections, I had a sense of DEJA VU. I knew this feeling, it has been done before...oh yeah! That was when I knew/felt that it was a sham.

I like what Ron Paul has to say.  What, literally, ran people off screaming was his Paul-Bots.

Many of my friends play on the sites that explains what is going on in Science, NASA, etc.

Lord! We'd even find them there!!  In the middle of a discussion about Time Distortions, etc., there they would be:  "Well, if Ron Paul is President, this won't happen!!!"

These people ran people off who were actually listening to what he had to say.

I wish I could find the article...Please! Please correct me if I am remembering wrong.  Seems he "sold" his votes to __________?   Do you remember the article?

Bullshit elections, bullshit democracy.  They trot out two hand picked insiders for you to pretend to choose between, and then they run your make believe computerized vote through their preprogrammed computerized voting machines which get counted in private in a little secure office in Manhattan, and usually they tell you who "won" on your tv set before you even have a chance to waddle into the voting booth to cast your make believe vote.  And they wouldn't even let a semi-outsider or pretend-outsider, as the case may be, like Ron Paul participate in their sham election.

And if there ever appears a very popular outsider who really scares them, like Governors George Wallace and Huey Long, they shoot them. Or in the case of Pat Buchanan when he was really campaigning in his first run and sweeping the primaries, they just "adjust" the computerized voting machines.

They "adjusted" the computers when Paul ran the first time too. I remember one case where they said that zero people voted for him in some town in New Hampshire, and then a family came forward and said, WTF?  We all 4 of us voted for him!  They were so dumb in that town they don't even know how to fix up the diebold machine. You can't put a zero in it because then everybody who voted for the zero guy knows it's bullshit.  But they don't care.  They own the media too.



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